05 heads on 04 motor?

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  1. hey guys about to be new to the s197 mustang family im leaning towards buying a 2005 mustang gt i have abit of money saved up + a modded 1990 mustang gt ill probaly be selling tomy brother (getting married in march, 2 seater with low gas milage and no ac, ill be sleeping on the couch :)) so to pervent that imma get a newer toy.
    anywho to make a long story short
    friend has a 2004 mustang gt ,bone stock, and i'll be getting the 2005 gt i found a top end kit for $4k ish could i sell my friend the old heads/intake maybe cam? if i can that 4k is looking more like 3k :)

    sorry if this is a dumb question im brand spanking new to the 4.6 world
  2. There would be alot of work for your friend if you sold him your 3 valve heads. He would have to get a new computer for the drive by wire throttle body Ford put on all 2005 up Mustangs for starters. Also I am not sure if the 2004 block would accept the 3 valve heads.
  3. You can put the 05+ 3V heads and intake on a 2V or 4V shortblock. However, you'll need to figure out how to manage the drive by wire throttle (perhaps they sell a manual conversion kit :shrug:), the cam phasers, and the coolant sensors.

    Would be a nice swap though :shrug:
  4. NOT worth the time or effort to rig up 3V heads on a 2V motor. If you're friend is looking for power gains he's better of saving his pennies and getting a set of TFS 2V heads.
  5. thanks guys just a thought
  6. the 3v swap can be done and has been done but its not worth trying to put 3v heads on a 2v setup. you have to change the entire front drive to work with the 3v heads. Plus with all that work it still doesnt make up from the minimal power gains. Either do a full 3v swap or do the aformentioned tfs 2v heads.