05 Mustang GT in my dealership today...

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  1. >>btw, the shifter is in perfect position in the center console... for those of you that have owned or currently own a 94-04 Mustang will appreciate this fact...<<

    I'm not sure what complaint your are talking about for 94-04s, but if its the reach, I'm excited. With my long legs, the seat is all the way back, which forces me to lean forward to shift. Is that what your talking about?

    Good Job on the pictures. I didn't like the 05 wheels much until I saw these pictures. I hope the vert looks as good.
  2. you just need a DIVX decoder. You can search for one on download.com
  3. sorry if this was already posted but i'm in the school library and i'm late for class (FAU)...does anybody know if the 05 is still there today? if so i'm gonna leave right from here and go down there and take pics with the dig cam. thanks in advance if anyone has any info about today...
  4. Glad to see they settled on the shorter shifter size. Was there a freight train running in the background of that video?
  5. That sounds good. Looks nice too!!
  6. I'm old and I forget to turn them off. I have never had any trouble with them other than on a couple of cars it took a little longer that I would have liked to either turn on or off.

    I guess I will have to get used to turning them on and off because I am ax X Gm Guy and a returned Ford Guy.
  7. Nice. All that needs a silver stripe package to finish it off.

    I'm really liking the overall aesthetics of the new engine... the upper manifold piece. The motor looks more like an 'old-skool' engine. Free of stupid plastic covers and all the other crap that some manufacturers choose to do... e.g. Audi and BMW.
  8. Oh hell yes!!! It is going to be extremely difficult not to buy one of these as soon as they show up on the lots. I'm telling myself (and my wife) 2006. Yipee!!!

  9. Ford does have automatic headlamps in some of their vehicles, but they are not fully automatic. That means that you have the capabilities of setting in the auto mode or turning them on manually.

    The Mustang didn't have the auto headlamps feature. I was somewhat dissapointed at that, but that is minimal and the rest of the car makes up for it ;)...
  10. I was the same way with them going off.

    The headlights were a minor thing. My main concern was that I'd get into something else after driving the thing for a while and forget to turn them on/off myself.

    The thing that really annoyed me about that car was the way GM set up the electrics. When you turned the car off, the stereo would keep going up to the point you opened the door. However, if you were half way out of the car and realized you left a window open, you had to get back in, re-insert the ignition key, power up the ignition and then roll up the windows. WTF?!? If they had the forsight to design the sound system so you could keep rocking out to the last second, why couldn't they keep the windows powered so you can just thumb the window button and no go through this song and dance?

    It might not seem like a big deal, but it get's really annoying after you do it a few times.
  11. I agree...I won't let a little electronic device deter me from buying a new 05 Mustang...I want one really bad, even more after seeing the pictures you supplied.
  12. Wait till '06?

    Your not alone in MAYBE, I stess MAYBE, waiting till '06. Not so sure about the whole self control issue. I have never owned a brand new car and finally being able to pick one up is teasing me daily. I have saved for quite a long time and will be able to put at least $24,000 as the down payment if not write a check for the full amount.. YEEHAW!!!!!!!!!! :spot: :spot: :banana: :banana:

    In the past, I have owned an '83 Malibu, a '91 Tempo, and now have a '91 T-Bird and '93 Mercury Grand Marquis. Looking forward to adding a spanking brand new 300hp Mustang to my list, but also wouldn't mind if my FIRST NEW CAR was a 400+ hp Cobra either. What to do??? :shrug:

    It is a great time for Ford and America!!!! :flag: :flag: :flag:
  13. Forgot to quote the questions... They are on page 2 of this thread. Thanks
  14. I did notice the antenna and when I checked it was that the antenna wasn't screwed in... sooo, it will have the current style antenna on it...

    No time to check the sound system if I wanted to do a quick drive. Performance was more important to me ;) truthfully though, I didn't have a lot of time with it...

    Nope is third... Seats were comfy... seemed a lot more side support than the current stang, and they looked freaking awesome... look a the pics... :D

    didn't put it throught the cones... sorry...

    OMG, is this 20 questions? ;)

    Didn't loook for it...
  15. Yeap... I am 6' tall and they seat postioning is same as yours... reach was a problem... not in the new stangs :D

  16. Nope, car was only here for about 1/2 hour...
  17. That is why I hate being tall, now I am loving it. :banana: Also do you know if they are taking it to most of the dealers. I need to hear it run personaly!
  18. what about short people, my wife is 4'11" how will she fit in it?
  19. is positioned good for everybody, but is not too far in front that you have to lean like in the current stangs... is AWESOME!!!
  20. 4'11"??? Damn that's pettite...