05 GT vs MACH1 race RESULTS.....thats right...RESULTS!

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  1. Also, Its quite possible that FORD may have underated the hp on this model.
  2. everyone who is bashing eachother shut the ***** up and go roast some rice or bowties....jeez we really need a new camaro out there, this is [email protected]
  3. hmmmm ... Does this mean that there is the possibility that there may be a "unofficial" after market chip that will increase the HP ?
  4. The mach's have ram air right? Could be why they are trapping higher :shrug:

  5. Nah the shaker is for looks, it does make a dark spot on the filter so something is comming in but since the airbox has 2 holes, no ram air effect. The most likely reason for the higher trap speed is the area under the curve where the 4 valve is more powerfull after the 3 valve starts falling off. In my opinion its all an area under the curve thing. Another thing to wonder about is the three piece drive shaft. I am sure some power is being wasted through the rubber couplings that could help spin the rear.
  6. Wow.....This Mach 1 vs 05 Argument has gone way to far. Everyone needs to chill out and be happy WE STILL HAVE A MUSTANG, and its only getting better...... :lock:
  7. I agree. We need to save our arguments for the GTO hehehehehe :D

  8. there already is one. Tim Barth at Modular Powerhouse aka Cobra Killer, tuned a stock 05 to over 300rwhp. the car gained over 20rwhp with just a tune!
  9. you got a link? I havent seen anything about it. Just that he thought it would be over 300 rwhp..no that he had actually done it yet
  10. :stupid: I'm with you on this one...the reason for the 05 gt rolling with the mach 1 is going to be becuase of the vvt the 05 puts down much better numbers as far as low end horsepower and torque are concerned..this is the very reason why ford is using this valvetrain...the mustang was built for low end torque and the new valvetrain provides it..technology improved and there is no reason why we shouldn't accept it..the new mustang is a better drag racer than our older counterparts...way to go ford :flag:

  11. Yeah, I am also curious about this. Did it say what he did? Did he just adjust the timing and take off the airbox? Please post a link! :nice:
  13. You GTO and Mach 1 cats are just player hating from the sideline :D
  14. I like the fact that Ford finally is producing a Mustang GT that is truly fast. I'm not a player hater & I'm also not sweating because I'm the type of person that will run anything when I'm in the mood. I've lost & I've won some. No biggie. That's why I have a Mustang. I'm not jealous over the '05. Progress is good. If I race one & I lose then I'll bolt-on some parts. :D Life's good for Mustang enthusiasts. Life's not good for '05 haters.
  15. I agree with downsouthman. Unfortunately I don't own either one of these beauties but it's still good to know that the new GT is headed in the right direction. I think it should be quicker than the Mach 1, even if not by much. Better than taking a step backwards.