'05 M3 or '04 Cobra

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by darstar007, May 13, 2005.

  1. Hi guys,

    I think I might be throwing a softball for ya'll to hit out of the park, but I'm trying to decide between getting an '05 M3 or getting an '04 Cobra. Let's say money isn't the issue,what would you pick and why? Thanks. :confused:
  2. You like to drag and american muscle? Get the Cobra. Do you like curves and the european style? Get the M3.
  3. Not sure how you can compare the two. Never been a BMW fan. To much money for nothing special in my opinion. Neighbor in florida worked at a dealer and drove a few he brought home. They don't even begin to compare to the cobra. Not even in the same league. THe M3 does look decent, but that is about all it has going for it. Good luck.
  4. I'm voting for The Ultimate Driving Machine.......as it would have a lot more usefulness to it I think....and really isn't a slouch either....it is rated at 333 hp @ 7900 rpm and hits 60 in 4.8 seconds.

    But thats me.......go and drive the **** out of both of them!
  5. WOW tough choice, I :hail2: both!!!

    COBRA edges out M3 in my opinion ...but you really cant go wrong with either..


  6. i am a tech at a large BMW dealerand drive M3's on a regular basis, the only way I would get an M3 is if it had the SMG tranny. but even then they are way under powered and will get really old as a daily driver. the engine is really a work of art, cnc'd heads, headers, indiv t/b per cyl and a redline of 8k, although the redline comes at a price of durability. all M3's from 01-03 are subject to a rod bearing recall. i have replaced countless motors with rods hanging out the side of the block. IMO M3 is a novelty car and if you have the money to buy one and drive it 3k a year then it will hold its value better, but if you plan on driving it often go with the cobra.
  7. Sorry guys, just me, but I would buy the M3 in a heartbeat. BMW makes such a better car than our Fords (sorry but it's true). The fit and finish of any BMW, even a 30 year old one beats my new Saleen. Let's not start about creaks and rattles and the such. I love my Saleen but my girlfriends 530i Sport is just awesome. Again, not to be anti Ford or anything but there is just no comparison.

    Cobra...straight line fun
    M3....for everything else.

    Just my opinion!
  8. i've noticed on here that everyone seems to associate M3 with taking corners, but car and driver measured 0.87g on the skidpad, less than a lightning 0.91g. they are not the handlers everyone thinks they are. 530i, just tell your g/f to start saving for the cooling system she's gonna need at 60k. as far as service goes there is definetly no comparison, we have a fleet of loaner cars to give out, all BMW's, our cust satisfaction is usually around 98% i'd like to see a ford dealer break 90%.
  9. The Lightning maybe pull more on a skidpad.....but...thats only one measurement of shtick. The best thing to do is go and drive the hell outta them!

    You might want to go drive a Volvo S60R.....my roomate and I drove one a couple of months ago and were quite impressed. The trunk lid opens FAR.....nearly lays on the back window.
  10. Thanks for the responses. I'm leaning towards the M3, but all kinds of props out to all the Cobra owners out there.
  11. The M3 is an awesome car no question and I'm not familiar how they respond to mods but I know it's hard to beat a s/c'd Cobra for cheap horsepower increases. For less than $1500 you're looking at 500 crank hp with more torque than you'll know what to do with. :)
  12. I'de say go with the 04 Cobra. You cant beat that American Muscle car feeling. Plus with the IRS it will give you that road handling ability as well. I'd imagine the cost of mods for a M3 or any BMW at that have got to be insanely pricey.
  13. 100% Cobra!!!!!!
  14. Is this a trick question? '03-'04 Kebra all the way. Stock Cobra vs M3 the BMW will limp away with it's tail between it's legs, Modded Cobra vs M3, BMW will go crying to mommy.
  15. bimmer..the almighty M3!

  16. The M3 guys will ask you about how things would turn-out on a road with twistys. For straight-line the Mustang is unquestionably better, but c'mon the beemer has got some things on it in other areas, hence the price-tag. I guess I need to make enough money to have both....gonna take a while. :nice:
  17. I think it really says alot about how much of a value the cobra is when it's constantly compaired to cars much more expensive. It's compared to Vettes and expensive european cars all the time, and you can get one for fractions of the price.

    cobra vs m3 = cobra

    But I would take the M3, sell it, get a cobra, and put thousands in the bank.

  18. No question a better bang for the buck. So is a vette for that matter.

  19. from what I've seen, yes BMW's have better fit and finish, but see the inside of the dealers work bays MUCH more than any new Ford..
  20. like comparing oranged and Apples. M3 is a performance car where as a Cobra is a muscle car.

    if you want to compromoise betweeen the too, get an LS1 Vette.