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  1. Saleen, what are your thoughts on the quality of aftermarket leather such as Katzkins or Classic Soft Trim (used most often by dealers in my area)?
    I'm wondering if that would be the way to go. Thanks in advance!
  2. And that is based on what, exactly? Have you actually driven the thing? The seats in the current '05's runing around might not have anything in common with what will end up in the dealerships since production hasn't actually started yet. You really can't tell anything from the pictures.
  3. And you can get away with wiping it with a damp cloth because you're really just wiping down a leatherette surface that is coated in a semi-permanent vinyl protective coating. And yes, the sides and the seat backs are typically pure vinyl. I'm talking the long haul, no 2 or 3 years, where I find the cloth interiors stay looking-new for longer. Don't get me wrong, I like leather, it's just that the U.S. leather is real seedy stuff, it doesn't even FEEL like what real true leather does. My Red Wing boots, now THAT'S real leather! The leather in our new car interiors is by far not a real hide, it's highly processed and synthesized and coated. I catagorize it more as "stuff" than the skin of a cow, and if you saw a jacket made out of it, you'd be staring at one of those $99.95 jobbers you find at Wal Mart. When it comes down to it, it's the perception that counts, and the pleather in the current Ford and GM products scream cheap to me. All I'm hoping for is that they use "stuff" in the new Mustang that has a thicker, more expensive look to it. It's not as if Ford uses more expensive materials in the new F150 interior, they've just figured out how to make plastic LOOK more expensive and higher quality, using rich looking grains and finishes and thicknesses and improved tolerances. I'm simply hoping for leather that looks and feels more like what the Germans have been installing in their cars, and that it's more durable than the current stuff has been.
  4. Maybe they could do a mustang with a king ranch package. :D
  5. The leather in my '98 was pretty bad by the time I got it (60K miles). The leather in my '01 Navigator is very nice. Looking great after 25K miles. It also has heated and air conditioned seats. :) I hope it is indeed nicer as I will get leather for sure.

  6. I'm only familiar with the cloth in the V6 rental Mustangs. Is this Mach 1 comfort weave different? Also, how do you know they are "Volvo" seats?
  7. I never took any pics of the leather from my Explorer Eddie Bauer. However, I would be glad to describe it in more detail.

    The leather started out very nice and smooth. After a while, it developed wrinkles. No big deal. I kind of expected wrinkles to develop as the leather "formed" itself to me.

    The wrinkles turned into cracks.

    I kept the leather clean and conditioned it on a regular basis with the best products on the market (Lexon, Mother's, etc).

    However, it still developed the cracks.

    A few times I have walked by other similar Explorers when I saw them in a parking lot. They were all even worse than mine! The driver's seat looked like a mountain lion used it as a scratching post. So, all the work I put into keeping my leather good, wasn't in complete vain. Instead of cracks, it would have been far, far worse.

    I swore that I would never, ever, buy a Ford leather. However, with my Mustang I didn't have a choice. Leather was included, and required, with the other options I wanted.
  8. Iwantmynewgt: I am pretty familiar with the katzkins stuff cause a lot of people here in Atlanta use it. Its pretty good stuff. But what you gotta look out for is who installs and how tight their finish is. Lotsa places here in atlanta do it and its real loose and shortly starts to get horrible creases. Make sure they have qualified installers or that they use good stiching. The other stuff you mentioned, i think it was classic soft trim, i am not familiar with.
  9. A Bit About Leather

    Wow that's a Nice Interior! Too Bad No one makes a 2 Door car with an Interior that nice. But sorry to break it to you but the new Mustang seats are not the same as ther Volvo's. The seats in the 05 are a new Ford Design made by Lear Seigler. They have been the manufacturer of Fords performance seats since the 80's. Remember the awesome seats from the Fox body cars, they were like Recaros, especially with the 4 way adjustable head restraints. I had a set in my 87 Thunderbird Turbo Coupe with Bright Red Leather! They Looked Great new, but they looked like Crap by the time I got rid of the car. I conditioned them religiously every weekend, but the heat down here in Florida just KILLS Leather! By the way the T Bird was Black outside on top of it! I love the look, smell, and feel of Leather but American Cars do have BAD LEATHER! Most of those cracks come from the very thing that is there to make them look better, make them easier to clean, and last longer. That thin layer of Vinyl, which isn't actually a Layer of Vinyl as much as a Sprayed on Dye to Give the leather it's nice rich shine and even color on most american cars. The Company that tans the hides and prepares it is the one responsible for the cracks in your leather Folks! Ask someone at a Car Show that works with Rolls Royce. Or check it out online! But all this aside, the leather in the 05 Mustang does appear to be a better grade of leather than ford has been using. Just find some High Resolution images of the seats and you can see it has a Much better texture, and looks to be thicker or heavier weight than before. But the first thing you Should do when you get your new 05 Mustang, is get yourself a bottle of "LEXOL" and condition the hell out of them and keep them conditioned every weekend! "LEXOL" is the best product on the market for automotive leather, it is recomended by Rolls Royce, Jaguar, and Aston Martin, for use on their hides. And for GOD's sake DO NOT USE ARMORAL on Leather! Armorall is a petrolium based product and it burns and drys out leather!
  10. I use Harley-Davidson leather dressing on all my stuff. Works great so far.
  11. Thanks for the info. The cloth looks like it might be better/more durable than what I've seen in the rental Mustangs. I'm not convinced on the Volvo seats, though yes the headrests are tilted forward. I've driven Volvos quite a bit though and the seats are excellent, so here's hoping. :nice:
  12. I think the tilted forward headrest, may be an "active headrest", that come forward towards you on impact, my G35 has that type, and they are tilted forward.
  13. I must be lucky. The leather on my 95 vert with 64,000 is still in great shape. Granted, it's not the same quality as German or British hides, but I have no complaint about its durability.
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  16. Same here, my old 96 GT with 65k miles with leather seats only had a little bit of dryness and crack on the drivers side bolster. Very good shape overall though.
  17. i said that took a lot of the cues. From all the pics I have seen and from the volvos i have looked at the seat structures look very similar and so do the headrests. From all the styling cues the interior of the f150 and others have taken from lincoln ls and others i don't think its too much of a stretch for ford to take designs from the volvo seat to incorporate in the stang since its easier than designing a whole new seat.