05 GTs walked by Used Non-Modded Z28s

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  1. should have saved for the GT500...LOL its pretty much that but bigger/better :D
  2. I know, I know. Now I just have to convince myself that I should NOT get the GT500! The insurance would be too expensive! I would get too many tickets! I would probably kill myself with that much horsepower! My wife will say NO! Shhhhhhhhh. Don't tell her I already put my name on the list at the dealership :)
  3. The Camaro's look like they can kick your azz just sitting there. The Trans-Am's look like there comming over to do it...
  4. IMO, never cared for the newer Camaros - way to plain jane for me. Trans Am's were much better looking. Of course, 1969 was the best year period IMO for muscle. 1969 Mustang, Camaro, Corvette, GTO etc.
  5. ?

    Um, if you purse your lips and play it like a bugle, maybe?
  6. I don't know what Camaros you're looking at, they look like a used bar of soap to me, maybe one of those old rubber door stops from my elementary school with some wheels strapped on, real "pinewood derby" styling. This would be why they are gone.

    The firebird on the otherhand you almost got right, it looks like a fat stoner **** is driving it over so she can kick your azz with some blue oyster cult playing in the backround. That would be why they are gone.

    If they looked good, people would have bought them. Just like the new GTO.

    GM's new motto,

    Yeah, it's ugly as hell, BUT IT's FASTER THAN A MUSTANG. Yee haw, get me two!! :crazy:
  7. He's full of it.

    Edelbrock subframes, strut tower brace, battle boxes and upper and lower control arms and my 99 GT was as stiff as a board.

    Neither one of my cars creaked or rattled either. I think that is the end result of beating the snot out of the car on a regular basis.
  8. yep.

    sure these mods make a difference but think about it. They are a fix to the symptom not a solution the cause. Which makes a big difference. Hence companies such as Ford spend $00000000's on chassis development every year.

    How many people run a full cage and all the structural bolt (or even better weld) ons on their every day or even weekend car? - very few I would guess.

    These things also add weight to an already portly car, when you really want to be sheding it.

    As a sort of stupid test that you can try at home or in the office.

    Take 2 pencils and snap one in half.

    Now using tape, glue, splints or what ever try and make the broken one as rigid as the other. It just won't be possible without increasing the weight and size of it dramtically.

    Chassis dynamics are a lot more complex but the base theory is not all that different.

    And to keep this even and fair, the Fbody is just as bad, for lack of a technical term very wibly wobley.

    The new s197 platform os totally different (world class standards good). I don't know the specs on it but I would guess Ford are claiming somthing like 80%+ increase in structutal rigidity, this is a mssive leap. Imagine if they developed the new power plant to the same extent, every new GT would have 460+bhp on tap.
  9. You have no arguement here, the 05 is definately a better platform (it had better be). But the the aftermarket has the ability to correct much of the handling problems inherent with the old chassis.

    Simply put, it is not a giant piece of sh*********t and can be quite a handler with the proper parts. Is it as good as the 05, no and it should not be, it is an older car.
  10. The dealer brochure states 30% greater than the 2004.
  11. The LS1 will get better mileage than the GT in almost every instance. Don't be fooled by the 5.7L V8, it gets incredible mileage for the size of engine. I have an 2002 Z28 A4, and it usually gets 22-23MPG with a mix of 50/50 highway/city. Don't think too many GTs are pulling that kind of mileage. I had two GTs previously, and they never came close to that kind of mileage.
  12. Even though I currently drive an LS1, I much prefer the sound of the Ford 4.6 V8. Some of it might be due to the fact that the F-Bodies don't have true dual exhausts while the Stang does. Just my opinion...
  13. Funny, Ford sells more V6 Mustangs than V8s. The Camaro, Firebird and Trans Am are no more.
    Think Ford knows what it's doing and building what people want?
    Most people aren't buying race cars. They want a car that looks good, rides great and is fun to drive. That's the Mustang. I've owned many, V6s and V8s. I had a 2003 Mach 1. The 2005 is the best of the bunch, period.
    If you don't want one, don't buy one.
    The Mustang has been around 41 years and is still going strong. Can you say that about the other cars?
    You can also modify the heck out of it if you want and make it go fast as you want.
    But where are you legally going to drive it?
  14. I concur!!
  15. yeah that has a great deal to do with it... i love the sound of true duals on LS1 cars with bullet mufflers, so loud but very crispy and agressive. mustangs have a very unique sound to them, and many describe it as a hollow sound. maybe from lack of cubes? i dont know, but i am sure you all heard it before......especially from flowmaster. very distinct sound

    not quite sure what that all means......LOL :D

    V6 fbodies just didnt sell well like the mustang guys did. and there were many reasons why they were killed off. not because the cars looks... i personally love the Fbody looks.. its mean and the TA is very MEAN! all mustangs look the same to me, GT is same as the V6 car and thats kinda gay. atleast there was some things distinguishing the SS Z28 from the V6. GM has been struggling the last few years... a lot of things arent working out. it sucks but whatever

    i guess thats your opinion but looks do sell abit, but GM kinda priced it out of the market, and insurance on the LS1 cars aint cheap... i think it might be more expensive than the mustang. but looks were not really a reason, as many people love the cars looks.... i just dont understand why they didnt sell all that well and had to kill of the F body. The GTO is a car fit to a different consumer and the guys that would buy the Fbody wont buy the GTO. GM needed to bring a fbody with the right looks/power/build quality and price to make it big... and they didnt quite have it. majority of the public i guess arent really racers at heart, and i guess they chose mustang. i'll never understand why......:D
  16. :rolleyes: and mustangs last forever too huh, i'm sorry but my 97 GT was POS, my 01 Cobra is still pretty solid but it is beginning to have issues with the suspention and it only has 17K on it

    I love mustangs but they aren't the end all be all of cars, Yes Fbods are worse. But correct me it i am wrong but the mustang has been getting it ass kicked at the track since 93 when the LT1 came out, then the LS1. The only mustangs to really spank the F-bods in stock trim are the 00 R and the 03/04. The 99/01s are more of a drivers race with the edge going to the F-body (LS1)
  17. It takes millions of people to like a car then a good percentage of them to get off there butts and buy one and if you think lots of people liked the looks, you are mistaken. A very very small percentage of people liked the looks so the percentage of buyers was drawn from a smaller pool.

    1) Ugly cars
    2) Useless trunk.
    3) Useless back seat. (even for kids)
    4) Awkward drivers position.

    It takes the base car to carry the line. The base camaro and base fire bird were FUGLY period. Ok, the ram air looked very good, the camaro SS was almost nearly attractive, but coupled with it's design flaws = R.I.P.

    Oh, my 4 year old girl can spot a V6 Mustang over any other. And a Cobra over a GT. Each has a different look. If you guys need help telling them apart, let me know. I will post a list of differences, there are many. :nice:

    Looks don't have a lot with the way a car sells...... :rlaugh:
  18. Not in sales my freind and that is how you gauge success.

    It's the package not one element that sells.

    My God, there are no Mustangs even on the lot by me. The only ones are left over 04 V6's. Even the used ones are selling well.

    I sure bet Ford wishes they had gone to 350hp to help out the sluggish 05 sales. :bang:
  19. Too right, I think the figure for at least the first 2 months (probably even now too) of production for the average time a new Ford GT Mustang was on a dealers lot before its sold is 15mins. - WOW!
  20. Very good and thats why the F-Body lives no more....not that i care, I drive a Cobra and i always will