05 GTs walked by Used Non-Modded Z28s

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  1. As long as we have Supercharged Cobras, the old LS1's will be no problem :lol:

  2. I beat a few before the blower but those few kills i had were really close.

    now with the KB it's a whole different story :)
  3. yeah, till you run into the mild bolt on LS1 with a cam and 100-150shot...thats good for 500 at the wheels+
  4. The Old, and I do mean OLD 360 Dodge is a world behind in the technoology dept.
    The new technology 281 Mustang V8 is faster than a Boss 429 was in its day on the street in stock form.
    With similar technology, displacement on similar cars will win out.
  5. I fail to see how this car being so popular relates to a lower resale. Ford cant make enough to meet the demand. With demand, resale is good.
    Though I seriously doubt my GT will ever be sold while Im alive.
  6. My Cobra is of the slower nature around here with 455 rwhp. 550 is the norm and there are a few with 600+ on stock internals and a Kenne Belle. I don't think an 03/04 owner is that scared of a cam and a shot when more HP is just a pully away.

    When the 07 comes out, 600+ rwhp will be the norm. Mustang technology marches on while the F body owners clammer to stop their cars from falling apart from age.

    When I tire of my Cobra at least I know there is another one I can trade up to.

    Gee, if Ford had just put a bigger engine in the Mustang we'd have one to compete with the 06 Camaro but the idiots at ford didn't make a car that had mass appeal.......
  7. Just a couple comments.. dont forget Volvos engineering in the New Mustang ride etc,
    Also how much more were comparably equipped F Bodies than Stangs of the same generation.
    YOu say GM made the GTO for next to nothing, yet it is stickered 5000+ more than a GT.
    Im not sure GM has learned anything. They have AXED the new rear wheel drive platform, which you can read 2007 Camaro and others. They are putting their cash into the SUV/pickup market. While there prob will be a 2006 GTO, Im not sure like Doc, that 2007 will include the GTO.

    F Bodies "as far as I know" have had more power for years than a Mustang, but were always several thousand more. One more reason there is not a 2005 Camaro out there to compete with Mustang.
  8. I call BS. Even if it is it cost HOW much more?
  9. Dodge/Chrysler/Plymouth had always had that exact quality.
    When the Magnum first came out I considered it. (I hadnt seen the 05 Concept yet) but having never suffered through a Chrysler product as many of my friends had, I decided to pass. Boy am I glad.
  10. Piston slap and all......
  11. Ive resisted replying on this thread numerous times, but it still keeps poping back up in the top of the list. I was weak, I gave in, I replied......
    I blama myself.
  12. The dealers better hurry up and get while the getting is good, because next year the market will be flooded and the resale value will be marginal at best.
    The fact that the Mustang is a high production, low cost vehicle, will affect resale. It is ridiculous that dealers are trying to sell these cars for sticker.
    The party is almost over.
  13. The party will be over for the dealers but it is just beginning for the patient. :D

    What would you do with 2 grand you saved off sticker?????? :shrug:

    What would you do for a Klondike bar for that matter???? :shrug:
  14. I don't think so. The Z28 was always very competitively priced with the Mustang GT.
  15. no they are very competitive with the Fbody guys... but they are abit heavier so its gonna take more than 550whp to compete with a 500whp fbody. give or take about even gearing... and 500rwhp is the 'norm' for a nitrous shot ls1....... many guys are pushing 600 rwhp and thats good for low 10's. most cobras i see kick out at about 600rwhp, and only a set few with 700
  16. This thread has woven it's way into an assinine discussion plotting a healthy selling CURRENT vehicle against an aging lot of hold outs who will carry the torch untill it rusts from beneath them.

    Bottom line.

    On any given day any car can beat any other car. It only takes money.

    You want a 1500 hp 05 Mustang, by the motor and shove it in. None of it matters because they still aren't making Camaros.

    Let's move now to the "05's keep getting owned by 426 Hemi Cuda" thread or the "Why the hell did my 05 loose to a jet powered mini bike?" thread. It is just as logical.

    FINAL RANT. When the 03 is mentioned, it is answered with "but wait till I add cams and nitrous" when the 07 comes out it will be answered with "but wait till I buy the 501 Cube crate motor and add nitrous". All of this happening in a 10 year old car which is leaking at the T tops and rattling down the road.

    R.I.P. F BODY - It was fun while it lasted but it has been over for a while now and we really should let you rest.
  17. Heh, i wouldn't call that a mild bolt on LS1.

    My best friends 99 SS made 488RWHP and 530RWTQ with a 125 dry shot, cam, longtubes,lid,O/R Y pipe, Cat-back, and MAF. It a beast
  18. A lot of the cars in the Mustangs price range that are touted as sports cars are coming from over seas. Foreign cars makers don’t really design their vehicles around doing the ¼ mile; they tune them more for a total package, acceleration, handling, braking, top speed, and more a well-rounded car. Mustangs and F-Bodies have always been stuck in more of a drag strip type of rut.

    Corvettes broke away from the ¼ mile curse a long time ago; the new Ford GT is also going to be more of a rounded track car.

    It seems that the Mustang is just starting to set it self up as a track car instead of a drag car. It handles and brakes really well compared to other model year Mustangs and I hope it continues down this road. It’s a pretty archaic mindset to have a car that is pretty much only going to excel at the drag strip. This is one of the contributing factors to the F-Bodies demise.

    Mustangs maybe were slower then F-Bodies in the ¼ mile, but they made up for it in other ways. They could brake better then a similar model F-Body and handled as well or better too. Going into a corner and coming out with a snap is better to me then just going .5 seconds faster in the ¼ mile.

    To me, it’s more then just gunning the engine and dropping the clutch at a green light, it’s about accelerating and touring through winding roads and twisting turns.
  19. you've obviously never seriously autocrossed/road raced/driven hard.

    a 4th gen (LT1/LS1) camaro will eat a mustang for lunch in anything remotely twisty. camaros/firebirds handle A LOT better than a mustang and stop a lot better too. and the sad thing is, that a 3rd gen camaro (yes the one your mullet haired neighbor has) with the right package (B4C, police edition) handles BETTER than a 4th gen! look at road racing or autocross results from the past few years and more often than not, it's a camaro that wins (with the exception of the Mach 1 and the Bullitt, no mustangs can compete in FS, the stock pony car class in autocrossing).

    i like mustangs, but give credit were credit is due.
  20. Don't forget Jim's 1998 Trans Am (stock) which ran 12.9, and second run 13.1

    Not bad for a $8,000.00 LS1 car, STOCK.