05 GTO or 05 Mustang GT?

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by Detonate, Sep 21, 2004.

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  1. "but that is who buys Mustangs and it makes sense because 18-26 year old males pay sky high insurance rates on V8 sports cars so someone has to buy them."
    If you are talking V6 then you might have a leg to stand on. Maybe. But this subject has been talked about many times. The median demographic for the gt mustang is men in their 40's.
    So then women buy the GTO,corvette,300C? Since they can afford the insurance. Is that what you are saying.
    And lastly not to neccessarily bash you. But if I have a car that appeals to women. I don't think of it as a bad thing. Ya see I like women. I like to attract women. But hey if you don't that's ok. It's perfectly acceptable to like men in this day and age.
  2. Officially crossed into troll territory. I'll bet you are banned within a week.
    Nice knowing you.
  3. Oh no, can't take a little joke? :(
  4. Not when it's meant to be insulting. You've run out of legit arguments so you resort to using insulting jokes. In other words, troll behaviour.

  5. so your basing the cost of the GTO with extensive rebates on the invoice price of a loaded GT? The rebates for mustangs have always been great and it will continue. I wouldnt doubt that by the end of this year you can get into a relatively loaded GT for 24 out the door. My only question is why do you think GM put a 3500 rebate on a such a "great car" hint: its because they arent selling.
  6. Well its partly true. All Mustang owners may not LOOK like that, but they think like that. The current V8's run a 14.2 quarter which sucks ass and then talk crap about a car that will smoke it like the Evo or the STi just because its a "4 banger". I know this is a Mustang site but you still have to respect a sedan that can destroy a "sports car" like the lengendary Mustang with ease. By the way...the 05 SRT-4 does the quarter in 13.8, so how embarrasing will that be to get beat by a NEON (with 70 less hp) in your 05 Mustang? I had high hopes for the new Mustang but Ford screwed up again as usual, this Mustang will be faster, but it still wont even be able to beat 10 year old Camaros and that gets a BIG :notnice:
  7. Again with the wild claims and no proof to back them up. Show me the proof that a 10 year old Camaro and an SRT-4 will beat an '05 Mustang. Let's see some instrumented 1/4 mile times from all three! Wait...you can't do that because we don't have any for the '05 yet! BTW, if you search the timeslip section of this forum (http://forums.stangnet.com/timeslips.php?), you'll find stock '99-'04 GTs that run high 13's. When you consider the SRT-4 has a 450 lbs weight advantage, I don't think the fact that they run similar times is that big of a deal. As for the EVO and STi, I respect them. I just don't care to talk about them on a Mustang board. That's what EVO and STi boards are for. In regards to you comment about Mustang owners, what do you call a person (and I use the term loosely in this case) who goes onto a Mustang board and does nothing but stir up a trouble? Here's your answer:

    (That's a troll in case you don't know)

    The only thing I see that deserves a :notnice: is YOU!
  8. With your *** get M3... I'm gone kick your ass so fast you'll never show again! UNDERSTAND BIMMER :nonono:
  9. Back to the subject.

    One thing the GTO has going for it is that it can ONLY be purchased as a true musclecar with a V8.

    There is no lesser performance model for the secretarys and the wannabees. Of course, this diminishes the sales numbers due to the cost and the GTO will have a smaller following. I perceive this as a good thing if you're a GTO buyer.
  10. Like you stated it diminishes sales. The downside is that the sales of the lower end models often supports the sales of the top end (like with the Mustang). I don't see having a V6 model in Mustang line-up as a negative. Exclusivity is not the primary reason for owning a Mustang. It's about bang-for-the-buck.
  11. Sure you would, look at your mods. If he was modded too, you would be in for a serious battle. M3's stock will do 0-60 in 4.7 seconds and the quarters in the mid 12s.
  12. You're correct but the real question is this: how much do the mods for the M3 that will get you into the 12s cost? I'm betting they're considerably more expensive since a simple pulley change/ECU re-program will get a Cobra deep into the 12s. Given that the M3 is already pricey, it doesn't add up to cheap speed IMO. The M3 is a great car but it had better be for the $$$ it costs.

  13. Mid 12s? Pass that joint over here. You clearly don't know **** about ****.
  14. :banana:
  15. So if I say that all Evo and import drivers think like this
    You won't find it insulting. "Since they all think like that."
  16. Correction: I was thinking of the new 500 hp V10 M5, that is the one that runs the quarter in low to mid 12s stock. The M3 is more like low 13's.
  17. I love the logic on this thread (sarcasm). Dude, you could buy 3 Ford Mustang GT's for the price of that new V-10 BMW M5. Why don't you compare the Mustang to a Ferrari Enzo as that makes as much sense.

  18. :rlaugh: That's funny, I guess it depends on where you live. I live in Norman, OK, a college town (go Sooners!), and Mustangs are EVERYWHERE (the ricer phenomenon hasn't reached us much here, thankfully). Typically 2/3rds of them are suburban coeds with a 94-04, with the upper middle-class+ driving the GTs and the other girls who either paid for the car themselves or their parents aren't quite as wealthy.

    Among the other 1/3rd of the Mustang population, it's split pretty evenly between older females (30+ years) and college guys. The older females will almost always have a V6, and most of the college guys have a GT or a Cobra, again mostly 94-04s.

    You do see the occasional white-trash Mustang, but it's typically a beat-up 79-93 model, and about as often as a white-trash Mustang you'll see an older man driving a NICE 64-68 Mustang in excellent condition. There are two really nice Fox Mustangs I know of in town in street/strip race trim, one of them with a 351W and the other with a blown 5.0.

    So if you see a late model Mustang on the streets here, odds are that a good-looking girl's behind the wheel. On the other hand, if you see a riced-out Civic on the street, you know there's a short young male behind the wheel with insecurity issues.
  19. Look, I owned a pimped out race happy 350z and recently dumped it for my new Stang. I love these cars. These new cars are very solid, have tons of heritage, and go like stink.

    The GTO, in it's current offering, is being killed. It's heavy, has a boring interior and so-so styling.

    If you are actually using either car enough to appreciate the handling differences of a live-axle versus an IRS, don't buy either!

    Go get yourself a Mitsu EVO, spend $1500 in bolt ons and blow stock GTOs and Stangs out of the water both in a straight line and in the twisties.

    Is this even a question? ;)
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