05 GT vs MACH1 race RESULTS.....thats right...RESULTS!

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  1. He's a lot more of a somebody than you are.

    :scratch: Last time I checked, the local Ford dealer had a couple Machs on the lot. Still not hard to find one if you really want one.

    He's a newb? This coming from the guy who registered in May 2004 and has all of 20-some posts :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  2. I know this is off subject, but maybe some one out their can enlighten me. Some one who was very knowledgeable in the subject once told me that torque shined much more in mid range racing than it did for your take off. I use to drive a 98 Trans am with the LS1, stock 350lb ft. What he said made more since to me when I realized that I pull more on people half way down the track then at any other time. I have talked to another good friend of mine who doesn’t agree, but I feel has much less knowledge of the subject.

    Any one have any opinions?
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  4. Here is a dynograph from the MT's automatic G05

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    Lets see here....

    Currently I could not afford a new MACH1...in fact I could not afford a new GT.....hell I can't even afford a new 6 cylinder Mustang right now.....(can I get three cheers for CA home prices?)

    So I can't really be looking for something I can't afford...... :rolleyes:

    And considering the cars I have in my garage, Im pretty much OK with the fact I can not afford a new car......I have accepted it.

    So I really have nothing to be jealous over considering I will not be buying an 05 GT or a 04 MACH1 any time soon.....and I happen to like my own cars.

    Personally if I had to choose one, I don't know which I would buy....

    This is why sometimes fellow Mustang owners make me sad......like just a few months ago I borrowed my Dads Lexus IS300....and some kid in a Mustang GT rolled down his window and called me a ricer.....

    It is unfortunate that at a Mustang enthusiast website, that we could talk to fellow enthusiasts this way.....

    After reading that last comment, I had to look again and make sure it didnt say Honda SI in my signature. :(
  7. Well you're cool. You come on here and make claims on something you know nothing about, don't even make any kind of position for yourself and simply insult people?

    You act like a 15-year old. If I was a betting man, I'd say you don't even own a car yourself. Chances are, you're just some punk kid sitting on his Mom or Dad's computer getting into internet arguments because he knows he'll never have to meet any of them face-to-face.

    Some reason I don't think you'd speak this way to my face, because if you did, your foot would be in your mouth pretty damn quick.

    Go back to middle or (God forbid) high school where you belong and more people have comparable maturity levels.
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  10. Yeah, you've got a winner for those two races...but nothing more.

    The '05 GT has quite a ways to go before people can start saying it's clearly a faster car than an '03-'04 Mach 1.

    Until I start seeing them run consistent [email protected], I'm gonna say the Mach is the faster (and quicker) car.

  11. I'd have to agree the MT write up is on a pre-production 05 5 speed auto. I can't remember what the Mach auto was running at Tulsa International (pre-production) but it was at least 13.6 and I know it did have some faster times than that. I would expect a 5 speed auto with it's closer gears to be much improved over the old 4 speed. It should be closer in times to the 5 speed stick. That car is running 99mph not the 102+mph for the Mach auto. All this really tells me is they got it to hook and that's a major part of the game but the low mph tells you it's not as strong a runner compared to the Mach. All the 5 speeds are running from 104 to 107 mph in decent weather but their hard to hook off the line with the goodyears.

    Like I've said there a world a difference in shift points on my 02 GT vs my Mach's and the 99/01 Cobra. If you look at people like E. Smith he has real driving time in the Mach compared to the mag guys that get in a car and shift where they think they should. I'd say an imprompt to race by Ford would be a guy that has been driving the 05 quite a bit vs a guy that is so so on how to handle a Mach and where to shift. We'll see if it can live up to the hype in a few months. Of course it will be next spring before we know for sure because of the learning curve on how to drive the 05 if it's like when the Mach was introduced.
  12. ban some of these a wipes

    Man, some of you are idiots. Do you know who you are mouthing off to? GNN60GT has about the best Mustang you could have, but you retards have never seen his white and blue beauty to have known. I really dont think he is concerned about a new car, lol. Anyways, thanks for the info bud. Thats exciting to know that a new GT can smoke a MAch. What a sweet ride the new GT is. And I appreciate you telling those of us that care whats up. L8z..
  13. What's the point of this thread ? Thought everyone agreed the 05 GT can't be as fast as the almighty Mach1 :rolleyes:

    I can't believe such a lack of respect from fellow Mustang enthusiasts :nonono:
  14. Who cares which one is slightly faster. I can never understand why people attach so much pride to their cars. You didn't design it, build it, or have much at all do with it, other than you purchased it. You might have put a few mods on it, but anyone with a little mechanical ability can do that. So why are you so insulted if your car is a tad slower?

    Look at it this way. The person who buys the new slightly faster Mustang has probably just put off their retirement by at least a year.

  15. I, for one, am proud of my car. Guess you're on the wrong forum, this is an enthusiast website.

    ** http://www.corolland.com/forums/ **
  16. Some of you '05 Mustang haters are posting such blatently false information, someone needs to set things straight. So as of right now this is my mission in life.

    If you read my signature you will see that I own a 2001 GT. I am intimately familiar with the 99 -04 Mustang's shortcomings. I also know that the '05 design addresses the most significant shortcomings of the 99-04's. All of my comparisons have been extremely fair.

    Plain and simple, the '05 GT will run circles around a 99-04 GT. It will also give 99-01 Cobras and '03 - '04 Mach 1s a more than they can handle.

    Go over to BON and find the thread started by an '01 Cobra owner who got to test drive an '05 GT. He said that the '05 GT blows his Cobra away in every aspect except acceleration which he thought was pretty equal.

    Better get used to the new reality.
  17. Why cant it be hard to believe that the 05 is faster? After all this is an all aluminum V8 with totally new technology. I think Ford seriously has an LS1 category hot rod on their hands.
  18. :rlaugh:
  19. All the hate is from people who just can't stomach that a car might be produced a few short years later that might be better than their car is. I honestly do not know why that is because there is a little thing called technology that accounts for this and why should Ford hold back on technology just so they don't offend previous owners.

    If you are the owner of a Mach or a Cobra and the 05 GT is faster....so what?! You still have a Cobra. You still have a Mach 1. The guy in the GT may be faster but his car is going to be just like 50k other ones rolling around. If you own a 99-04 GT and you are mad the new Stang is faster...again so what? Your car was faster than the generation before that. Just like the Foxbody Stangs where faster than the generation before than. Get over it it's progress. In 8 years(hopefully sooner) the redesigned 2012 Stang will be faster than the 05. These things happen it doesn't reduce your car in any way.
  20. I had the pleasure of seeing the 05 GT run the quarter mile at the NMRA event in Martin Michigan last month. Granted, the driver was a sales rep and his launch was 1.500, but he did rev it out in all gears and ran it hard to a very disapointing 15.8 at 93 MPH. Trim the second off the slow reaction time and its still a 14.5 sec car. I may be mistaken, but I believe the Mach will run in the low 13's in stock form.