05 GTO or 05 Mustang GT?

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by Detonate, Sep 21, 2004.

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  1. I like both cars. Both of them are fast and have potential. The GTO is 7-8k more than the GT so I need justification to wether or not I should get the GTO or GT?

    So far, the only difference that leans me more to the GTO is the bigger engine, 53-47 weight ratio, IRS, and a few more goodies the 05 will have over the 04. I want something that can handle well, I'm not all about straight line and mustangs are known for mostly straight line. Since mustangs won't have IRS anymore, does that mean the GTO would be better in the twisties?

    I know this is a Mustang forum, but try not to be bias. Put yourself in my position and forget that you have a stang. The appearance of both cars seem pretty bland but I like the 05 GTO better (headlighs and the rear seem better than the stang) so lets leave out the appearance. Thanks guys.
  2. drive both and then decide
  3. Weight is probably more of an issue than IRS v. good Live rear axle. The GTO is a pig and something like 300lb heavier if I remember correctly.

    However, if you are really looking for something to handle look at the Z, S2000, and Evo. All should hand rip up anything American (sub-$40k) in the turns.

    Having driven both the Z and the '05 Mustang GT, the Z definitely will clobber the '05 with the wheels turned. I just don't fit in them very well.

    As I see it GTO=better interior, more plush. Mustang=better feedback, better drive IMHO (I drove both in those mini-autocross things the OEs put on).
  4. definitely heh?
  5. Why dont you wait a year and get the 06 Dodge Charger with the Hemi? 340 hp and 390 torque for under $30k, thats going to be the best deal around.
  6. Except that it's going to be 4,000+lbs four door sedan available only with an automatic. I doubt it's going to perform as well as either the Mustang or the GTO. Also, if the styling is anywhere close to the Car & Driver rendering, it isn't going to be a very pretty beast either.
  7. lol mball has jumped off the GTO bandwagon?

    Here's how I would decide...
    If you want power and subtle looks and a really nice interior get the GTO. I'd bet it won't handle as good as the 05 Stang even with the IRS.

    If you want decent power stand out looks a decent interior and save about 6 grand...get the GT.

    But yeah you should drive both and see which one gets your fancy. And if a Pontiac dealer tries to screw you over in the pricing wait them out.
  8. Drive both and see which one you like better. Personally I would get the GT and spend the extra $7-8k to make it a real screamer both in the straight line and in the twisties.
  9. I like both car's also but the GTO is based off of the Holden Monaro which is fairly old school and heavy.The interior is decent and back seat's are cramped.Power is good but I did not think it handled real well.I test drove an 04 model.Obviously 05 will have more power.I think the 05 Stang look's more contemporary and up to date and does have the availability of Front-Seat Side-Mounted Air Bag's.To me power wise it's all relative your alway's going to want more power.Roush,Saleen,Steeda,Kenny Brown etc probably already have performance part's available.I would go with the stang.Just my opinion.Try em both your the one who will have to make the payment's.

    Hoping to get an 05 Mustang GT in June of 05.
  10. Wait for the new Cobra
  11. Well, the overwhelming obvious thing to do would be to drive both and base your decision there. I'm sorry but the GTO is plain ugly to me. It looks like an Acura or some other rice. They could've done the body much much better IMHO.
  12. the new cobra model will more than likely have the irs plus a hotter engine, better looks, and weigh less. they will be similar in price but the mustang looks a hell of a lot better. The GTO looks like an overgrown cavalier
  13. Who cares what the hell the car looks like!! Man, so many of you guys are little pansy girls, the car has to be cute? The new GTO will have the 6.0L LS2 Corvette engine for a little bit over $30K. Looks like it will just miss Corvette times, 0-60 in the mid 4's and quarters in the mid to high 12's stock. LS engines are so easily modded and can handle so much power its not even funny. Hell, just add a supercharger and you will destroy 95% of the cars on the road, I dont think the GT can say that. Get the GTO.
  14. I think it's going to boil down to your personal preference for the manufacturer and styling of the vehicle. Me - I owned a Pontiac Grand Am for eight years. I hated that car. I think the new GTO looks exactly like the 1994 - 199? Chevy Lumina/ 1996 - 200? Monte Carlo. I certainly would not buy another Pontiac and I'll never own another GM vehicle.

    I've never owned a Ford and I'll admit to being a life-long Ford-hater until riding in my monster-in-law's (kidding) '94 Ford Ranger (don't flame me just yet -- I grew up during the 70's and 80's when American car companies struggled to produce reliable products). Ford's line of trucks caught my attention again in 1997 with the redesign (or was it '96???), then again in '04. The '05 Mustang was the first car to make my heart race.
  15. Where did anyone say a car had to be cute? You seem to overly concerned about having the biggest and baddest car (must be compensating for a lack of something :D ). If I'm going to shell out $30K for a car (which I have done...have you?), I expect the whole car to appeal to me, not just the engine. The GTO isn't selling with 350HP, what makes you think 50 more HP is going to make a difference? GM needs to address the real issue as to why the GTO isn't selling which isn't HP, it's styling. There are only so many people that will shell out that kind of coin based solely on the engine. Adding a couple of hood scoops and dual exhaust isn't going to cut it. Hopefully they'll do a better job with the redesign (if the GTO survives that long).
  16. So far, I'm waiting on the size of the brakes for the GTO. Pontiac's brochure that was scanned and up'd to a gto site tells of massive brakes. I like to have big brakes because lots of speed needs greater stopping power. I just like to keep it safe. I know some of you would say the extra weight would affect stopping power, thus I already have that considered.

    There's also emergency mode--fuel cuts off, doors unlock, and lights go on 10 seconds after the airbag is released; electric engine mobilizer; power adjustable seats; LSD. Headlights seem to be able to be fitted with HIDs.

    Can anyone tell me if the 05 mustang will have anything similar to that? Brakes are around 2-3k for an upgrade and the other 5k difference would only account for the missing items that may seem necessary to me. If just affixing these items make the GTO, the stock engine power outweighs the stang in my opinion, but I'm still open minded on which to get.
  17. First of all...yes the engine is bigger...but the wegiht ratio isnt an advantage over the new GT's... the new GT's are supposed to be 50/50 weight ratio..and only the Cobra's ever had IRS...
  18. The 05 Stang has LSD, fuel cutoff, power seats. I don't know about the engine demobilizer Brakes are 12.8 vented discs in front 11.8 in rear if memory serves me correctly power to weight ratio is similar to the 04 Mach 1 but the 05 Stang has better suspension front and rear (rear 3-link panard bar) and better weight balance front to rear. Their was a comparison of the Mach1 to the 04 GTO and they were evenly matched.
  19. I read a lot of "plain ugly" comments... Is this ugly? :shrug:

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  20. uhhh a stock gt could destroy 95 percent of whats on the road.....do you thing everyone drives a performance car mball?
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