05 GT vs MACH1 race RESULTS.....thats right...RESULTS!

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  1. It is not a matter of bowing down to anything, the guy just posted some results that he witnessed with his own two eyes. I can guarantee you that the last thing GNN wanted to do was cause a flame war between the Mach 1 owners and 05 stang followers. There is nothing wrong in having pride in what you own, but come on now some people get so worked up.

    Silverbul271 - come on now dude, that is really mature, why don't you take those three cars you supposedly own and wrap them around a tree. :rolleyes:
  2. I paid a fair amount less for my subpar car then what an '05 GT costs :shrug:

    If I thought that was the case I'd of held out for the 05 instead of the Mach. Price, Shaker and 4v DOHC did the trick for me though.
  3. this thread has made me sad that I am in fact a mustang enthusiast. You guys need to grow up a bit....end of story.
  4. hey, no need to bash the mustangs like that calling them subpar cars, especially because you own one of them :bang:
    i paid 25k for my brand new mach on dec 20, 2003
    we are FORD people remember??? and we own a MUSTANG like you.
    no need to fight about it when the car is not even out on the streets.
    and no need to fight about it cause you don't even own any of the cars you're talking about...
    just wait,and talk later :nice:
  5. guess I need to do a few mods on my 03 Cobra to ensure a well driven 05 GT 5 speed dosn't surprise me.. :flag: figure 450 to the ground should work.. (for now)
  6. :rlaugh: :lol: :rlaugh: :lol: :rlaugh: :lol: I'm sorry guys, it's just that nothing, and I mean NOTHING, amuses me more than the tragic irony of somebody so moronic, that they mis-spell their INSULTS!! It's "pAthetic" Silverbullet, with an "A" my man!!! :rlaugh: :rlaugh: Make my day and reply to my post telling me I'm "stoopid" and an "ideut"!!!!

    Whew!!! O.K., deep breath, calm down, stop laughing..... O.K., ready to type normally. Trust me, I'm not a spelling geek. It's just when a guy calls everybody else pathetic, and can't even SPELL pathetic, I just find that to be comedy of immense proportion.

    The one thing that nobody addressed that drives me nuts is the age-old MIS-CONCEPTION that reaction time has something to do with elapsed time. It does not. The clock doesn't start running on the green, it starts running the moment your front wheels leave the starting line. There are two beams there (like on your electric garage door) that detect when your tires are staged, and when they leave. Once your tires have rolled forward out of the beams, it's on, the clock starts timing you until you break the beams at the finish line. That's how it works. To simplify, the Christmas tree could come down, yellow-yellow-yellow-GREEN, and you could decide right there to reach behind your seat, open your cooler, pull out a sandwich, eat your sandwich, listen to the radio for a bit, check your voicemail messages, and THEN (after the starter pounds on your window and curses you) launch your car and run a 13-second 1/4 mile. The excuse for the poor 15 second time that was posted has to be extremely poor driving, poor conditions, and so-on...
  7. about the coomment of a roll race taking the driver out of the equation, thats a crock of $hit. you have alot to learn about racing if you make a comment like that.

    Especially when you have a car with 4.10s (4.11s:rolleyes:) that would be shifting more
  8. wow you know practically nothing about the mach 1

    here is an idea, you are getting a car that looks good will respond very well to mods and real gearing and doesnt look like a$$ like a stock 05 :nice:
  9. Ummmm, doesn't that statement apply to just about every Mustang built since 1964???
    Well, that's your opinion obviously. I like both, but I'm bored of the eldest.

    I think that the moral here is, why the defensiveness?? Why the chip on all these Mach owner's shoulders??? It's like we're talking about your momma's or something!!! It's never any fun watching an all-new model come out when you've just bought the outgoing, but there's no need to puff your chest and act like it's a popularity contest. 03-04 Machs are GREAT, and they always will be. If you prefer it to the '05, great. But it's not like we're having a friggin ****-slap fight over who's best. If you look at things objectively, the differences between old and new are extremely self-evident, as 351CJ continually has to remind folks.
  10. perhaps you have never analysed a 4valve dyno

    some powerbands benifit even better from gears than others.

    yes its my opinion that its ugly. and i have some great ideas on how to fix it if you would like to hear them.

    the fastest stock 05s I dont see touching the fastest mach 1s.... but of course time will only tell.

    one thing is for sure, they are going to come out right in the best racing weather ever and you are going to see some rediculous times from us Texas boys who can bang the gears at sea level tracks.
  11. Well, no duh... I was just stating that your reasoning was fairly universal regarding all Mustangs. Naw, we don't need to go into a styling re-do on a car that's already done. I respect your opinion. Myself, I'm not that partial to Ford's styling job with the Mach. The Classic Design Concepts Mach 1's represent what I WISH Ford would have done with the Mach, especially the a-la 1969 all-black hood treatment, instead of the skinny stripe. But again, that's just my opinion, and I totally respect yours.
  12. i share the same with the mach, i hate the side stripe also. I dislike the wheels, but those should be adorned with prostars and 4.30s ;)

    someone needs to create a widebody rear fender with more of a 68 fastback look.

    drop some weight with a urethane fender and aid the looks.

    the shaker would haev looked excelent on the new bare bones hood.... they could use that or go for a cobra jet look.

    the quarter window needs something from the past... I like the eleanor scoop alot.

    You ad these three things, drop it, put some good whels and maybe a different rear bumper and you haev got yourself one fine retro automobile.
  13. So is your spelling :nice:

    :rlaugh: Riiiight. What your parents own and/or earn, doesn't correspond to you lil fella. Maybe if you could put together a decent sentence, we might just believe you. Typically folks who can earn a dime have some sort of education :nice:

    Heh, no need to call me Mr, little guy, at least you did learn a bit of respect, but I'm only 22 years old, so no need for the formalities yet. When you're scrubbing the bathrooms at my office, you can call me sir then.

    You keep up with your fantastic attitude on the streets, you'll be calling a big hairy guy named Bubba "DADDY!" behind bars! :rlaugh:
  14. Trublu stang..........Why dont you go **** your self you piece of ****........why dont YOU wrap your car into a tree with your whole family in it!

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  15. Instead of sitting in front of your computer and posting MEANINGLESS opinions that NOBODY gives a **** about and that are NOT important..
    Try to do something... maybe satisfy your wives (if you could)

    If not... i know i could
  16. For crissakes, what is this place turning into??? :shrug:

    I think a couple of people need to take a gander, primarily at #1, #2 and #7

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  17. I actually like the Mach.....Nothing better than a shaker hood. DOnt get me wrong, just b/c a car doesnt perform as well as newer models, etc. doenst make it a bad car. I wouldnt have a 93 if I thought that. I was just trying to reason why many(not all) mach one owners dont seem to like the 05 :shrug:
    I actually may buy an 03 mach in a few years
  18. We have to see next gen. of the new MACH 1... Maybe in 2006! Maybe...
  19. where do you get this info that the mach 1 is not FASTER than the 05 gt?

    my buddies trapped 106 last month and it is absolutely bone stock

    this is in 90 degree temperature and 70% humidity

    and some people might not like the 05 because they think its ugly
  20. not saying it is in fact faster, but just by what this guys saying....and the MT article