'05 Mustang GT HP#'s from MotorTrend

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  1. How can you not complain about it? Its a drivetrain meant to be in a sports car not a ugly pos wagon that will be riddled with dodge lack of quality problems.

  2. I may sound like the old guy. But I already lived through the 70's. So I personally don't think the magnum station wagon is a good thing. Regardless of hp ratings. It's a station wagon. I only know one person that had a station wagon in the 80's and they have already traded it in.
  3. Yeah man. I agree. Station wagons all $uck bigtime. They definitely don't look good and are not for performance or speed like Dodge thinks its Magnum is. I don't think that the Magum is going to sell well. I would buy a Dodge Hemi pickup truck rather than buy the Magnum station wagon. I don't care whether the Magnum station wagon has a Hemi engine in it or not. Dodge must have the same stupid engineers and designers that the ricer import auto manufacturers do. They build stupid cars for stupid people.
  4. Chrysler has alot more than the magnum wagon coming in the next 1 1/2 year. I know this for a fact. Plus motor trend already said the magnum with the hemi is in the 35,000 range. It doesn't compete with the GT.

    Ford didn't develope the 4v head with vct first because of the f-150. How hard do you think it was to transfer the 3v technolgy from the 5.4 to the 4.6. With the f-150 coming out first it only makes sense to develope it first.
  5. Dodge isn't building the Magnum to steel sales away from Mustang and Camaro owners. It is meant as a sportier alternative to SUVs and Minivans. If I had a family, I'd rather drive a 340HP AWD or RWD Hemi Magnum than a 200HP FWD Minivan.

    THe best part about the Magnum isn't the Magnum its self. It's the fact that now Dodge has a relativly in expensive RWD platform that can handle a Hemi V8. It's only a matter of time before they build a RWD Sedan and/or coupe.
  6. What's going on with Dodge building the CHARGER? I saw a concept design a few years ago (back in 1999 or 2000) in one of the auto magazines that Dodge was going to bring back the Charger and that it was going to be a retro of the 1968-1970 body design. The only thing was that the concept Charger had a Hydrogen powered engine. I have not heard of anything since then about whether or not Dodge was really going to realistically build the Charger. I liked the concept design. Especially the rear end and the blown out and fat rear quarter side panels and rear roofline of the Charger concept.

    Do you know if Dodge will actually build the Charger in 2005/2006? I think that many people would actually buy this car if they build it. I think that they should have it in a 2 door as well as in a 4 door. The concept model was a 4 door. I don't think that Dodge had a 2 door option, but I could be wrong.

    What do people in here know about the Dodge Charger concept car? Will it go into production in the near future??
  7. If you haven't seen a spy shot or even heard a rumor your not going to get it. If they started now it would be 2008 before completion and testing is finished.
  8. I guess I'm one of the only guys here who thinks wagons rock (but only when they have serious balls). I'd much rather drive a wagon than a freaking SUV.
  9. I'm sorry, but LMAO @ your username.

    I used to love his 'flix' :)
  10. Oh great we agree on even more things :rlaugh:

    I personally would rather not drive a station wagon. I think it's becasue I think about 70's soccer moms. And the folding rear seat the went into the floor and against the tailgate. I'd rather not drive many of the sUv's on the market. But that's because to me an SUV ought to be able to go offroad. Unlike for example the stupid way too expensive for me porsche cayenne. The commercials say "It's all about the corners". Umm no 4wd vehicle should be able to go offroad. Just because you built a car on a 4x4 suspension does not make it right. Although for the $90k they cost it should also do the dishes and take care of anyother needs I have.
  11. Phatty2004,

    Thank you for all your compliments Phatty2004. I think that I have one of the best usernames available here. I have been a long time fan and movie buff of Ron Jeremy. I admire the guy very much. He's my role model. :D :nice:

    Anyways, to get back with what SVTdriver said about station wagons and SUV's here:

    Yes, I agree with you SVTdriver. The station wagons were never anything spectacular and they were never meant to be used for performance purposes. And that goes the same for the SUV's. An SUV is good for 4WD and for being able to go thru rough terrain and deep snow. The auto manufacturers have popularized the SUV's even more within the last 20 years because of the soccer moms. They marketed these vehicles together with the mini vans to women and couples with large families. The SUV and the mini van has actually taken the place of the station wagon. I don't see it as a bad idea for car companies to bring the station wagon back, but for God sakes, they shouldn't idolize it as being a sportscar or muscle car. It's just a plain Jane utility vehicle to haul the kids and bulky items around. That's all that these vehicles are good for. They are not to be compared with sports cars and muscle cars. This reminds me of what Subaru is trying to currently do with their Forrester. They are idolizing it as a performance vehicle and sports car and that it's not. Give me a break. The stupid people who watch the commercials or see the print ads probably beleive this stuff. That's what aggravates me.
  12. No you're not the only one. I was thinking the same thing. If I had a pack of kids, golf clubs, sports gear, and had to haul groceries, I'd take a 340 HP, AWD supercharged hemi in a wagon over any minivan.

    Come to think of it...a 2 door variant of the Magnum would be pretty darn cool, kind of like the old Chevy Nomad.

    I am very blessed in my job in that I can buy just about anything I want to drive. My current company car is a 2003 Mercury Marauder, and it's awesome, but with that thing going out of production, the Magnum looks like a heck of a deal. What else out there has some balls, and can pack 4 sets of golf clubs, and 4 adults, that is under $40K, and is not a minivan?

  13. so if wagons rock. Can anyone tell me why they aren't marketing al these great things as station wagons?
  14. SVTDriver, what wagon has been available since the Buick Roadmaster was phased out? There has not been a real one, except maybe the Volvo Turbo Wagon, which I thought was kind of cool.

    Look at the Matrix, Mazda 5 (or whatever it's called), and the myriad of Utilitarian type vehicles that are not based on a truck or minivan.

    The Chrysler Pacifica, while it has AWD available, and rides up high like a truck, is in reality, a station wagon.

    I think there is a niche for cars like the Magnum, or sportier type wagons for men that need to haul families and other stuff, but don't want a mini-van, and still want some wallop when you mash the pedal.

    A 'lightning based' Expedition would be nice. :lol:

  15. Don't you make my point with your very first sentence? yes the pacifica is indeed a lifted stationwagon. No doubt. The reality is an SUV is easier to market than stationwagon. But lets call a duck a duck. I would assume more men would rather have an SUV than a station wagon. But that is my opinion.
    As for the expedition. Let's get an SVT explorer out first. Show that they really want to go that way. Then by all means build one.
  16. The SUV exists largely because it didn't originally have the soccer-mom stereotype that the minivan did. The minivan exists because it didn't originally have the soccer-mom stereotype that the station wagon did. SUVs are a shameless attempt by the auto industry to hide poor fuel economy of average vehicles (note that has changed in the time since the inception of the modern SUV).

    Arguing that non-"sports" cars shouldn't have powerful engines is easily the most assinine thing I've heard in regards to a station wagon. I suppoe you hate the GTO and every other muscle car of old. You must hate the Mercury Marauder, the old turbo Buicks, the early 90's Impala SS, and other fine performance vehicles. Just because a car doesn't look sporty or even handle great doesn't mean it can't have a nice engine and some balls. I think you'd change your tune if you lined up next to a Magnum SRT-8 and got slaughtered not just out of the hole, but also on the top end.

    The Magnum is (in non-SRT trim) going to have either a V6 or a V8 and be available in RWD and AWD (this becomes available for '06 I think). Wagons are making something of a comeback, because people are getting a bit tired of SUVs and minivans (you wouldn't know it by sales, but a lot of the people I've talked to have agreed that SUVs aren't all they're cracked up to be, yet they wouldn't want a minivan). If you need a vehicle that can haul several people comfortably and some cargo as well (and the Mustang certainly can't do this), then what's so wrong with giving it some power as well?
  17. Actually I am not a big fan of old muscle cars such as the gto. While I respect their performance. I am not a muscle car guy. I am a mustang guy. Go ahead put whatever engine you want in it. I as in me personally will not buy it. I don't care if it will do 8 sec. 1/4 miles and get 40mpg and outhandle any car on the road. If it beats me so be it. Which is an asumption that it will weigh low enough to have real performance. That won't change my tune any bit. I still won't like it or buy it.
  18. By your logic Ford should stop making Minivans and SUVs too, just becuase you wouldn't buy it doesn't mean that other won't. I say the more V8 RWD cars on the road the better. THe tech and R&D that goes into non-sports cars often trickles down into sports/muscle cars, If it wasn't for the F-150, the '05 stang probably wouldn't have 3 valve heads.
  19. Where did I say they should stopbuilding minivans and SUV's based on my opinion? I said I as in me alone. would not buy it. Did you not see that line? Don't make assumptions that I think because I don't like it noone will. That is just wrong. No where in that post did I even mention minivans or suv's. It was about the dodge magnum.
  20. Read my post, I didn't say you said "Ford should stop building minivans and SUV's". You just put down everything that isn't a Mustang. That great that you love Mustangs, I do too, but it is ok for performance to exist in cars that are a little more practical and have more utility. A lot of people want performace but pass on cars like the Mustang and Camaro because they are not practical enough, that is where cars like the Maurader and Magnum can come in.