'05 Mustang GT HP#'s from MotorTrend

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  1. That'll be at the crank. If it's 300 at the wheels then I don't think anybody would be complaining.
  2. If its 300 at the wheels thats a different story. I highly doubt it.
  3. How about the 2005 V6 Mustang?? What does Motor Trend say that the horsepower and torque for the 2005 V6 Mustang will be?? Does anybody here know?

  4. ever since I can remember (I'm 43) the 'stang and been an underdog in the HP category... :rlaugh:

    with the possible exception of a couple of the "5.0" years the Mustang has never been a horse power 'leader'...but nobody races dyno sheets or magazine articals so I'm not worried...:D
  5. Ok just read the all important bit of info of weight on BON.

    3425 lbs. Very fat an extra hundred pounds over the Mach 1. And if the numbers are accurate it's got basically the same power as the Mach so unfortunately....it's not gonna be as fast as the Mach and nowhere near as being LS1 fast(unless it's geared properly). Ahhh well can't win them all. It did say though that it had a 52/48 weight distrubution so that's a posititve.
  6. 300HP is a good start for the Base V8 car. Don't forget there will probably be a 350HP+ Mach 1 and in '06 a 400-500HP Cobra
  7. Where did you get this from?:cheers:
  8. Is that rwhp or fwhp?

    my guess is fwhp?
  9. THat will be the rating from Ford, so it will be at the engine/flywheel
  10. 325-260hp on an '05 Mustang GT sounds a bit much, if not wishful thinking. Perhaps we'll see those numbers in the near future but I don't expect to see a 60-100hp increase in the GT in just one year. I can't remember any car that had such a huge power jump without a significant price increase. Therefore, the higher your expectations, prepare to be disappointed more.
  11. 3425 is that gt? Is it with gas in tank. My 97 is pretty close to that with a full tank.
  12. How is it wishful thinking on an entirely new engine in a brand new car? Those are the numbers just watch in about 12 days we'll hear it from Ford themselves.

    Oh and another happy thing....longer wheelbase....more leg room!! Hopefully at least no more trying to move the seat back for more leg room only to realize there isn't any more to be had. :D
  13. What are you talking about? The Mach IS as fast as the LS1.

    I am really tired of most people on this board being so critical of a car that is not even out yet! I, for one, am very proud of my Mustang but it seems every one seems to have something bad to say about it. Well, consider your other options for a RWD V8 for less thatn $25K. There are none!! Quit whining about the mufflers showing or the HP rating :bang:
  14. Manual tranny Mach 1 weighs 3465 lbs :shrug:
  15. Just as proud as you are of a car that's not out yet I have every right to be critical of what I wish was better. It's my perogative just as it's yours to like the car without questioning anything about it. Just because there are no more pony cars doesn't mean I or others have to hold our tongues about THIS one. I like the car and I'm likely to buy one but I'll be damned if I let somebody over the internet tell me what I can and can not say about the car.
    How about you go back to your dreamland where your opinion dictates what my opinion is. Here it doesn't so I politely ask you to STFU.
    Now to explain my statements. With the info I had at the time of making that post it looked like the GT would be substantially heavier with about the same power as the Mach 1(info being the weight of the Mach that I got was wrong as I got it from cars.com's specs of the Mach 1). Same or less power(as it's not a given this engine is definately underrated like the Mach is) and more weight means likely not as fast as the Mach 1 which concurrently means likely not as fast as the LS1.

    Yeah after I did a little more digging on the numbers I found more numbers that put the Mach 1 right at 3400 lbs or a little more. Suffice to say the numbers I got from cars.com was incorrect when it came to the weight of the Mach 1.
  16. If this thing doesn't reach mid 13's stock I think it'd be a bit of a dissapointment but I don't think it necessarily has to be faster then an LS1. :nice: Either way, I think it's a nice whip and I can't wait for some officials numbers and tests to come out. :banana:
  18. Play nice everyone.