05 Mustang GT in my dealership today...

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  1. yep she sure is petite and she is a little package of joy too. :)
  2. Hate to be critical but the 05 GT just looks a little to plain and not mean enough looking for my taste.

    It needs at leaster a shaker and maybe some stripes and even the rims need to be offset.
  3. Compared to what? Look at a picture of it next to an SN95, and tell me it doesn't look mean enough for ya.

  4. Well, with this being the first truly new Ford (chassis) since 1979 and new body style since 1994, I would have hoped that Ford would at least give us a functional hood scoop like a shaker. Even if it's an option.

    I also think the 05 would have looked better with the bullet rims.
  5. I like the rims the 05 has, the only thing I wish they would have kept was the hood scoops but I love the car either way.
  6. You have to think that there will be loads of after market stuff for the new 05's. Like shaker hood and all that. I am acualy planing on getting one and making mine into a remake mach 1. It will be one of a kind....
  7. I was torn on holding onto my '01 & waiting to see what the next Cobra might look like, but I ended up getting a '04 MystiChrome Coupe instead. Not to take anything away from the '05, but I'm glad I did.

    The exhaust note did sound very nice. I'm not saying I hate the car, but it might just have to grow on me I guess.
  8. From what I read in the Ford press releases, Bullitt rims will come on the GT deluxe. The split 5 spoke wheels will come on the GT premium and the 18" 5 spoke will be optional on the GT premium.
  9. Would you mind sharing the press release?
  10. Been through this 2 times before. Search the old threads. I already posted the links to the full media kits 2 times.
  11. Now we're talking. Just slap a shaker on it and call me SOLD.
  12. I want TT II's chrome or some magnum wheels ;)
  13. How come I can't watch the movie? I never have problems seeing movies on here.....What codec do I need for this?????????????
  14. DIVX I do beleve
  15. SWEET!!!!

    Thanks for sharing.... :flag:
  16. I'm so glad there is finaly something to to look at. Love the sound of the exaust.
  17. I got DIVX off of www.download.com and I am still only hearing the sound from the clip :shrug: . I want to see this VIDEO!!! :bang:
  18. I had the same problem with the video and this is how I fixed it. I went into real player Preferences and disabled avi and opened windows media went to Preferences and enabled avi and then you may have to restart your computer. forget the divx download it will only get you spyware hope it helps.

  19. Thanks for the tips, but that still didn't make it work.... :( :confused: