05 GT vs MACH1 race RESULTS.....thats right...RESULTS!

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  1. :rlaugh: :rlaugh:

    Yeah after all SR 71s go what like Mach 3. :D


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  2. The race with the Mach sounds pretty believable, if both cars are stock. But, the race with the '01 Cobra (which has full exhaust and gears).... :bs: we don't have full detail concerning the race with the Cobra, but i would expect the new GT to lose that race.

    Both cars weigh close to the same thing, with the new GT weighing more if anything. The '01 Cobra should have around or over 300 rwhp with that full exhaust. And, the Cobra has 4.10 gears compared to the GT's 3.55 gears. Plus, the Cobra's 4 valve motor should have at least as good, if not better, power on the top end.
  3. why are people so jealous of progress? (if the 05 is actually faster) if the 06 3.5L V6 Mustang runs faster than my 99 GT, i'm not going to get all pissed off. i'd be glad. progress is a GOOD thing. people are comparing the 05 to the Mach 1 because the Mach 1 is probably the best N/A Mustang ever. they aren't trying to insult the Mach 1, if anything, it's a compliment.
  4. i'm not jealous ;) i'll smoke any 05 i see, with my blower cobra :)
  5. pretty believable??? :lol: compared to what dude....??? :)
    show me at least 3-5 full 1/4 mile passes out of a 05 gt at least to have an idea of how fast they really are.
    they would be fast for sure, problem is, we don't know yet :bang:
    if they're faster, we're not loosing anything, is the most powerfull mustang GT ever builded.
    if the're slower, we're not loosing anything, is the most powerfull mustang GT ever builded.
    is a winner no matter how you look at it. :nice:
  6. Im not mad or jealous My mach 1 that i bought last year for 26 tho. should give me enough time to save money to buy a 06 or 07 cobra. :banana:

    The 05 in this video did a low 14 sec run.

  7. I guess throwing gas on the fire but Steeda has been able to pull the crank horsepower up on an 05 GT to 350. The motor must respond really well to mods and is more than likely rated below what it actually has as has been stated. If the cars (Mach and 05GT) have similar weight and power why would it be so unbelievable that the GT would win in the quarter? Higher speeds and rpms may yield a different result but most street races end at around 110 mph anyway. The trap speed on both makes it harder to believe to most but it seems as though the 05 is able to put the power down to more efficiently. At the track, you see people run with Nitto's on and have nice times but lower trap speeds than a street tire car that may have the same time but a higher speed because of the efficiency putting the power to the ground. I have personally run a high 13 (13.8-13.9) on street tires with my bolton 01 and not break 98.5mph through the traps. You have to appreciate people trying to forward credible info on to all of us who probably will not see any times on the 05GT until we actually see one at a track or possibly run up against one on the street. 99 and 01 Cobra guys kept it cool because SVT screwed up and the cars were not as strong at first as advertised. 01 Bullitt guys (some,not all) were giddy and bragged about it being a one off car (another Bullitt and Mach coming in the new body style according to Ford) and pushed people's buttons saying that they were killing 01GTs by 2 and 3 car lengths and beating LS1s left and right with 5 to 10 additional horsepower over a stock GT. 03/04 Mach owners got one hell of a motor with a more agressive cam to make it have some balls down low but some small boltons on GTs were putting them real close to Machs at the strip. (seen stock Mach1's, both 03 and 04 run no better than a 13.7 at Commerce in GA) 03/04 Cobra owners could seriously talk and back up what they said because the car is a beast and won't be touched (supercharged Roush's/Steeda's/Sean Hyland's aside) until 06 Cobra unless someone freaks out a GT/Bullitt/Mach with a blower or turbo. Before someone freaks out about the supercharged Roush/Steeda/SH 03/04 GT comment, they run low 13's to high 12's off the showroom floor so I am comparing a stock 03/04 Cobra to stock/showroom supercharged 03/04 Roush/Steeda/SH, so Cobra owners calm down because the modified 03/04 Cobra is a different animal. Back to my point, modified 05GT's and up will run significantly better than the modified 99-01 model GT. There will be another Bullitt, another Mach and a Boss Mustang that modded, will again run significantly better than the 01-04 models of those respective cars.(ex. Boss) The 06 Cobra will run better than all, with the possible exception of the Shelby Mustang if made. Progress is GOOD!! New models of the Mustang SHOULD run/look/handle/feel better than previous iterations, that's why many of us have owned multiple model years, to see the PROGRESS of the Mustang.
  8. To help fan the flames, I was told by a Ford engineer that the 4.6L - 3V horsepower was limited by the computer, NOT the mechanicals. That would imply that what you said is accurate. "Steeda has been able to pull the crank horsepower up on an 05 GT to 350" Especially since it appears that the stock engines really makes 320 HP or so.

    I was also told that Ford had a goal of getting a version of the 4.6L 3V to make 400 HP, normally aspirated, but they could not make the 400 HP # out of 4.6L and make it emissions legal and meet all durability requirements. He would not tell me how much HP they were able to get out of it, but I got the impression that it was well over 350 HP. :eek:
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  10. I'll wait until the '05 actually hits the street & dragstrip before judging the car or calling BS... :nice:
  11. If true, that's simply awesome. :flag:
  12. You know what this thread reminds me of and I have total respect for this website......Mustangworld.com SilverBullit71 or whatever his/her name is would have been banned on page 5 with those kind of replies on Mustangworld. Mustangworld are free-flowing forums who let people flame all they want until one of the mods decides enough is enough. That's usually the case on page 5 of a particular thread in the Clubhouse. This site is a bit more sane but seeing that this is on pg. 6 and this person is still posting gives me the sense that you admins are slacking. I love Mustangworld for what it is..... a crazy messed up site that I get many laughs from. It's all out internet whoring and flaming there and I love it. I come to Stangnet for some quiet conversation about Mustangs. This by far is the worst thread I've ever read on Stangnet. It started out as simple conversation and wound up as total flaming. Now back to the ORIGINAL POST. I love the Mach 1s. Hell, if they had a vert version, it'll be in my garage. Until this '05 GT is out on the streets, and more numbers are posted, I'll hold my comments about it. All I know is that Steeda Dynoed a production '05 GT on a Dynojet and it produced 275rwhp and 295rwtq. Livernois dynoed their '05 GT on a Mustang Dyno and got 254rwhp and 274 rwtq. Gentlemen.....that's 50 more hp than the '99-04s produce. If any of you think that Ford should have produced higher numbers....go get any '02 LS1. I do believe this car WILL be better than ANY Mustang GT ever produced by Ford hands down. From Suspension to engine, to gearing. Is it better than a Mach 1? Don't know and really don't care. I respect the Mach 1 for it's known performances and I respect the '05 for potential and little known performances from dynoes. When it comes to who is faster.....bring what you brung and if you lose, time to do more mods. :D By the way...I have an '02 GT Conv. that is slower than reproducing coral on a barrier reef. :(
  13. better yet, BANISH him to War Stories! :owned:
  14. I made the request to have him banned several days ago, but have gone un-heard by the powers that be.
  15. Any updates on the 05 that's blowing away the Mach? I know your the expert so what have you found? I just drag race, give me your times!

  16. Even a "newbe" knows that this thread has brought out the worst in some people. :shrug:

  17. Then how come according to car and driver magazine the 05 mustang beats the 04 gto which is 50 hp more :lol: