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  1. I wonder if the leather in the 05 will be of better quality than the current mustang. Because I'm not sure if I'm alone on this but I think right now, the quality sucks. Also looking at some pictues I think we'll finally see leather in the back. :nice:
  2. If it is the same then I'll get cloth :notnice:
  3. Yeah the current leather sucks. No matter how much I conditioned it you could still see some small cracks. I guess it is just normal wear because I have seen most mustangs with much worse wear then mine. Either way I think that the 05 stang would be better if the leather was more like that in a european car.
  4. From what I've seen the cloth is terrible, too. I'd rather just have a high quality vinyl/leatherette like BMW uses.
  5. The leather in the 2005 Mustang is going to be much better quality than the current 99-04 Mustang leather seats. The seats in the 2005 Mustang look more like the type of seats that you see in a BMW. They look like the leather is much thicker and more durable than the current leather which is found in the current 99-04 Mustang. As for the cloth seats, I don't like the current cloth seats that are found in the 99-04 Mustangs. They look cheap and cheesy. And so do the cloth seats that are found in all other cars nowadays.

    I prefer only leather seats. I'm in the process of buying upgraded leather seats made from a whale's penis for my 2001 Mustang GT. I'm not kidding you here. I know very well that Aristotle Onassis had leather seats in his yacht the "Christina". They were made from a whale's penis. I am getting the same type of leather for my 2001 GT's seats. I will be able to tell all the nice looking girls that sit in my GT that they are sitting on a whale's penis. :D :owned: :D

    Oh, by the way. The total cost for the front and rear leather whale penis seats for my 2001 Mustang GT are going to be $3,500. They are going to be custom made for me in Italy.
  6. I agree with that! Ford leather sucks!

    The leather in 6 year old Jeep still looks like new. The leather in my 1.5 year old Mustang looks far worse already, and the Mustang has had a much more pampered life.

    Sorry, but I have owned Ford leather before. Ford leather has always been very poor quality, and I serious doubt that the 2005's will be any better. The 2005 might have different leather, but is surely will not be of better quality.
  7. I agree completely. The leather in my '98 Cobra couldn't be much worse than it is. The car has nearly 60k miles, and the passenger and rear seats look like new since it's usually just me. The leather in the pics of the '05 reminds me of the leather in my 330i. Lets hope so, because it's very good quality.
  8. The leather that all 3 of the U.S. automakers use blows, and I've been told by an automotive trim professional that the leather the automakers use actually has an extremely thin coat of vinyl over the leather to protect it and make it easier to clean. It's so thin that it doesn't do much for durability, but your fanny is actually sitting on a razor-thin layer of vinyl. Cloth rules. Once you get past the perceived stigma of luxury that leather has, cloth is more durable, more breathable, more comfortable to sit in, and grips to you better when you're swinging through a corner. And when you wear shorts, you don't get that nasty sweat-leather-protectant brew/slurry between your legs and the seat, yuck. This is especially nasty in a convertible, you feel like a strip of bacon in a greasy frying pan. I'm hoping that the cloth is attractive and upscale looking (like the cloth Recaro uses) in the '05 GT.
  9. I'm very disappointed in what I'm reading. I have never owned a vehicle with leather seats and was HIGHLY looking forward to getting the red-accent trim that's going to be offered as an option in the new Stang. Now, I'm not so sure.

    Could someone post some pics of how there leather has faded/torn or whatever so I can see what I might be getting into. I currently have cloth in my '91 T-Bird and '93 Grand Marquis. Was looking forward to a nice change of pace. What do you all suggest?

  10. Well you shouldn't let this post discourage you from getting what you want. Good or bad quality, leather is aways a better choice than cloth. Most will agree. Hopefully they will follow the F-150 trend which are extremely upgraded in terms of the quality of materials used in the interior. My friend just bought one and it actually has that leather smell when you get in which Ford has never had before.
  11. my parents have a 2001 grand marquis with grey leather interior. it still looks and feels great. nice and soft.

    maybe the mercurys get better stuff. i dunno, but it is nice.
  12. I have a 99GT with 100,000 miles. My leather seats are great. Look almost new.

    I don't know what problems everyone else is having, but I like the quality of my seats.
  13. I'd like to see some high quality Cloth used. Leather is nice, it has its ups and downs. One thing that people don't relize is you have to TAKE CARE OF LEATHER. I condition my leather about once a month.
  14. The seats in the 05 are the volvo seats. With the comfort weave used in the mach 1
  15. I agree. The current cloth in the Mustang GT is practically indestructible and comfortable/cooler to sit in, but without religious maintainance, the leather goes to pot in no time. The same applied to the old fox bodies, from '87-'93. The cloth interior would outlast the leather and stay looking new by wide wide margin. It wasn't very good looking, but for FUNCTION it was the only way to go. That's why I don't agree with:
    The Germans and the British know how to do leather. Real hides, real thick, real durable. It's the only way to go in those upscale cars. But the cheap-o leather that's been in Mustangs for the last couple decades? I think it's more akin to "pleather" than real leather, and it's cheesy in comparison. If I was buying a Porsche or a Jag or a Bimmer, she'd be leather. But my Mustang would be cloth unless Ford steps it up a notch with their cowskin. I'm keeping an open mind for the '05, I don't think any of us have plopped our fanny in one yet.
  16. $3500....wow....thats a big penis. Is it one penis for the whole car? or do they use different whales? Are they humpback whales? or Sperm Whales?
  17. $3500 for whale penis seats, from a guy who practically sh** a brick complaining about the prospect of paying an extra lousy grand for an IRS. :rolleyes:
  18. The leather in my wife's 2002 Monte is great, it even still smells like leather after 2 years. The leather in her 2000 Impala was just as great and after 2 years 9 months, still looked great and I did nothing to them except wipe them occasionally with a damp cloth. What I do know for a fact in these 2 particular cars is the actual seating surface and part that your back would touch is real leather and the sides and backs of the seats are Vinyl.

    As some one else said...I was planning on getting red accents leather seats on Black.
  19. My seats (2001 GT seats) are near mint, and my Jeep with 200,000 miles has no rips or tears, and actually no wear on them. I agree leather needs to be cleaned and conditioned, but if done right it can last and look good.

    I personally love my friends Denali and 03 DTS Caddys seats, but both are $45,000+ so they should be nice!
  20. My full time job is interior repair, and I have seen everything that is out there. I do not replace, i restore or repair leather, cloth what have you. Yeah the American leather does typically suck. But today i had to repair the red leather on a 03 m3 convertible with barely 20k on the odometer. I mean it was worn away bad, and it didn't even look like a large person was driving. But i do have to say as long as GM keeps using that crappy soft leather in their full size suv's, my business will be booming. It may be comfortable, but is comfort only supposed to last 50k???