05 GT vs MACH1 race RESULTS.....thats right...RESULTS!

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  1. Thanx for the Info GNN60GT500. It really does amazes me how people cannot believe that a car on a totally new platform will not be able to out-preform a car on a older platform. Reguardless if its a 04 Mach or not. The whole point of a new platform is to go foward not backwards :rolleyes:

    All you people who seem to think that the 05 will fail needed to watch the discovery channel's special on the 05 which aired last night.

    Heh and for these flamers, who come on and talk crap all the time, well they are no more than internet tough guys. You know they are children or people who do not even own a decent car when they do not even post what they drive in their sigs...
  2. I think some people are over looking the fact that this 3v motor runs on 87 octane and is close to and might even be faster then the Mach 1...I think that's crazy. I hate having to use 91+, that stuff is so expensive and adds up. Now imagine people tuning the 3v with variable cam timing (or whatever it's called) to run on 91+, makes me believe there is a fair amount of room for improvement with simple stuff on these engines. Should make for some good racing in the coming year between the siblings. :flag:
  3. Even though I believe the numbers are inflated I personally think this is the best looking Mustang ever. Ford finally got it right with this one. Good luck buying one. Dealers won't be able to keep them on their lots, and they probably will sell for better then $5000 over sticker. Give Ford a year or two and this thing will be a screamer (06 Cobra?) :flame:
  4. I really don't see why some people seem to get really upset, there is nothing wrong with competition between siblings, like catman mentioned, but jesus some people seem to be taking this to heart.

    Mach 1 owners should be proud that their car is being used as a benchmark against the brand new Mustang. The Mach 1 is one bad ass stang and will always be rembered as that.

    I did not know that mustang fans were so canibalistic, I guess those camaro guys were right :bang:
  5. I think it's because there is no straight forward competition out there right now. There's no Camaro/Firebird, Charger, Hemi-cuda, Nova, Chevelle etc. Mustang stands alone, sure there are cars that are close in performance and dollar range, but for the most part are built for a whole other genre.
  6. I know that is the case catman and like I said nothing wrong with a sibling rivalry, but going by this thread do we have to for each other's throats?
  7. Yeah, there's no reason for that...some people just take a lot of pride in there cars I think, I know I do, but I try to be realistic about stuff too.
  8. BTW- when I said I think we have a winner....

    I DID NOT MEAN THE 05 GT is the better then the MACH 1 ........

    I just thought said we have a winner because Ford did something right.....

    They made the car faster then the last GT........a lot faster.

    Thanks for the voices of reason in here backing me up.....

    A BOSS429 will probably beat my 67 GT500....that does not mean I dislike the BOSS.....

    and if I owned a MACH 1 right now, and lost a race to an 05 GT, that does not mean I would dislike the 05.....
  9. I swear I see this kind of attitude from Mach 1 owners all the time. This is not intended to flame on ALL Mach owners mind you, but just the few who think they are world beaters. This just in.....the Mach 1 is NOT THE FASTEST CAR ON THE PLANET!!! Geez, I hear all day from these guys that they are runnin 12's and smokin this GT or that Cobra. Gimme a break, the Mach 1 is a nice quick car, nothin more, nothin less. Funny, I haven't heard any 01 Cobra owners whining that the 05 is quicker (in this race anyway). Thanks for the info GNN60GT500, just ignore the crybabies who are flamin.
  10. :lol: Now imagine those bolt-ons on the new 05'. :nice:
    Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the 05's 3-link superior to the old 4-link? Don't forget about the new panhard bar. Same transmission, yes. Same fit/finish, No.
    You just said it's the same fit/finish :shrug: . For years Mustang owners have said how cheap the interiors have been. Ford has addressed this by using better quality materials and redesigning the interior and now you say do we really need that much????
    I love the 05' as well, but what your saying doesn't make me believe you like it. The fluff and hype is coming from excited Mustang owners who see the positive changes to the car. Not from Ford. Just my $0.02
  11. This is why I cannot wait until this forum isn't just a spectator's forum. it will be for the 05 owner's and SERIOUS people in the market for one.
    I don't find myself going into the 5.0 tech or others saying a bunch of crap. they call those people TROLLS.
  12. sigh..... i am just wondering where on earth the threads are going on this website... I have been with the website for over 3 - 4 years? I cant even remember. I think the 05 is a bad mofo, but I really agree that we are really building up expectations, kinda reminds me of how expectations were built up for the new star wars trilogy. You cant possibly be happy with something if you expect the world. This will be the first year of the new car, there are going to be bug, there are going to be recalls..... so please people ground yourselfs. And all of this stuff about, hey your a newbie, no your a newbie, and I have a better reputation than you....... good god, we are all mustang owners here, stop flamming yourselves, go flame ricers. ( as a matter of fact dont flame anyone, just go walk the walk ) I will get off my soap box now...

    thank you :flag:
  13. Oh no please dont ban me from this site...godforbid if i couldnt post my thoughts what ever would i do????

    You people are POTHETIC

    By the way i own 3 NEW cars and probably make more money than all of you who posted to this thread put together....

    And if i saw you in person MR Pinski...PLEASE.. I would smack the **** out of you!

    Id have your wife calling me DADDY!
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  15. Your more than welcome to post your own thoughts :flag: . Just remember on how you post them :nice: . With the way you respond to people, you really do not sound like an educated/RICH person with 3 new cars :hail2: .
  16. :nice: Thanks for the scanned article Willy.
    Those are some nice numbers for the automatic transmission. Can't wait to see what people can do with the 5-speed manual.
  17. :stupid:

    I think a lot of mach one owners are mad because they paid more than an 05 gt will cost and its still a subpar car in every way to the 05. Your paying more for the car, doesnt handle as well, as quick maybe a little slower, old body style, cost more to drive, etc. The only good thing about it is its limited produtcion
  18. SilverBull271=Internet tough guy.

    Yeah and I am really donald trump posting when I am not doing my TV shows !

    Plus I am the world heavyweight champ posting as well...

    Hell I am 7ft 425 pounds of whoop-ars and you would be calling me daddy to !
  19. I guess all of us mach1 owners need to bow down :hail2: to the 05 since it traps 99.9mph in the 1/4.
  20. :rlaugh: :rlaugh:

    But seriously a triple digit trap speed would be nice.