05 M3 vs 05 GT

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  1. 99-01 Cobra would be be nice, although I have no clue as to what they run. As for a Mach 1 I raced one Sat. night 3 times from a roll and beat him. The third run was a tad more difficult. He had me in 3rd then once we hit around 140 I was gone.... I hit 160 on that run
  2. BMW would disagree with you. I have actually toured the plant that made the previous generation M3 motors. M3 motors are HAND assembled by a single, highly experienced tech. The chassis were re-routed off of the primary assembly line to be completed BY HAND. I saw it happening.

    "M" is equivalent to "SVT". That was my point. It is a special group that highly tunes an existing car (even though it is made on the same production line) to be far more than the original. AMG, M, SVT.... The point is that you should compare apples to apples.

    BTW... the M3 was introduced first (actually, a mule not the real car) but the 3 series was ENGINEERED way before the M group got hold of it. The only M3 you can get right now at the showroom (in the US) is the previous gen M3. It is NOT based on the current '05 model.

    Oh, and the reason that I had a '99 540 instead of a '99 M3 is because the new 3 (at the time) was out but the M3s based on the '99 3 series were not going to be out until about 18-20 months later. So, I bought the 5 series.
  3. GT vs M3? We talk about this subject a lot on this board, and the price differential always comes up.

    The M3 costs a minimum of $20 k more so to even up the competition let's take half of the price differential and use it on mods. I'm not a mechanic, but I bet the race, even on a road course, wouldn't be close. What mods would it take to even up the competition? I bet just $5000 worth of mods would get you a stang that could smoke an M3. Then you have a $32,000 car up against a $50 k car.
  4. Appanerntly you didn't see my post in this thread from a few days ago... Leave price out of the equation. Stock for stock. I know that if you put all kinds of cash into a stang it'll smoke an M.

    At anyrate this thread is dead.
  5. You will likely win by 1/5-2.5 car lengths.
  6. You can try to leave price out all you want. But the bare truth is this. If a $50k car can't beat a $25k car. Then the $50k should be left on the dealers door step that night.

  7. Alpina is wrong choice. Alpina is the equivalent to Roush, Saleen and Shinoda.
  8. yeah, I didn't explain it very well.

    What I meant was Alpina DON'T actually build cars, they assemble BMW's using BMW parts. Just as SVO don't build cars, they assemble Fords using Ford parts.

    Roushe/Saleen/Steeda manufacture their own partsand use aftermarket parts to make their 're-badged' Mustangs. Rather than dip a hand into the Ford parts bin.
  9. i have a friend with an 04 m3 he was the first person i ran ,last october. he beat me 2 cars every time,we were both completly stock. then i put 410s in and i beat him by 2 cars every time with no tunning, JUST gears. if we race longer than a 1/4 mile he will slowly pull away
  10. I beat a latest style M3 in a random red light street race a few weeks ago. I assume that his was an automatic considering my best times at the track are not as good as stock M3 magazine test times (then again, the magazines tested my buddie's 05 STI to 13.2 and I absolutely walk him when we race, at the track, on the street, from a stop or a roll).

    The M3 caught me sleeping at the light and took off spinning tire. I got immediate traction and started spraying and caught up easily. My AODE shifted from one to two right next him. In second I pulled a car length lead and held it until I shut down at the beginning of third. The guy was cool, flashed a peace sign and he and his girl both gave a smile.
  11. Luckily in this case, the M3 beats an 05 Mustang GT stock for stock. The arguement of taking the money I save from buying a $25K car over a $50k cars is lame at best. It's normally said by those who couldn't afford the more expensive car anyway. I would guess most people (not all) who buy a $50k car do so because they can. So if someone saves $25k by not buying a $50k car, do they really have $25k cash available? Do people finance mods? Stupid idea IMHO. I think it would be insane to put that much into mods. If they did, why not pay for the car is cash or pay for most of it and then spend a little on mods.
  12. do you have pics of your m3 please
  13. Amen brother... if folks would just have a little patience they could pay off their cars and then mod em as much as they like.

    Also, the "my car cost less and is as fast" line is as juvenile as the "my car cost more so it is better" line.