05 gt vs mach1?

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  1. Alright, I know that the mach1 are alot faster and have a bigger engine then our cars, but could we beat them? Whats it take for us to kill them. Can an 05 mustang GT beat a mach1? without the help of a blower?
  2. I had an '04 Mach 1 with an automatic, and stock for stock my new '06 GT with the 5 speed manual is pretty even in performance. The cars have the same size engine, but the Mach has 4 valve heads and the new cars have 3 valve heads. The new car also has variable cam timing along with some other things that may or may not be advantages, depending on who you ask.

    Before I traded the Mach, I had a Predator tuner, C&L cai, Borla exhaust, and 4.10 gears; those mods really woke up that car. I would say that for the new car to get up and go that fast, it will take a tune, cai, gears, pullies, and maybe full exhaust (including headers). Also the charge motion delete plates seem to offer some extra power too. You will find several people on this site that have the above mentioned mods, and are running around mid 12's in the quarter; that's definetely Mach 1 territory.
  3. It's a drivers race between the two.
  4. I wouldnt say that its a drivers race, because I used to have a mach1, and those cars pull alot harder then my 05 gt. Even when I would power shift or speed shift, the car would tear up the road, the tires would spin like hell for at least 10 feet. My 05 during shifts gives me a little chirp, nothing happens. It is 100% car driveability.
  5. that has nothing to do with how hard it pulls that is torque managment ..

    the new mustang is dead even with a mach1

    13.4 at 102 stone stock
  6. How it is dead even.. I have gone against mach1 with my gt, and they kill me by second gear, they get about 2 car lengths ahead of me.
  7. Not to sound harsh, but learn how to drive.
  8. Thanks for the constructive criticism. I can drive very well thank you very much. I am a very good driver. I used to have a 2000 Gt, with only flowmaster exhaust and a k&n filter, and would kill camaro ss all day. I would beat camaros with my mach1 all day, I am afriad to race anyone with this 05 gt.
  9. I dont know dude, I havent seen a manual mach run less than 104mph (13.2-13.4 avg)in the 1/4 and seen a few 105-106 mph runs....stock! Now the autos run 102-103 in the 1/4 and avg 13.4-13.7 avg...stock. The best 05 manual was a 13.8 at 102mph...that same car did a worst 14.3 at 100. I think stock machs pull a bit harder manual or auto, than any stock 05...based on my observations.
  10. What's the weight difference, anyone know?
  11. 4v>3v. No, the Mach doesn't have a bigger engine. More valves per cylinder, yes. The weight variance is not large.
  12. :lol: :lol:
    Hate to burst your bubble, but I walked many a 99+ GT in my bone stock M6 01 Z28.
    Never raced a mach 1 though are they that much faster than an LS1, or an 05+? :shrug:
  13. dude coming from a guy who has owned 5 mustangs, all gts except my 03 mach1, the mach1 has yet to be the best mustang I have ever driven even if left stock. I have driven 03-04 cobras, they drive nice but feel heavy in the front end and hate wheel hop. I just need to know If the 05's will ever drive the way mach1's drive. There not as fun to drive, cant get all crazy in them. to restricted
  14. Really now, the Mach 1 and the new GT are pretty equal in performance down the 1320. A Mach 1 may feel like its pulling harder than a GT but that doesnt mean its faster. The cars are very different, 2 different platforms; transmission gear ratios, head design, engine management, etc. etc. Though many claim to be good drivers when it comes to shifting there are only a handful that really are.

    I've seen a time slip from a dead stock 05 GT run a 13.28 @ 101.7.

    Both cars are great and I say its more of a drivers race than anything else. There have been way too many topics about this very matchup for more than the last year, let it rest already.

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  15. At least we know which looks better :rolleyes:

  16. It's a complete driver's race. If the same person drove both cars, the times would be within a tenth of a second most likely.
  17. My friend has an 03 Mach1 5spd. I have and 05 mustang GT 5spd He has been driving a manual alot longer than I have, he has also had 4 mustangs The 4vdohc does make more power than ours the Mach weighs less. So of corse they will be faster. All he has done is exhaust and he runs high 12's all night long with Nittos I've been ridding in that car since day one its just fast.
    But not all cars are equally the same every now and then you get a dog of a car also people that say that they can drive and lets face it, you know the person can't. The driver play a big part in it but from what I've seen there just a faster car so just live with it and if you really want to beat them then buy something faster than a stock 05 Gt because stock for stock 99% of the time if you have equally matched drivers your gona luse. Thats a fact jack
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  18. right, thats a fact because you said so. :rollseyes: Have you seen the comparison races between the cars? I think not. The Mach (sn95) is lighter sure but the suspension, thus power to the pavement, is dated and doesnt match well against the s197. Both cars have their better characteristics over the other.

    Simply posting that something is fact when you havent supplied anything in terms of FACTS is a work of fiction.

    Most stock Machs can run a 13.2-13.5 or so while most stock GTs (manual) can do just about the same @ 13.4-13.7. Take note I did provide a time slip from someone that ran a 13.28 and probably tops the curve of GT owners when taken to the drags.

    While the Mach will net more power from an exhaust modifaction, stickier tires are probably going to benefit the GT more since the suspension is just more effective at transfering the weight and planting the rear.

    If you care to debate this further please post some of those facts and we can 'zine race some more. :nice:

    Also, what is this high 12, something like 12.9 maybe??? Data please...


  19. i have yet to dyno a mach 1 that made more then 285 stock rwhp my mustang made 278 not exactly a big advantage .. put JUST a tune in the 05 due to its horrid stock tune and it should take a stock mach no problem.

    my personal car ran 13.41 102.8 with a lousy 2.1 sixty foot time stock to the air filter with only 200 miles on it .. just giviing it break in time would gaurentee some high 13.20s

    a stock mach runs right at the same times.

    if you don't run 12s with a 05 with drag raidals a tune and a cat back then you need to learn to drive.
    im damn sure i could bust a 12.90 something in a stock gt given sticky drag radials.
  20. Thank you so much for backing up your comments with some data.

    I think its funny how the pro Mach 1 crowd believes that they will always best the GT, the pro GT crowd doesnt make THAT claim against the Machs. We just attest to the fact that the GT will hang with the Machs.