05 GTs walked by Used Non-Modded Z28s

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  1. :rlaugh: :lol: ummm did you say this before you saw the new "charger"??
  2. Is this a serious post? Considering the srt-8 isn't out yet how would you know if it has better build quality and a nicer ride?
    Plus I don't see how anyone could think that car is nicer than the mustang or nice at all for that matter....
    Not too mention isn't that car going to be like in the low 40k range? Why don't you get the shelby that's coming out next year which will blow the srt-8 doors off?
  3. Well I guess thats in the eye of the beholder.

    It may not be a pretty car, but then again the 70's Charger wasn't either. If it wasn't using the Charger name I guess it would be accepted more fondly as just a 'bad ass' 4 door family performance car - which in reality is all it is.


    Is this pretty?
  4. Little story that I believe says it all....

    My wife's Suburban (don't have it anymore) was in the shop back when the Camaros were still being sold. We decided to check out the new car showroom.

    Wife got in a pretty red Camaro, maxxed out. The saleman walks up to her trying to be cute and says "Pretty nice huh?" My wife looks up and says "No, just really cheap."

    This is why the F-bodies are dead and why Mustangs almost did not make it. Why did GM and Ford think that us 'muscle-heads' (term used affectionately) did not care about build quality?

    I have an '05 stang because I always wanted one but was never willing to put up with the terrible build quality, poor materials and constant creaks and rattles of previous versions. Ford finally got it and now has a huge success on their hands.

    Forget always being the fastest. If you want that, buy an older stang or F-body, cut it up to make it light and spend all your money on engine and drivetrain. If you want to enjoy your ride on a daily basis, have ample performance and NOT go bankrupt paying for it, the new Mustang is an awsome choice.
  5. Oh, and to 300bhp.... thanks for the pics. I'm an old Mopar nut in disguise. Used to drag a '69 Roadrunner. Best hole-shot of any car I have ever driven. Just don't try a really fast lane change!

    I would love to have a 300C or even the new Charger (cough, gag, cough .... why couldn't they have named it something else....) in addition the my Mustang. I have had the oppty to drive the 300C for a couple of days. It is really an amazing car for the $$$. Great power (feels kinda like an old big block), nice ergonomics....
  6. The '05 GT avergaes high 13's, while the LS1's are still hitting high 12's and low 13's.

    The Trans Am's are faster, but look obnoxious.
  7. Just put 600 bucks in the 05 and you would be side by side with a ls1. I was at the track running faster than SS's WS6's and even a z06...who cares what they do just learn to drive and you won't get smoked. It seriously takes little effort in these cars to be just as fast as a LS1. I can safely say I wouldn't get walked by a stock LS1. Now get full lengths on a ls1,cam,etc. That would be hard to beat with the little mods availble for the 05 currently.
  8. the charger has the power and 4 door carrying capacity, making it a great choice for those who what that. the looks are ok, some hate it some like it, all depends on the type of person....

    i agree, its a nice choice. but for that type of person.. for me, i can enjoy my rough riding Irocz for daily driving purposes cuz thats the person i am.. i want decent looks, and great performance. thats what drives me. i wouldnt want a new stang, cuz i dont like the way it looks.. it sure does look good but it just rips too much off of the old stangs and i dont like that. a pony car to me isnt about ride comfort.GET a BMW for that... or something else. LOL pony cars are a performance vehicle. ford should have done a redesign but it was easier to build off of what they already had done. thats a reason why they kept the same fox platform for ever and the Sn95 chasis as well. years outdated......
  9. just curious, is you sig correct/up to date with a 13.5 ET?

    This is good enough to beat an average driver in an LS1 Fbody, but an compitent driver should still be .2 - .7 faster, and a stock Z06 is a mid 12 second car.
  10. Driving an '05 immediately after driving an '04 or older Mustang, any model/trim, makes you feel like you stepped out of an antique!

    I've had a '98 GT, '02 GT, '04 MACH 1, '03 Marauder, '04 Marauder and dozen or so other older Fords. I now have an '05 Black GT - stick. With my experience with Fords, I can say that I can't believe that Ford built a car this nice. It sticks to the ground MUCH better than my MACH did. Take a hard turn in any older Mustang and you have to fight the car. Take a hard turn in an '05 and it goes where you point it, and asks for more. Ford built a very refined car in the '05 GT.

    NOW, take an 05 and an older GT out ANYWHERE, side-by-side, and see which one draws positive attention. Twice, I had guys in 100k Mercedes Benzs stop me to look at my car. THat occasionally happened in my MACH because of the shaker hood. Never happened in my 02 or 98 GTs.

    As stated in earlier posts, the stock '05 is a great starting point for mods. Hell, what does it cost to get a 260 hp '99 - '04 GT up to 300 hp? (As an aside, I'd like to get an older notch one day to tinker with in the garage.) And really, as I am a little older now with more work and less free time, I no longer do the big mods game. I'll either pay someone to do the mod, or buy it from the factory. I've had enough time under the hood. Sure some folks will scoff at that fact that I don't do my own work. I'd like to, but, I don't have enough time. So when I want a faster car, I'll buy one already built. Whlie I'm on the subject, this car was designed for the 30-40something crowd that remembers growing up in their parents mustangs and are now entrenched in a career making a good living. Did you see the Steve McQueen comercial? Its not made for the twenty year.

    The '05 was developed as a package - looks, power, refinement (Remember the original 64 1/2 - What car was it intended to beat?). The '05 was NEVER inteded to be a LS1 killer. The '07 Cobra will do that. Or, buy a FORD GT. You can pick one up for a cool 150 - 200k. That'll beat an LS1 in any car. :) In short, get a engineering degree and an MBA and join FORD to so you can develope the car no one will buy, or, just get a life!

    Thats my .02 worth with a little Louisiana lagniappe.

    Did I mention that the '05 is nice. :)
  11. As far as ripping of old looks,if and when GM comes out with a retro Camaro, you'll be in the line to get one, oh but wait, only if it rides like crap right???

    Pony car = affordable car with power/big engine
    Iacocca never said anything about it riding bad.
  12. jjaguda, calm down man, he's looking to pi$$ you off.

    I would venture to guess there is an "affordability" issue here if you know what I mean (wink wink)

    I had a guy like this (he was in a fox body) when I had my 99 (just got it) force me off the road and tell me it was crap because it was slower than his. My reply was "it's a nice car though, too bad you can't afford one" that one hit hard and deep, he stopped yelling after that. Did I mention he had a huge home stereo speaker playing in the passanger seat...NICE!!! I can picture that speaker in an old squeaky IROC as well.
  13. ok, got a few comments.

    yes the LS1 is underrated, but so is the 05 GT. i've seen dynos of stock 05's that put out THE SAME rwhp as the pre Z06 intake LS1's.

    with nothing but a tune and removal of the carbon filter you can produce 300rwhp with the 05 GT just like the last LS1's.

    the 05 GT's can run faster than 13.6 stock. the big problem is the throttle restriction Ford programmed into the 05's to prevent people from power shifting. so if you wind the car to redline like most novices do, you'll actually run slower times.

    the 05 GT has a better rear suspension, the LS1 has an extra gear and a little more hp and tq. this makes them fairly close in the 1/4 when properly driven. the LS1 should win, but it won't "walk" the 05 GT if both are driven to their potential.

    alot of people spread the rumour that LS1's can hit high 12's totally stock. i personally haven't seen proof of it. the definition of "stock" varies quite a bit from person to person. some people think that running DR's is still stock, others think tuning is still stock, some people think removing all the extra weight in the car is still stock. all the 12 second claims i've seen have a little more work than the word stock would lead you to believe. i have seen low 13's stock and i know it doesn't take much to get them into the 12's.

    one last thing. Dodge and build quality go tegether like peanut butter and seafood.
  14. amen, brother :cheers:

    I know of some 05 Dodge/Chrysler owners seriously regreting their decision to purchase these good idea/poor execution cars.
  15. I considered an 05 GT. After seeing many of these cars run at 2 different tracks and seldom breaking 14.0, forget it. A clean low mileage ZO6 is only a few bucks more than what these 05 GTs go for and are in another league across the board.
  16. i like how people twist things around and make silly comments

    no, i wont be in line to get one. i found the car i like. and when i said ride comfort wasnt a big deal to me, it really means just that. when i get into the car, i think about ride comfort last. i am a performance guy. how it handles and how it goes is my favorite things. ride comfort, its not on my priority list. thats all i was saying.

    And i hope GM doesnt do a retro camaro. that be abit gay to me as well. i dont think that be cool. and the camaro isnt coming back as far as i have read. there will be a replacement car so i hear, but its not gonna be called the camaro
  17. sawman70,

    You are right. And our old Constitution, at least for now, gives everyone the right to speak their mind. After reading the multitute of posts that try to compare apples and battery acid, I'm getting a little tired of hearing the same old crybaby horse poop that has raged since the beloved Camaro appeared. :bang: So for all those folks that think the '05 GT is too slow, don't buy one! If you pick up enough aluminum cans, you may one day afford the the rubber for the Z06 and its progeny. Sell your old fox and get a bowtie. ...................There I go again. Seriously, if you don't like the '05, why come on a mustang board and put it down. :damnit: My employer just bought an '05 SL 500for 100+k. Its a purpose built ride marketed to a certain profile. And yeah, he bought it for the track stats :rolleyes: (look up the numbers.)

    Guess I'm into this thread for a buck twenty-five now.
    \Deep breath now....

  18. The problem with venturing into the 2007 Chevy Camero, is two-fold.. Starting from a standpoint of a 69 RS I usd to own at the precious age of 20, I must say I dont want to venture into the disucussion.. My passion for 69 Camero's is as vibrant as it is for Mustangs.. I am a fence-straddler.. LOL! I would not consider anyother body style for a Camero than the 68-69.. They were the best.. But looking at this link of the new Camero, this will indeed bring a rift into our humble community.. Its gorgeous!! The problem for the Mustang, will most definatley be the new Cameros will come with Corvette engine components.. Again, the Stangers will be left to eat dust, if left stock.. Thus, this is a debate that should not be touched.. Unless Ford want to step up to the plate and give the Stock GT a 400HP engine in 2007, we should not even bring the new Cameros into this discussion at all..


    My 69 Camero had a 350 4 Bolt main motor, with a Muncie 4 Spd transmission.. Yes, you could say I am a complete idiot for selling the car for $5000 to some highschool kid, whose dad encouraged the cheap sale.. The car should be in my garage covered in dust right now.. Damn!!

    Keep in mind, that the age of 20, I also had a 1988 Saleen Mustang.. So having both cars at the same time was a bad idea.. The Saleen didnt need any work done to it.. But when your 20, you are dumb!!
  19. Ford knows and knew back when they killed off the F twins, it is the package that counts. 300hp is quite a bit for the regular joe, more than enough for most and the arguement is silly. People like what they like, there is always at least one guy who can hang his hat on nothing and has to pee on everyones parade. If the HP mattered so much, the Camaro would still be here PERIOD. 300hp is not enough for me so I wait for the 500, that doesn't mean I don't like the 05, it is just not for me right now.

    A good question was just asked, why come to a Mustang forum and beat up the guys who are there due to their love of the Mustang?? No life I guess. If you ignore them, they will stop. Same thing my older children have to do to my 4 year old.

    Ford did a great job with the 05. Oh my god! They made the mustang look like a... a.... Mustang. :rlaugh: Even the corvette carries cues from older models. If the GTO did, there'd be a lot more on the road.