05 gt vs mach1?

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  1. so your 100 percent stok mach ran EXACLTY what my 100 pecent stock 05 ran.. except i ran 102.8 mph..

    however mmandff got 13.2 at 105 our of thier test car so it may have been my letting off before the mph clock.

    also i dyno cars all damn day and simple fact is a 05 usualy stock for stock will dyno a good 5-10rwhp higher then a mach.

    mine dynoed 276 stone stock with only 200 miles on it and most machs are in the 264-268 range on the same dyno when stock.

    and yes the 05 will pick up more because it has a horrible stock tune just a tune and mass air is worth 24-26 rwhp on those cars. vs about 15-17 on a mach1
  2. "well if we tune the EEC then it will run even with a mach" :rlaugh: thats retarded lol.

    Machs are a little quicker I believe...but ill be happy to run either. I have driven both and watched them at the track...They usually run about 1-2MPH behind my car.

    And the 5spd mach feels pretty darn quick, but the 05GT feels like a bolton GT. Definatly not as brutal as the mach.
  3. I highly doubt that the 05 GT's will dyno more than the machs. When my mach just had an offroad x weld in magnaflows and a drop in K&N stock replacement filter. I made 308rwhp and 323rwtq. That is with the stock tune, no pulleys, no cold air and my A/F was at 12.8 straight across. Before i had my gears installed with my offroad X i was running 13 flats at 109mph with the stock tires. My car wasnt running faster times with the offroad pipe because i couldnt grab traction, but i gained 3mph. My mach never never made it to the dyno stock but my buddy put over 282 and 305 to the tires stock. The 4Vmotors will breath alot better and a 3V so they will make more power. Some machs with high end dyno tunes have hit 300rwhp with just a tune.
  4. I OWN a dyno and i dont realy care what ONE mach or ONE 05 did ..

    on average the 05 is dynoing higher on my dyno then machs..

    and im talking about a 25 plus car sample of stock machs and 8-10 stock 05

    the mach 1 head doesnt flow much more on the intake only on the exhuast and the 05 has LIGHT years better exhaust headers and pipes then a mach..

    on top of that it has variable cam timeing.

    also the intake on the 05 is a better setup then the mach IMO.

    also your stock time listed in your sig :) slow then what my stock 05 ran
  5. wow you must have the fastest 05 made, i never heard of a stock 05 (that means stock tires too) run a 13.2. the average time for a stock 05 is 13.6-13.7 they would be lucky to run a 13.5
  6. average time of 13.6+ says you... the automatic guys can run a 13.6-13.7. You have poor experience with the '05 apparently. The Manuals can run that 13.4 without much effort.

  7. Lets just have a track day and prove everthing and make a video of it and post it for all to see this sound simple show proof :Damnit:

    talk talk talk talk

    I'v seen RED92VERT run at the track and I know for a fact what he has done to it because I was there when he did most of it so he is not full of it
    plus I have been on a few runs the the Mach1 people and pritty much most of there cars had no tune at the time with only gear,tires,crome intake tube which was only cometics and they were all close to each other in speed even the auto most of it was who got the jump on who and then later in the year they had a Mach1 shot out I missed that so you have to ask him how it went but from what he and the other people have said they are all faster than than us whith the 05 Gt

    this is on what I have seen.

    PS: what kind of dyno do you use
  8. well, like I said I may just drive up there this Saturday if that wheel shows up. If you guys want to show up that would be fine with me. I dont mind running a bit faster than a mildly modded Mach 1. :p

  9. Your mod Performance mod list:
    nitrous express stage 1 & autolite htzero spark plugs | jlt short ram intake & jet throttle body spacer | hooker supercomp headers & straight pipes | cpr fuel rail & earls plumbing | diablo sport tuned spanish oak | frpp 4.10:1

    My Mod list:

    SLP X Pipe, Magnaflow mufflers, 4:10s, K&N.

    With your mod list i would expect 11s, especally since stock 05GT's run 13.2's:D

    BTW I talked to Kerg and we ar both going to try and make it to the track on SAT. Im going to see what my car runs with my 18s and its going to be his 1st time racing at the track.
  10. Well, I havent used the nitrous in a while and I will continue to not use it until I get back to the dyno for a complete retune.

    There are quite a few running 11.7s with a list very very similar to mine, they have better tires though. I should be able to hit a 12.8 or so if I can somehow not spin the tires out from under me.

    Just hope the new wheel shows up by Friday night.

  11. Whats wrong with your wheel. I have a set of 97 cobra wheels in my back yard im selling real cheap. They would be great to for some track tires. I was going to mount some 275/17 mickeys on them but i decided to go with a 15inch 275 for next year.
  12. Just getting in on the 60' debate, this car has been very easy for me to drive at the strip. I cut a 1.96' 60' on the stock tires, no wheelhop or anything at stock pressure. Mods are K&N intake and a canned Predator 91 octane tune.

  13. I've been driving around on the spare tire cause about 10 days ago, that strong rain, got the best of my traction on a slow going right hand turn and the front end of the car was carried into a curb. If I actually had my foot into it I would have been able to slip my backend instead to not go into the frickin curb.

  14. That sucks, Almost every one of my friends has done the same thing the first year they owned a RWD V8.
  15. yeah, except I've been driving those RWDs for about 6 years, first time.


  16. Slam! :lol:
  17. Well, the wheel didnt show so Im going to have to wait till December. Hope you 2 have a great time going head to head. :)

  18. We decided not to go because we don't get off work until 1:00 and the test and tune is over at 4. So we will probly be going on Wensday night