05 Mustang GT in my dealership today...

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  1. im not sure if this has happenend to anyone else but the site isnt working right now for me is this a new thing or is my computer just screwed
  2. So where can I get the pics/videos of this. I live real close to World Ford Pembroke Pines.
  3. Hopefully we'll be able to get this pics and vid up and running again real soon... we are working on it...
  4. Yeah, I wanna see!
  5. C.....MON!!!!!!! Ahhhh!!!! Can anyone host the damn pics and vid?!? Read the 5 pages of post and I only saw one pic! Grrrrrrr! :bang:
  6. I uploaded all the originals to a new server... Mike Raburn (Stangnet and Pro3i) is going to host them... hopefully they will be up and running real soon...
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  8. Ill have them up morning tomorrow sometime... :)
  9. Ahhh, the stress is building up.....ahhhhhh!
  10. Can some one fix that broken link!
  11. lol, why would neone use reaplayer?
    u can download a divx player from divx.com, and it should paly almost any kinda of file u throw at it, even the ones that dont work in the other players
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    broken link tho
  13. Still waiting. Why do you guys have to tease us like this? :bang:
  14. Here are the pics that he sent us. We have not yet edited them to smaller size or gotten a vid to post. Our In-house team is now working on a new site... www.2005fordmustang.com which we plan to use to get all the new info out there as it comes in.

    If you or anyone you know has pictures, statements, press etc that needs to go out let us know!


  15. I just uploaded the video also...
  16. Some of you may not be able to reach the site yet as it all DNS servers have not caught up with the new address.

  17. I can't find the video :( ... where is it uploaded :shrug:
  18. Same here. So MRaburn until the site is fully up all we will see is links to stangnet right?
  19. I give up...found some other videos to drool over.