05 GTO or 05 Mustang GT?

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by Detonate, Sep 21, 2004.

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  1. That does give it a certain "sleeper" quality about it though. I think the '05 is better than the previous styling, it's all about those little things. And that LS2 engine is a plus.....
  2. Sleeper is fine but it needs be a little more distinctive than the rest of the Pontiac herd. It is the top of the line Pontiac after all! The LS2 is very complelling but it needs a new set of duds to wrap around it.
  3. Wait for the new Cobra or some other special edition Mustangs such as Mach1 or Boss
  4. i am a ford fan till the end but have you seen the new gto judge son that is one fine car, ram air 6, and orange, all ive got to say is the detroit muscle car wars are back thank you god!!!!!!! :rolleyes:
  5. but thats a concept car ;)
  6. If you haven't driven one

    then you can't compare the GTO. I decided to trade in my 2001 Mustang GT for the 2004 Pontiac GTO. I didn't pay anywhere near 35k for the car and with the rebate i paid almost the same i would have for the 2005 Mustang GT. First i don't know why people are comparing the sales of the car, who gives a crap. Last time i checked no one was making a profit off the car except the manufacturer. When if first drove the GTO i was like holy ****!!!. This car is 100 times better then my old Mustang GT. This isn't to say my Mustang was a piece of crap. No way, the Mustang was an awesome and fun car to drive. Excellent handling and great feedback. At no time did i not know how the car was doing or where it was going, but after that the ride was unforgiving. To much feedback from the roads left me feeling uncomfortable sometimes. With the GTO i don't get any of that. I at first thought it was a really bland car, but after looking it over and really giving it a chance the car is very sleek. I didn't want to stand out in a crowd, i wanted to drive an awesome overall car. The ride in the GTO is almost exactly like the BMW 5 series, which i have driven on a long trip. It doesn't have the same handling as the 5 series, but it isn't far off. Either way i am real happy with my GTO and i was happy with my Mustang, but i wanted more. The GTO gave me the rest of the car i was missing. Its sort of a entry luxury muscle car. I can beat 95% of the cars on the road without feeling every rock on the road. If you were a real car enthusiast you would be able to see the pluses and minuses of both car without bashing the crap out of it. Yeah the GTO isn't perfect, but if there were a perfect car out there no one would buy any other car except that one. Either way the LS1 has a tremendous aftermarket, the LS2 will have a little while before it catches up and the aftermarket world will take car of the looks if you really desire. Even Pontiac is putting out a Autocross package for the 04 and 05, there is also a sports package for the 05 which gives it a meaner look.
  7. Everybody says the mini is a girls car but it owns most of the cars at the track. It's been widely accepted and both men and women drive it. It takes time for people to appreciate the looks of the car, just like how Razinhell said. If you look at Mercedes Benz, the average person can't tell if it's a S, E, or C class. Well I wasn't much into looks, but how both of them drive. The 05's arent even out yet so it'll be a while before I can actually get to drive them. However, having the live axle replaced would add to the price. Mustangs are scary when hitting a bump at turns and that's very common in NYC.
  8. Thats intelligent. You do know that the majority of Mustang owners are 19-26 year old FEMALES right? Then after that its middle aged men :rolleyes: If you want a car that girls and old men drive, go ahead. Sure they will turn heads for a few months but once all the girls and old men buy them up and there are TONS of them on the road, you'll just be "another Mustang".
  9. Meatball, thats an interesting statistic. Could you prove those stats? It's not that i don't believe you, it's just that i wouldn't have thought. Anywho, i'll stand by my comments about the GTO. For me, it's a car that i wouldn't feel comfortable spending that kind of money on with those looks. It would be nice if the lady had one, then i could see driving it. If they did something totally different with the car (Ram air hood, Hood tach, hide-away headlights, etc)....something that makes it scream GTO then i would feel differently. If they're gonna bring back the name, at least make it resemble GTO's from the past.

    Heck, if i wanted a nice family car, i'd opt for the 320hp STS Caddy instead.
  10. Let's see some proof to back those demographics up. Otherwise, it's just more pathetic troll :bs: to be ignored.
  11. you paid 22-25,000 for your GTO?
  12. Some people want a sleeper, and others want a car that has the look of performance. The ricers take the latter to the extreme.

    You just need to decide what you want in a car. It's going to be YOUR car. YOU are the one that has to drive it every day. YOU are the one that has to shell out the cash. YOU are the one that is going to love it or hate it based on YOUR decision. In other words, get what makes you happy, and screw whatever the next guy happens to think. It's YOUR car. If you enjoy it, that's all that matters.
  13. Wow, I guess you guys are not that big of Mustang fans are you? I have read every article for the last year about the upcoming 05's. Several of them have mentioned that although the 05 Mustang is all new, Ford has kept in mind their primary consumers, 18-26 year old females followed by middle aged men. I dont think Ford really TARGETS them, but that is who buys Mustangs and it makes sense because 18-26 year old males pay sky high insurance rates on V8 sports cars so someone has to buy them.
  14. Actually on this much old mball is right. Most people that buy Mustangs are women. As far as the age I dunno but yeah mostly women drive Mustangs. In fact just today on your way around town when you are counting the Stang drivers most of them will be female in V6 versions. No biggie but it's true.
  15. Like I said, post a link. From what I've read, the median age of the Mustang buyer is 40, which blows your "most buyers are 18-26 females" out of the water. If the majority of buyers were in the 18-26 range, median wouldn't be 40. Maybe they're 40 year old women, but they aren't 18-26, Just FYI, the median age of a Corvette owner is 42. In fact the median age buyers of just about any sporty cars (including the GTO) is in the 40 year old range.

    Here's a link:


    This is known as providing proof in case you'r wondering.
  16. meatball wrote: You do know that the majority of Mustang owners are 19-26 year old FEMALES right? Then after that its middle aged men If you want a car that girls and old men drive,

    I don't know how old you are meatball, I'm 43, but first you state middle aged men, then you use OLD. Neither was filled with respect. Well noballs, here's the deal you get older or you die, those are your options. See saving private ryan sometime, it might teach you a thing or two about the really old guys you see everyday.

    I think you'll find the average guy who drives a new porsche, ferarri, vette... is also in your definition of OLD. As are people who OWN their house (as opposed to making payments) Have sucessful businesses, Good quality long term relationships...

    There was a great old John Wayne movie, "BIG JAKE", where John says to his disrespectful boy, "Son if you haven't learned to respect your elders, maybe it's time you learn to respect your betters." That's right about the time his son gets thumped. I own a gym where I train boxers, kickboxers, cage fighters.... On occasion I get to use that phrase myself. Love to give you a pass for a free weeks introductory lessons. If you're ever in The southern San Jauquin Valley, JUST SIGN THE RELEASE FORM.
  17. Actually someone stated before that the nicely loaded 05 GT would go for around 26k and change,invoice. The GTO is 29,410 at invoice. I bought the Manual so that $695 option and is the only option as the car has many standard parts. That give you a grand total of $30,105. GMAC rebates are $3500. $26605 would be the base price. There is a $750 for destination charge. All in all i went from my 2001 Mustang GT (used) to a GTO (brand new) and am only paying $9 more a month. I'm not bull****ting anyone about this. I got a great deal and a lot of car for a great price at a time when GM is giving out good incentives. Yeah the GTO didn't hit any targets that Lutz set up, thats were we can get the best deals. I wasn't willing to wait till next year just to get 50hp, bigger brakes and a hood.
    I didn't expect the GTO to hit 16K-18k in sales, they don't even sell that many Holden Monaros a year.
    I also think that you guys are comparing Pontiac build quality to Ford build quality. The GTO isn't made by Pontiac or any other US based GM factory. Its made by Holden, Australia. Their build quality is great. The cars fit and finish is great. There are some questions about the paint, but it may be a few bad apples.
  18. mustangs = trailer park trash image

    save ya money; BMW M3 kicks ass
  19. Glad to see that punk got banned for spewing out trash talk on us... Let all give thanks to the StangNet Forum Admin for doing a quick work on kicking him out!

    anyways... Let's wait until Ford release the "special edition" Mustangs (such as Mach1, Boss or whattheywillcallit) then we can fairly compare against the 350hp GTO's...
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