05 lost in a fight

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  1. ouch :rlaugh: :nono:

    saw this car on my way to work. I have no idea what happened but I always like seeing wrecked cars.

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  2. judging by the black rocker moulding and side stripe, i would say it is a V6. looks like they drove it a little harder than they could handle :bang: too bad.... on the plus side, there are a few more used parts in the junkyard now....if anything is usable.
  3. Yeah it was a v6. I doubt much on it was usable. The rear didnt look much better than the front
  4. Hopefully everyone was alright. And at least it is a Ford Tow truck.
  5. Ouch!!!
  6. Wow, the roof almost caved in, hope I dont wipe out.

    Mustang=not the safest car on the road

    Hey, what the heck put the hole in the hood?
  7. looks like a hole I had in my honda accord back in 95. Road came to a T and dropped down a hill on the other side, lots of trees. I didn't get to stop and went off at about 35MPH, hit a tree on the front drivers side and went down the hill spinning sideways. There was a hole in the roof of the car that looked like that. Didn't go through all the way, but it did go through the outer paneling. Probably a tree.