05 GTs walked by Used Non-Modded Z28s

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  1. I am really sorry I bought into all of the marketing hype surrounding the Mustang and the paid off mags. 0-60 in 5.1 and quarters in 13.6. Yeah then how come every story of a Z28/Trans AM ends in the Mustang getting walked fairly easily. So basically my car will get walked by some kid in a used car. Mod it? At what cost. To have my engine or tranny blow at 60-80k miles. Yeah I make good money, but who has the cash to be buying new engines. Oh and this supposed Mustang take off. Not one real life story has read the Mustang pulled ahead till 60. No they have all been "The guy modded it so it was even" or "It was stock so it was 1/2 a car length or a full length or even more off the line and then it was goodbye past 60/80"
  2. Agree with you on the new Mustang hype. I went to see the new Mustang at a dealership and the salesman starts ranting about how fast the new Mustang is. Nice car; good interior; a FEW more ponies under the hood; new suspension with a Panhard rod. (always wanted one on my car) Even would not let me test drive it because they only had one and they were charging 30K for that one! My response to him (I have a modded 01 GT) was "Why should I buy this car when it can't beat the one that I have?" He gets this look on his face and says smuggly, "What do you drive?" at which time I took him to my car and started it up, told him of some of my mods, plus the car looks sinister as hell since it is straight black (black saleen wheels with fat tires and very low and black car) I also said, "And you guys are charging too much for this damn thing!" He then walked away and tried to give me his card when I was leaving. Now I love Mustangs and have had three at some point or another but I just am not impressed with the power. No sense to me getting one and having to start the mod process all over again, (have you seen the prices on some of the stuff now?) and still not be able to beat an Z28/SS/WS6/C5 Vette. Point being, and this is just my humble opinion becase I know that some guys will flame this thread, the new GT is a nice car with FINALLY an updated chasis and technology, but when a new stock Mustang will not beat my 01 GT and definitely will get walked by the GM models that I listed above, as well as an 05 GTO (even though everyone does not like the look and even though so many people give the argument on the o-60 times but around 100 mph, the Goat walks) why not just wait for a Mustang model, ala the next Bullitt, Mach, Boss with more than 300 HP and not much more money than the standard GT now?
    P.S. and to qualify my statement on a stock 05 GT not beating my car, one pulled up next to me on I20 here in Georgia about one month ago at about 50 MPH and let's just say that he was pissed afterwards.....

  3. I've currently got a 2002 Z28, and best reason I can think of why the Mustang gets walked is pretty simple - displacement. :)

    The two cars weigh in about the same, but the LS1 has 1.1 liters on the Mustang GT engine, and more horsepower and torque. GM underrated the LS1 in the Camaro/Firebird, they seem to be putting out about 330-340HP stock (crank HP, not at the wheels).

    All else being nearly equal, a car with a normally aspirated 5.7L V8 is going to have an advantage over one with a N/A 4.6L V8. Throw in a supercharger like the old Cobra though and all bets are off :)
  4. If you're looking at the 05 Mustang for 1/4 mile times only, and you already have a MODDED mustang, then you shouldn't buy it. If you are looking at the 05 Mustang for any other reason (ride, handling, interior, quality, looks), then you should consider buying it.
  5. wow, you don't know much about the two cars do you? :shrug:
  6. Displacement is not realy the first thing to look for as a reason to why car A is faster than car B :nono:
    Take the 5.9 360ci Dodge motor as an example, the newer 4.7 28?ci are similar in quickness and the 5.7 Hemi's would blow the 5.9's out of the water.
  7. Whoopty do about the new GT not being able to beat your 01GT...
    I could say the same for my friends 1989 n/a coupe. The 05 GT would get creamed by his worn looking 230hp at the wheels 89 coupe. Would that be your only qualification on buying an 05, that it would be faster than your current modded stang?
  8. :stupid:
    These cars have potential, more than any other previous GT.
  9. This is easy. If you don't want an 05 GT, don't buy one. There are people who have been waiting months for one, and will be more than happy to buy one. The 05 GT is the first of the new model, so Ford is not giving up all the 'goods' the first year out the gate. Heck, the cars are already selling like hotcakes, no use giving away horsepower. Besides, modding a car is half the fun.

    It's not the fastest car out there, never claimed to be. But its' a good looking powerful car that can pull 5.1's all day, or at least mine does, so I'm happy with it.
  10. So you are basically saying because you have been reading in mags and on the internet that the mustang is slower than the z28/trans am than you won't buy it?

    You do realize how stupid that sounds don;t you? Have you been to any tracks and see them race? Have you raced one?
    Before you make such rash statements it would be good if you actually had real world experience with this subject

    Plus, who cares if its slower in stock form? You want a fast car but your unwilling to mod it?
  11. I'm not getting one because my 99 Ranger is faster. Screamin' 160hp baby. :D
  12. And exactly what mods have you done to yours? Have you any time slips to prove that your 01GT is faster than a stock 05GT?

    I was talking with a guy who owned an older model Stage 2 Roush, just a few years old, but still that thing would only do a high 13 with all the money he put into it in mods.

    The point is that this S197 platform is by far the best to start out with when compared to any other Mustang of years past. Thats even what Ford has been trying to sell.

    Also, your little race against the 05GT isnt much evidence to support your comments. I hope I dont have to explain "street racing" specifics to you... actually, why not?

    Take your 01GT to the track and pair up against a 05GT with a good driver and see what it can do. When a moded Roush has a hard time keeping up with the numbers that are claimed by the 05GT crowd I almost felt sorry for the guy. His car looked good though.

    Im not being childish or showing my (young) age in my comments by any means, it just seems to me that you and many others dont look at the wider picture.

  13. Simple answer:

    2005 Mustang production: ~ 190,000

    Sales Status: Essentually sold out

    Reason why the GT is so slow: Obviously there was no need to make it any faster.

    Solution to those needing a faster factory Mustang: Buy an 07 GT-500

  14. You have a nice ride, with your 01 GT.. But I fail to see how comparing your modded car to an 05GT is relevant....? Lets look at it like this.. If the 05 GT had the exact same mods as your 01 GT, then where would you end up in a race against an 05GT? 6 car lengths? 8 car lengths? Behind? LOL! Com'on man!! Your feeding into the hype yourself.. Being this abusive to the 05 Mustang is ridiculous.. Should Ford just have slapped in 400HP from the factory? Then it would surely smoke all the GM cars you just mentioned.. But then the insurance would be an arm and a leg, and most people would avoid buying it..

    Now, lets see what happens when the 07 Cobra hits the streets.. You wouldnt dare make a judgment against that car in regards to a GM.. I think in your haste to criticize the 05GT, you may have overshot your arguement..

    People love the looks of the New 05 Mustang period.. It looks fast sitting still.. I respect the power of your 01GT, but think you should be more fair in your judgement of the 05GT, which if your car was bone stock, you would lose and you know it! So how does your post help people make an informed decision? It doesn't.. It is propaganda against someone interested in buying an 05GT..

    Also, did you tell the guy you beat in an 05GT that your car was modded? Or did you leave your Mustang brother upset and confused.? If you didnt tell him your modded, I think you were wrong... We might as well just throw all Mustangs away, because your 01 GT can beat all of us!

    I got a Mustang you can race... This one.. Look at this video, and tell us if you could smoke this Mustang!!


    And here is an 05GT for you to race.. This one is modded, and will be more fair..



    And just one more for ya! Twin Turbo 05GT!! Bet your 01 cant shake this baby!! LOL!! You wanted to talk about mods man.. Dont get mad at me!! LOL!! Its modded!!


  15. I had no idea they made so many of them. Do you think that is going to effect the resale value? I know not for a couple years but 190,000 in one year. damn
  16. If your so dissapointed why don't you just trade it for something else? Who cares if it is not faster then the older Z28? You knew the numbers before you bought it. It still a great car.
  18. The LS1 is an excellent motor and reacts very well to mods. Deal with it, its more powerful.
  19. the mustang fits the bill, is a nice looking, decent handling/ride sports car, with some muscle. it doesnt need to have more than 300hp.. its fine with that.

    of course its gonna get beat by the LS1's cuz the LS1 has more power from the factory. and the reason is is because the VETTE. the vette needs a performance motor and thus the 350hp LS1 was made. now why make a new motor for the Fbody? its FAR cheaper to use whats already available. so they stuck the 350hp LS1 into the Fbody and called it a day.

    ford doesnt have a car above the mustang (except now however with the ford GT supercar, and thus the GT500 now gets it pretty much) so thats why it didnt have a motor to compete. 260 hp was enough for them to make a nice car. and thats why they make the cobra, for those itching for more...... and look where its at now? the fbody was killed and the mustang sales are high as ever. the cobra is a very capable performer and the mustang aftermarket is amazing. ford did well.......sadly for me as i am a chevy boy.

    for those who want pure speed and power, drag racing stuff, go LS1 or Cobra... for those looking for some class, ride, and etc....go mustang GT, and if you want, mod it to your specs and be happy with it
  20. I agree, but when two cars weigh about the same and have normally aspirated engines, having a 1.1L advantage in displacement certainly doesn't hurt. :D