05 Mustang GT in my dealership today...

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  1. 05 Mustang GT in my dealership today... -UPDATED!-

    got some great pictures and some video that I know you would all enjoy... I just need somebody to host them for me...

    I work in Sales at World Ford Pembroke Pines, FL and Ford brought in an 05 Mustang GT :worship: (it was the dark red one with the 18" wheel package) very discreetly into our dealership for some prep work as they were going to display it in a local Ford golf tournament. When I heard of it, I gather some people and tracked it down. After I managed to get my :jaw: off the floor and confirmed it was the real deal, I called to have my digital camera brought to me... Long Story short, got the pictures... can anybody host them for me???

    EDIT= New link thanks to Mike Raburn (Stangnet leader): http://www.2005fordmustang.com
  2. I can...
  3. how big are the files...I can handle 4mb emails. PM me and I will send you my email address.
  4. Where are they....where are they.....where are they??????? :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
  5. what he said
  6. oh...if the file is bigger than 4mb, if you can cut it up into smaller files I can reassemble them then post.
  7. Looking forward to seeing the pics.... Orig from Ft. Lauderdale and went to school at BCC South Campus there in Hollywood/Pembroke Pines.
  8. sent PM Wylde
  9. hurry!!!!!!!
  10. Yes yes where are they???????
  11. well... I still haven't heard from Wylde... pics and vids are ready...
  12. Go Wylde Go!
  13. i can host for you. if you can upload them to:

    using some ftp tools.
  14. there is 16 picts... I resized them to 600x450 (they were huge)... and a 32 sec video...

    btw, the shifter is in perfect position in the center console... for those of you that have owned or currently own a 94-04 Mustang will appreciate this fact...

    Seats are very comfortable, and the car is just greatly designed all around. i can't wait 'till I see more of them hitting the lots. I can't wait to sell them to the list of people waiting for one (including many employees) and i can't wait for mine...

    I am still waiting on Wylde... ;)
  15. It looks like it is uploading (thank god for Windows XP ;)), slow as snails, but going... :banana:
  16. I'll take it! :)
  17. video is up... rest of the pictures are on the way...

    edit: rest of the pict are up!!!