05 GT vs MACH1 race RESULTS.....thats right...RESULTS!

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  1. The M/T article has the HP & torque #'s wrong. They are using Ford's preliminary data from several months ago.

    M/T #'s
    300 HP @ 6,000 RPM
    315 lb. ft @ 4,500 RPM

    The latest version of the '05 Mustang Dealer Order Guide says:

    300 HP @ 5750 RPM
    320 lb. ft @ 4,500 RPM

    As far as comparisons to the Mach 1 go, from Ford's website: http://www1.forddirect.fordvehicles...State=ConfigPage&xefrProd=1620193&statetoken=
    Then click on "See all standard features" The Mach 1 is listed at:
    305 HP @ 5,800 RPM
    320 lb ft. @ 4,200 RPM

    So the Mach 1 engine is rated 5 HP more, but it has the same torque rating. Yes I know that the Mach 1 is underrated, but the first dyno #'s for the '05 GT indicate that it is also underrated. The Mach 1 appears to really have 325 - 330 HP, It also looks like the '05 GT really has 320 - 325 HP.

    An ATX '05 GT should be faster than a ATX Mach 1 off the line because it has a 5 speed trannie with a much shorter 1st gear (3.23 vs 2.84). But the Mach 1's higher redline will close the gap down the track.

    The bottom line is that an '05 GT will give you similar straight line performance to an '03 - '04 Mach 1, but on regular gas instead of premium.

    By the way I have nothing against the '03 - '04 Mach 1's. I love them and came very close to buying a used Azure Blue '03. I just couldn't justify it knowing that sooner or later I'd be getting an '05 or '06 GT or SE.
    I consider the Mach 1 the best of the SN95 Mustangs. I love the wheels, the overall look, the shaker the better seats, brakes, mufflers etc. etc. But as good as the Mach 1 is, the '05 GT and its follow on SEs will be better.
  2. Ignore SVOKING, he's a joke and a troublemaker, and so are his ridiculous posts.
  3. I was getting on highway 133 in Irvine Ca. and low and behold, a lime green 05 gt with Saleen marks ! I pulled right next to him and gave a thumbs up. He looked at me and pointed straight ahead. We were at 65 mph and we both punched it. I immediately pulled one. two , and three car lengths up to 120mph! Boy my adrenaline was pumping. I hope that this person will post and fess up! It was a nice run before he pulled off on the Barranca Exit! I feel great with all the rumors that the 05 can put us down!
  4. I don't think us mach1 owners have a chip on our shoulders about the 05 gt.but everyone is saying the 05 gt is faster than a mach1 without seeing what a 5speed gt can run in the 1/4.the only proof I have seen is a 99.9 mph trap speed for a auto.If a 5speed gt can run a 13.1-13.3 and trap 103-107 in the 1/4,then you can say it is a drivers race.hell, I don't care if the 05 traps 110.I did'nt buy the mach to be the fastest mustang on the road,don't get me wrong I really do like the 05 and wish I could put one in the garage next to the mach.In the next couple of weeks we will see where the 2 stack up.I think it's gonna be close and that does'nt bother me one bit.but untill then everyone just take a chill pill. :cheers: here's to the 05 and the mach1.now lets go kill some imports not one another.
  5. Dude! The Mach 1 has 3.38 first gear, so if the GT is 3.23, it is obvious who will be quicker off the line! If you mean an auto trans, I don't know what the first gear is in this one.
  6. hi everybody i'm a newbe. just going thru the threads here and have to say "i'm pretty disaponted in the way some are acting" i own a 95 Cobra and i'm not mad that the newer 99 up gt's have more power than me hell i'm glad to see Ford finaly giving us people that don't have "3 new cars and make more money than every body on here" a chance to have what we all like and whant that is more and more power and a better handling Mustang as the years go on for a reasonable price. I THINK WE SHOULD BE GREATFULL!!
  7. Saleen is based in Irvine. Might have been a tester.
  8. here is a dyno graph showing both cars a 01 cobra and 03 mach 1, both cars are bone stock.

    i don't know why ford is posting max hp at 5800 rpm on the mach 1???
    i swear i could tell it was 6000rpm before, but i can't remember now....
    maybe those are the numbers for the automatic one :shrug:
    anyways both cars would peak at around 6100rpm, both cars can be shifted at 6800rpm :nice:

  9. 1. shifting that car at 6800 is assinine
    2. that is a great example of whiy the 4valve does awesome with 4.30+ gears
  10. our trannies have a little gap between 1st and 2nd gear :)
    3.38 to 2.00 on the mach
    3.37 to 1.99 on the cobra
    i don't know about the cobras, but shifting at peak power (6100rpm) on the mach from 1st to 2nd, would make the rpms to drop to 3600 on 2nd gear.
    shifting at 6800 would make them drop at 4000-4100. right where the peak tq is at.
    the mach 1 put down better tq in the middle of the curve, so it doesn't need to be shiftted that high in 2nd and 3rd gear. 6400-6500 from 2nd to 3rd, 6200-6300rpm from 3rd to 4th.
  11. Dude.

    The 1st gear trannie #'s I gave are for ATXs.
    03-04 Mach 1 (& GT) ATX 1st gear = 2.84
    05 GT ATX 1st gear = 3.23

    For MTXs, both the Mach 1 and the '05 GT use the exact same MTX, the T-3650 which is 3.38.
  12. another mach1 guy.

    not to conflict with anybody but how does a manual stock '05 pull away from a manual stock mach1 when they

    both have around the same power
    They have the same transmission
    I believe the same gears in the rear.
    but the new 05 weighs more. ( *edit* sorry weighs more then the gt but not the mach i should research a little more )
    I think they would be close, but i would have to give the win to the 04 mach. given equal drivers in a 1/4 mile race. (*edit* :D I hope. )

    On a side note it would be nice to have to pay for regular gas instead of prem. gas

    The more i see the 05 the more i like it though.
    cant wait for the svt :banana:
  13. According to Edmunds.com, the Mach 1 and the '05 GT essentially weigh the same (they actually list the Mach as 19 lbs heavier).

    Disclaimer: I'm not sure if either are correct. I'm just posting what I read.
  14. sorry i was wrong about the weight.

    dont know how believeable this is
    I found it on the web but the site i got it from is down
    my connection isn't that fast sorry


    I should hope it was a bad driver.
  15. how much do the new stangs weigh? from what i have heard i think they will have trouble beating the 99-04 gts because of their weight much less a mach
  16. Similar weight (3520 lbs for auto 05 is what I heard) and power as a Mach (5 spd Mach is @ 3465 I think) from the reports, also much better 3 link rear, this puppy will rip outta the whole. I doubt any stock 99-04 GT could keep up with equal drivers. That being said, 05 GT and Mach seem to be a drivers race. :nice:
  17. The MACH1 is slow, I'd hope the '05 GT can beat it.
  18. That's pretty vague, slow compared to what? :shrug:
  19. slow compared to the SR-71 Balck Bird....

    Man the SR71 would so smoke a MACH1...

    I feel bad for all of those MACH1 owners who could have bought a SR71...you guys got ripped off!!