05 Mustang GT in my dealership today...

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  1. what did the it try to play in when you first tried? if it was real player did it say it was missing (video/x-pn-jpeg-plugin)? do you have the lastest windows media player?
  2. AVI sucks... I don't know why people use it... It's always been hit and miss
  3. It tried to play it in Windows Media Player the first time I tried it. I'm pretty sure that I have Version 9.0 of WMP...... :damnit:

    I don't know if it would be too much to ask, or if it's possible, but would someone be willing to reincode the file and reupload it? It would be MUCH appreciated.....

  4. thats about what i figured...BUT i had about 3 hours after school and before work so i figured why not take a 30 min drive to the dealership to maybe catch a glimpse of it somewhere in the back. i guaranteed my gf it wouldn't still be there a day later but knowing that there's even 1 in a million chance it still could, i had to go check for myself. but now knowing there was an 05 mustang 20 miles from me on monday....its a pretty good feeling.
  5. We are so pathetic.

    (notice I said we, so don't take offense :D).

  6. "Nope is third... Seats were comfy... seemed a lot more side support than the current stang, and they looked freaking awesome... look a the pics... :D"


    Thanks for the pics and video!! How about shoulder and lower back support? Both are almost non-existent on recent 'Stangs and am hoping not to have to shell out additional $$$ for Recaros after I get my '05 or '06 GT. That perforated leather looks sweet! In other pics I've seen it has looked smooth.

    BTW my brother lives in Pembroke Pines but is a comfirmed GM guy. If I can get him to come to his senses, I'll send him your way :>). I live in Cali, so I guess I'll have to deal with the guys at my local dealer who are clueless.

    Thanks in advance.
  7. That was nice. Loving this car more and more. The butt is even growing on me.
  8. Keep the new information coming; it was refreshing. The styling continues to grow on me, but it's crying for scoops or stripes. Agreed that it's a little plain...I hope it gets the dual hood scoops in the future like the concept had. This is still my fav. pic to date:

  9. AVI does not suck. Divx is mpeg4, quite likely the next standard for DVD and PVR's so you better get use to it. Actually, Divx and wma are the 2 best compression to quality formats available and are both mpeg4. If you were a computer guy, you would know its the most popular format for video swaping on the internet and has been for years.
  10. divx is a funny acting piece of software for alot of people mpeg is more universal. I think you have to go into real player and or quicktime player Preferences and uncheck any plugin to do with AVI and then go into windows media player and check all AVI files.
  11. I have 4 PC's at home and 2 at work that require nothing but divx to be installed to play these files.
  12. weell... it looks as if this info has spread through the net... Which forums have you guys seen this posted at?
  13. Heh heh its everywhere. Even on the crappy Motortrend and car and driver fourms!
  14. Solution to Your Problems.

    Hey Guys, any one complaining that they can't watch the Video that goes with this link, I have a Solution! Go to the Link at the BEGINING of this topic, right click on the Link, Click "Save Target As" and save it to your computer. Just be sure to remember what you save it as and where. Then once you have it downloaded, just open the file using Windows Media Player. It is not the best Quality Video, But it Does Sound Pretty Sweet!
  15. That's what I did the first time around because I wanted a copy of it anyway.
  16. Never mind viewing the video, I can't even get to that site. I get a 404 error.....is there another way to get there or a different link?
  17. You're too late. The person who put them up posted on another thread that he had to take the photos and video down because there were so many hits the server was getting swamped.

    Your only hope is that someone downloaded and saved the files and can host them on a different site.

    If any of you guys are watching the PGA golf this weekend (Ford Championship @ Doral - on NBC) they have the red GT that started this thread parked behind the 18th green, along with a 500. The Ford GT is also on display. The winner of the tournament gets the Ford GT (not the Mustang) along with a cool $900K. The PGA players also got to go for rides in a Ford GT and Ford Tauraus NASCSAR race cars @ Miami Holmstead speedway too, earlier in the week.

    Aren't you wishing that your parents handed you a golf club when you were 3 years old? :D
  18. So did anyone actually see the Mustang at the golf tournament? I worked but saw right before the playoff started and caught a glimpse of it in the background. Looked pretty good, and of course so did the white GT.
  19. Please contact me at [email protected]. I am creating a new site to help promote the new 05, Ill be glad to host the images and files.

    Lemme know!!