05 GTs walked by Used Non-Modded Z28s

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  1. How did I twist this?
    It is an assanine comment. You are trying to belittle these guys because they don't want kidney damage from their cars. Dumb, dumb, dumb comment.

    Go to a chevy forum and get your ego waxed.
  2. i wasnt belittling anyone with that comment.. its just that... a comment of MY OPINION... See the LOL at the end? see the "a pony car TO ME" part of it?? read abit better man........ but i hate hearing people say they love ride comfort when looking at a performance car..... you sacrifice ride for handling performance... thats the tradeoff and anyone who knows cars knows that.

    the mustang is an nice package... just not what i would drive. just like yourself, its not powerful enough for me either but there is more. i just dont want one. my preference i guess.

    edit, and yeah what bout my ego? oh thats right, i dont have one. i dont see where you got that from......i am on many different forums... from honda to subaru to mustang and GM stuff. i am a car enthusiast and respect everything. and your telling me to go wax my ego?
  3. ran that time with just a tune,havent been back since the new mods.
  4. in that case :nice:
  5. That's the understatement of the year!

    After driving an 05 GT, when I got back into my 01 GT I thought I had gone through a time warp and ended up 1979. :bang:
  6. Its not that big of a difference lol. I have driven them back to back and still like my 04 better. I feel connected to the car and can feel what its doing. With the 05, I feel like I am remote piloting the car...I cant FEEL the car, doesnt give enough feed back. BUT i will say that the ride and fit/finish/quality is quite abit better than my 04. But given the choice over again, i would still have my 04. It feels like a real sports car...the 05 feels like a lexus family car. Great cars for older people though
  7. thats pretty much what i was tryin to get out! but couldnt get it to sound right!
  8. I geuss you got me. I do remember likeing the go-cart ride. Wouldn't have had it any other way. Guess I should have realized this when I dropped my '02 GT and had thoughts of putting the 4x4 springs back. Everytime I think about dropping the '05, I end up riding on the New Orleans streets. Then I'm snapped back into reality. The '05 sure looks good with the Eibachs though. :)

  9. then again there were more '65s sold than that and look how much those fetch now adays in good original shape.
  10. Yea, IMHO ALL the 05s need are a nice set of 18s. With that and especially springs they look. :drool:
  11. ALOT of factory cars could use springs and 18's LOL i havent seen many factory wheels that i really like
  12. Just think about it, in the year 2045 your 2005 Mustang may actually be worth almost what you originally paid for it in inflation adjusted dollars. That is provided it doesn't have a lot of miles and isn't beaten to crap.
  13. Yea I'm really connected to the shaky, flexy unibody of my 2001 GT, along with it's squeeks & rattles. I also am really connected to it's high speed instability due to it's screwed up suspension geometry. Not to mention it's nose heavy front end which makes the twitchy handling even more aggravating.
  14. hey you cant be perfect.. just replace the bad with good parts to improve handling and it will be a nice ride
  15. although bolt ons may improve a car there is no way to get around the inherant design floors. Chassis flex is the achillies heel of the sn95 and there isn't alot that can really be done about it.
  16. because most bone stock LS1 f-bods can run low 13s at 106all day long thats why

    My best friends 99 SS trapped 108 it's first time down the track
  17. even with subframe ties and full cage??
  18. :rlaugh: and I suppose that was 115,000 miles ago? These threads crack me up. My GT is fast enough for me. :banana: This or that is faster than the new Mustang. Why is the Mustang so slow? How come the Mustang can't keep up with the old LS1-fbods? How come the New Mustang can't keep up with the BMW's? Why, why, why? Who the he!! cares. I got a 300hp Mustang GT for under 30K out the door with tax, title etc.

    I guarantee you one thing - it is your friend in his 99 SS, the TransAm's, Camaros, BMW's etc. that are revving and wanting to race my Mustang - not the other way around. This is because the Mustang looks fantastic and doesn't rattle more than rattle snake being stepped on by an elephant.

    I'll take my (cough, cough) slow Mustang GT any day over the LS1-fbods. If for no other reasons - mine looks one heck of a lot better, sounds better, I have a lot less miles, better mileage - and if I choose to do a sub 12 quarter mile, I can make her do it with "the mods" :)

  19. any LS1 will run good to 100K miles... i know of many that are running near that and still doing good times.

    to some people they like the mustang looks....some like the Fbody looks. some like the mustang hollow sound and some like the throaty Ls1 sound. i love the LS1 sound, think its absolutely amazing.

    but all that has nothing to do with the Fbodys and BMW's revving on mustangs... it depends on the driver. it can happen either way... i never had any encounters with a LS1 fbody but had a COBRA owner rev on me......as i was in the turning lane and he flew by.... loser....

    and you can still get a LOW mileage Fbody....hell i seen a 85 with 3500 miles on it on autotrader or ebay just yesterday...... you can get a mint 02 anniversary edition car with less than 20K miles. thats pretty damn fresh!
  20. Orr89rocz, It's all good :nice: Atleast, here in the Good Old USA, we can at least have a choices on what we want to drive - which is almost anything made anywhere in the world. Heck, my wife still kicks me when she sees (correct me if I'm wrong on the year, but the last year made of) the 2002 Trans Am - especially in Red. I'll even admit I like that one :) And the most common revver I have encountered is the 03/04 Cobra. That one is really funny :D They know, and I know, they can royally kick my GT's rear end - but they still have to rev :nice: I'm thinking they wish they had the Cobra motor in the new Stang. Shoot - I wish I had the 03/04 Cobra motor in my new GT :banana: