'05 Mustang GT HP#'s from MotorTrend

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  1. LOL .... what you don't like FWD V6s ;)

    Thankfully RWD is coming back, Chevy should have the new Camaro out by late 2006. The new Mustang should get some good competition from DC and GM in the next few years.

    Pontiac GTO
    Pontiac Solstice
    Dodge Charger
    Chevy Camaro
    (there are even rumors of a RWD Buick coupe based on the next Gen GTO and Camaro)

    it will be like the 60's all over again :)
  2. not to be negative or anything. But so far I haven't heard anything other than rumor and speculation on the camaro's return. But you may have better sources.I don't even look at the gto as competition. It's price puts it into cobra realm. And for that it's no competition. I have not seen anything confirming the charger either. just some concepts. I don't know about the solstice but I thought it was a small car. i do hope there will be more muscle cars around. Competition is good. But for me there is no choice. I will be buying a mustang. Hopefully in the Cobra flavor.
  3. GM north America is working with Holden on a new lower cost RWD platform to replace the current GTO/Monaro platform. Pontiac has a 3 year deal with Holden to build the GTO. Then a new GTO will be built in North America after that (along with it's platform mate the Camaro). If you are interested in whats going on at GM check out the 5th Gen section of Camaroz28.com, lots of good info over there. GMInsidenews.com is good too.

    Solstice will be smaller and RWD (think BMW 1 series size) no V8, but at least it is RWD.

    Hopfully the Dodge Charger will be built, Dodge already has a RWD platform that can fit the hemi, THey just have to make it into a coupe.

  4. How can you say that? Maybe your too young to know. Boss 302, Boss 351, Boss 429, 428 Cobra Jet, 428 Interceptor, Shelby GT500 and KR500, 351 Cleveland. These were awesome performers in their time. Then came the phony gas shortage, smog laws etc. But once the 5.0 came back and from 85 to 92 the Z28, despite being consistently rated higher hp than the 5.0 could not hang. I had a 90 5.0 with a 5 speed that was rated at 225hp and I paid 13,500 for it in 1990. The Z28 at the time was rated higher at about 245hp and considerably more expensive, but that 5.0 would smoke em. Hell, the 5.0 aftermarket is still going strong as ever even though the last 5.0 was produced almost 9 years ago. Look at the magazine racks and count the number of mags that are still mostly 5.0 dedicated. When people say the Mustang was never really a performer, I wonder how much they really know about the stang's history.
  5. VERY true, mmmmmm...Boss 302. :drool: and KR500 :hail2:

    Mustangs have always (except for the late 70's, but hey, there was a oil crisis) had a great performance history, "Race on Sunday, sell on Monday," but they also appeal to a sporty crowd with the V6's (ha, trying to find a word to describe the V6 is kinda hard :p ) , it's a small price for a car thats recognized just about anywhere.
  6. Well, I for one remember what a 5.0L LX would do to a "top of the line" Iroc Camaro.... :lol:
    Poor Chevy owners would always get :owned:

    Good ol' 5.0L Chevy eater! :hail2:
  7. poor GM, can't make a cheap effective chassis on their own. :nonono:
  8. Oh they can make cheap chassis alright.
  9. Um chrysler has specifically said they have no plans to make the charger a reality. It was a 4.7L concept car ONLY...they ended up making the srt-8 a damn wagon. Moreover there is no TRUE evidence that GM is making FIRM plans to build a new camaro. EVENTUALLY they will in some form. But seeing what they did to the GTO...they'll probably base it on the engine transmission of a freaking impala.

    Dont believe everything you hear...your going to be extermely dissapointed. Its sad to have to admit this but ford is the only automobile maker in american that still holding on to the rwd v8 platform. Noone else even cares about it anymore. In the long run they will profit from it too IF they allow technology to continue to be implemented in the mustang.

    Again dont believe everything you hear...rwd v8 is all but dead other than what ford is doing in american atleast.

  10. THe GTO has a Covette engine and Z06 spec tranny.

    Caddy is American and is swithcing back to RWD, you can get the CTS with 400HP V8 and 6 speed Manual.

    Chevy has already said they will have RWD cars out in the next few years.

    Dodge is putting out a RWD Hemi V8 cars this spring called the Magnum

    Chryslers new 300C will have a RWD & a V8 and be out this spring.

    Pontiac has said the Grand Prix will be RWD in 2007.

    foghorn67 - Why would GM waste money building 2 RWD platforms that are for the same type of car?

    Next year the fastest Mustang Ford will make will have 300HP
  11. '03 gt vs '80's cobra
    '05 gt vs '03 mach1

    .....not really a fair comparison. the 03gt is ~20yrs newer than an '80's cobra which was just a rebadged gt during a gas crisis. only 2yrs between 05gt and 03 mach1. i understand (and agree) with what you are saying, but it is an apples to oranges analogy you provided.

  12. And it looks like an assy import...

    Were talking about affordable rwd v8 cars...not 50k caddy's that are comparable to mercedes and bmw's.

    Quotes from GM please? Never seen or read it.

    Yes i stated above its the "wagon" if you will. Looks like crap its heavier than most SUV's will be and is far from a true performance vehicle.

    quotes please...again certainly not in the sports car category but if its true thats a start...

    We're now guessing 3-4 years in advance? There's no way there has been a true GM factual annoucement as early as this that has any validity.


  14. sleeper i think you'll get 4 valve heads on top models WITH VTC...they will probably do changing of cam specs and port size on intake and exhaust to increase top end.

  16. You said other than Ford, RWD V8 Amarican cars were dead, I just wanted to point out a few other American cars that are out or will be out in the next year or two. Dodge, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Cadillac, and Pontiac will all have RWD cars that put out more HP than anything made by Ford (for under $150K) in 2005. You should keep up on auto news, this info is out there. Here is some DC info to start http://thecarconnection.com/index.asp?article=6634
  17. gotta remember...

    Alright...you have to remember that Ford can't go and load up the hp on their GT's or there won't be a very large hp increase from it to the (upcoming) cobra. If you stick 350+ hp on the stock GT then what are you gonna put on the cobra? Rockets?
  18. I don't think the 4 valve weighs 50 lbsmore than the 3 valve. That's just too much weight to believe. I think there is a future for the 4 valve. After all the 3 valve is replacing the 2 valve. So effectively for at least the mustang and f-150 the 2 valve is dead. Besides that would be going backwards. While the 4 valve has more potential with vct and winds higher than the 2 valve and possibly the 3 valve. Not neccessarily would they develope the vct 4V first. Remember ford has not exactly had a banner year as far as profitability. And to spend the money on a premium engine instead of a large scale production engine just doesn't make sound finiancial sense. For example no smart company is going spend $1 million todevelope an engine they may sell 75k units versus the same amount on an engine they'll sell 200k+ of.
  19. I don't see how you can complain about the Dodge Magnum. The SRT-8 version will be AWD with a supercharged Hemi. Can you say STI/Evo slayer?

  20. The DOHC motors are more expensive to produce, and while they do offer better performance potential, I think as far as V8s go, we're only going to be seeing those in SVT vehicles. Of course, with the V6's, DOHC is not quite as expensive since so many vehicles use it.