05 GT, Where is the hood scoop?

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  1. Scooped-hood V6 looks fast. Flat-hood V8 is fast.

    I personally don't want the scoop unless kids can functionally throw candy into it. Yummy!

    Scoops look like 200 mph stuff ... for sure. They also jack up the MSRP by $200 easily, which still gets financing added to it. Pretty soon you're just paying for stickers, not performance.

    I LOVE MUSTANG CAR TOO. WHAT HAPPEN TO DOOR WINGS. No 200 mph door wings and i not sell civic and buy mustang not also.

    Seriously now. Shouldn't you be on a Civic message board telling your manufacturer what you want in/on your Civic, instead of confusing Ford with your "feedback". Car magazines do the fans a lot of problems already. Must you add as well?
  2. Guys, back off on this TX96GT kid. It's not worth the effort. As soon as he started typing about grandma's car, etc., I knew it was some immature kid just trying to be annoying and trying to get Mustang fans going...and then he even admitted to trying to irritate, so what more do you need?

    But as for the scoops not being heritage to Mustang....are we defining scoops differently? The early 65 Stangs had side scoops much like our current model, where the 2005 strays away from. Seeing my sister's early 65 Stang and my 99 side by side, you can tell they're siblings immediately from the side because of the scoops. Granted, the 65 has a chrome ornament where our current Stangs have the black honeycomb, but the overall metal forming on both sides are scoops, correct?
  3. The 05 has nearly the same style "side scoops" as the 65-66 stangs did.
  4. I don't agree. Look at these various classic pictures compared to 1999 model and then compared to 2005.

    http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=6236&item=2468178177 (Classic)

    http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=6236&item=2468754666 (Classic)

    http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=6236&item=2469043469 (Classic)

    http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=6236&item=2469803676 (1999)

    http://bradbarnett.net/mustangs/timeline/05/05/60.jpg (2005)

    It's clear to me that the scoops on classic Mustangs are more similar to the current model than the 2005 model, but I guess people will have different opinions. What I'm saying is that the classic and current Stangs have that rectangular-type scoop out of the metal, whereas the 2005 just has a bottom-line indentation on the side.
  5. I like how the '05 looks. An '03 cobra style hood would look cool on it, but a big scoop would look cheesy and ruin the lines of the car. The scoops on the current mustang are even a bit much. :shrug:
  6. That's a pic of a 67/68 hood that came factory from ford with hood louvers in it. If you look closely you can see that there are turn signal lights in the louvers.

    Here's another example in purple:

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  7. wimpy cars. lets see if I can work out your definition of wimpy.
    the 05 will have a 3v 4.6 thats rated at about 300hp from the factory
    your '96 2v 4.6 came with about 215hp
    the '05 will have about 315tq from the factory.
    your '96 came with about 225tq.
    the '05 has no apparent extraneous bs cosmetics that do not have a specific function (except for mabe that spoiler)
    your '96 came with decidedly cosmetic 'vents' in the hood and in front of the rear brakes of questionable functionality, not unlike some of the better riceracer paste on plastics available on the market today.

    dont get me wrong, I drive the same body style you do and I love her but your definition of 'wimpy' needs some work. :notnice:
  8. Scoops are for ice cream
  9. Neither of my 65s had side scoops (well, my current one originally had that ugly little chrome thing that you might could call a scoop- but it is gone now). Most of the '05 photos do not show side scoops. The concept car did, but the production ones won't, at least originally.

    The only side scoops I saw on 65 and 66 were on Shelbys. They were functional - ducting cool air to the rear brake drums (Galaxie station wagon drums by the way). Of course, later many people added them, copying the Shelbys.
  10. That's my point. The current model strays away from the original not the 05 straying away. The current ones are barely more than tacked on plastic. While the 05 is actually shaped better into the side panels.
  11. Of your 3 classics, 2 have no hood scoops, and the other is a Shelby clone, which means the hood scoop was added by the owner to copy the Shelby. The theme of this thread is someone complaining about the lack of fake hood scoops on the '05.

    If you are calling the side indentations "scoops" (which is not what the started of this thread was saying), then the side indentation is a Mustang identity design feature, seen on all Mustangs except one series in the 80s. Other identity design features are the distinctive grille shape, and the triple taillights. They are what makes a Mustang readily identifiable to the public.
  12. :nice: +1
  13. If we're talking about air intakes, then :nice:+2. The originals didn't have air intakes, and the 2005's don't. I've always thought of scoops as the "scoop" out of the metal, or the indentations if you prefer. The originals had these, the 1999's had these, and the 2005's don't. That's why I said the 2005's are straying.

    The theme of this thread wasn't going anywhere, so like virtually every thread, people make comments that they feel relate, rather than spamming the forums with similar topics.

    Yes, I am calling the side indentations scoops, as that's what I always thought they were. Yes, they are heritage to Mustangs, so I'm glad we agree there. The 2005's don't have the side indentations in their original form, so they are straying. Clear? :shrug:

    Overall point: I think the 2005 might even look better with hood/side scoops. Scoops with a functioning air intake=:D; scoops with no function if they compliment the design=:) Think about the 1999's with completely flat hoods and sides...would it be mistaken for a GTO? ;)
  14. Exactly what I was thinking. Functional heat extractors with turn signal indicators ! It's a natural...

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  15. So buy a hood scoop. Mustangs are for customizing.
  16. It really doesn't matter what the Stang-haters have to say (or the people who just don't like the new Mustang but like Mustangs in general) because the 05 is going to sell like mad just the way it is, and before too long there will be literally 10s of thousands of customized 05 Mustangs, some with scoops and some without, roaming the streets. The haters will have some more to hate, because the Mustang isn't going away, and the Mustang enthusiasts will have something more to love.

    Long live the Mustang in all its incanations and glory

  17. Speaking of functional hood scoops, I don't know if you know the answer to this, but maybe someone will. I thought about buying a shaker scoop for my Mustang, but wanted to know if it would work on a v6 style hood?
  18. I hate to take sides w/someone so childish but I STRONGLY agree with the original poster. Ive seen the car in person, first thing I thought was "omg this thing looks SO plain".... I'm all about power AND looks, I want a car to look as mean as it drives and vice-versa. This one is obviously designed after the original Mustang, which I have always thought to be a very boring looking car. I remember when I went to see the car in person, I had 4 people with me (3 girls, 1 guy) who aren't big car enthusiasts and they all thought it looked like a sedan.... obviously the 60's muscle car enthusiasts are going to dig this one, but I don't know about everyone else. On the flip side, these same 4 people think my current 02 GT looks amazing and I do too. It has all these curves and the scoop etc., it looks sexy as hell from the sides and the scoop makes it look very agressive from the front... awesome combo. And like I said it's not just the scoops, it's the curves... the 05 is SO flat looking, sure it's a GREAT car, but if it bores me to death before I get in, that's not cool.
  19. pey, you will have to buy the entire shaker hood not just the scoop. It should mount up just like it does on a GT.