05 gt vs mach1?

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  1. It might be possible for a stock 05 GT to run a 13.2, i have just never seen it. But if you honestly believe that a stock 05gt on stock tires ran a 1.8 60ft, you have alot to learn about racing. Unless its fully gutted with full drag suspension thats not going to happen. Unless that track was like glue i say BS. Even on a Nitto dragradial a 1.8 is hard to get with stock suspension. Ive seen alot of 05 gt's at the track and most of them have crazy wheelhop. Also a few guy claim to have hit high 12s in bone stock machs. Im not sure if i completely believe them but one guy claims a 12.89 and a bunch have claimed 12.9s. I did know of a guy who ran a 12.8(whitnessed by other club members) with just a pro 5.0 shifter but thats not bone stock:D Either way both are awsum cars :flag:

    Here is a vid of my mach at the track. I had exhaust, gears, 15s and non drag friendly roadrace suspension. 6800rpm launch peeling in every gear
  2. Well, you can call BS all you want but the car did just that, ran a 1.8 60 foot. A good driver matters when it comes to drag racing and that run was made by someone with 10 years experience on the strip.

    Again, your experiences tell you otherwise about the GT vs Mach 1 debate. Thats fine... if you wish to remain big headed about the subject I could care less. There are more than enough people that trust the idea that the 05+ GT is just as fast as a 03-04 Mach 1.

    For those who disagree... get over the nose-in-the-air act already. Its not bad that a GT can match the performance of a Mach 1. They are both awesome cars and 2 very different platforms. :nice:

    Oh, and commenting on my "knowledge" of drag racing is :notnice:, at least Im open minded and trust that an improved suspension design can net a "low" 60 foot.

  3. Question, for Cleveland??

    What do you run in the 1/4 mile with all your mods
  4. My last trip to the track netted me with a 13.2 @ 105 with the following performance related mods: jlt short ram intake & jet throttle body spacer | diablo sport tuned spanish oak | frpp 4.10:1 gears | bmr "race" lower control arms & relocation brackets | eibach sportline lowering springs

    I wont be making any nitrous runs until I correct my tune and that will be done over the winter.

    Mind you Im still on the stock rubber and was spinning all the way through 1st gear and still ran a 2.000 60 foot. I use my very few days at the track (3 total this past season) to dial in my suspension more than anything else.

    Im yet to correctly dial in my suspension and I havent had much seat time but Im happy with my results on the track.

    I'll make just 1 more appearance at the track this season and I'll be using that day to dial in everything and hopefully hit that 12.5 with my new list of mods and ET Streets.

  5. sears or sac and what day
  6. I've been to 1 Wednesday Night Drags but I like the Friday Test & Tunes much better. That last "best" trip was a T'nT @ Sacramento.

  7. I dont know if i would consider the 05GT having an improved suspension for dragracing. For hitting the corners it is better, but for drag i see alot of wheelhop problems with the stock suspension at our local tracks. With my stock mach suspension i had no wheelhop problems. I was comenting on your knowledge of drag racing because ive been bracket racing mustangs for over 8 years and over 500 passes down the 1/4 and i have yet to see a bone stock stang cut a 1.8 60ft on stock tires. My best in my bone stock mach with the stock tires was 1.983 and it took lots of practice to get that. I know alot of internet racers who claim to have run a 1.8 stock but havent seen it in person.

    Timeslips from my car on the stock tires and the car was stock besides weld in magnaflow mufflers. BTW the mufflers were good for 5rwhp. It took me over 10 passes that day to get those 60fts and my clutch was a little hot at the end of the day. But i finally got my 1.9 60ft

    A pic of my mach an my buddys 05GT

  8. Well, a time slip is a time slip... the internet just allows you to see what other racers are doing around the globe.

    I'll be sure to see what 60 foot I can cut on my crappy tires @ Sacramento even with an automatic 5 speed before I switch over to a drag radial.

    And since we are posting timeslips...


  9. what mods did you have when you ran that pass?

    Also when are you planning on hitting up the track again. I might head to the track for one last time to see what i can run with my new 18s
  10. consider the rest of the car stock.

    Mods for that run were: jlt short ram intake & jet throttle body spacer | diablo sport tuned spanish oak | frpp 4.10:1 gears | bmr "race" lower control arms & relocation brackets | eibach sportline lowering springs

  11. Hey when are you guys planning on going I'll take mine also It would be my first time but what the hay there has to be for everything
  12. I can no longer race on Wednesday Nights cause I am no longer a muffled car and Im not willing to put any more money into the exhaust cause Im happy with it the way it is. If I cant get up there for this Saturday's afternoon T'nT I'll have to wait till December.

  13. let me know and we can all cruise up together
  14. I don't have mufflers,they never said anything to me :)
  15. :lol: :lol:

    So what you are saying is your 230rwhp car would kill 310rwhp cars all day?

    Sorry but you are the stupidest person I've seen on this site yet. I am dead even with "SS Camaros" as my car sits,and your k&n + flowmaster GT would not even come close to my car,how do I know? Because I rape near stock 99-04 gt's on the street or track.

    As far as the whole mach1 vs. 05+ GT,this is how I see it from my experience.
    Stock for stock the mach's are a bit faster,a couple mph,and a few 10th's. Once you tune the 05,it becomes a total drivers race. The main difference between the two cars is the 05's ****ty stock tune. Once you take that out of the equation its a drivers race the whole way.Bolt on mach,is about even with a bolt on 05,but yes stock for stock the mach is a little bit faster. Who leaves their car stock anyways? :)
  16. well i dont own either, so i stang in the middle on this one. in my experiance and the times ive seen. i think that both cars are fast off the lot. i believe the mach has the advantage stock, and on the street. add some mods and take it to the track and it is very close. to close to call modded, both are capable of blistering times if the set up is right.

    stock the mach is a tad faster.
  17. BTW, if my replacement wheel shows up by Friday I will be making, what I believe is, my final appearance for the season. It will be the noon T'nT this Saturday.
  18. Im not sure I would make it to a 2nd run cause Im pretty sure my car is a whole lot louder than yours. It would fit in well with the T'nT cars though.

  19. so you guys are saying.. If you take a mach1 and a 05 gt and do the same mods to both cars, lets say CAI, tune, exhaust, and pullies. Both would be even? How if we all have seen here on this post that stock the mach1 is faster. Wouldnt the mach1 be faster in every aspect. mach1's dont need a tune with CAI, exhaust, and pullies. and they run 12.9 all day!
  20. 2003 Mach 1 - 100% Stock with stock rubber....
    My money goes on the Mach 100% stock vs. 100% stock

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