05 Mustang info sheet

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  1. Has anyone besides me noticed that this dealer card lists the width as 74.0", not the 72.1" listed in the magazine articles? :stick:

    So much for all you clowns who were whining about the 2005 Mustang being too narrow. Does it look better to you guys now? :rlaugh:
  2. With a 4L I think the V6 will respond well to mods....200/235 isn't bad....but with minor work I think the six packs could compete with some stock 99+ GT's. I guess time will tell though.
  3. That speed shot on the top right looks so much like a 69 sportsroof. Ford did a sweet job. The only main thing I would have done different would be the "mustang hind quarters" or the hump that starts right at the quarter windows on all the classics. It would have added a lot more character to it.
  4. I also think the rear 1/3 of the car is too big.
  5. I agree, too big, needs some work.
  6. I hate those 16" rims
  7. So no mention of the sub $20k V8 package. Hmmm.

    Side-impact airbags, cool.

    And what's that trunk shot supposed to show? We already know it's got a big butt.
  8. Woohoo, Sonic Blue is available ! :banana:
  9. It reminds me of the '65 GT350R. The car is gorgeous. 300hp and a 5-speed for 25K.
  10. The trunk shot is supposed to show us that, despite an entirely new Mustang, it still has a worthless trunk opening. Looks like we might have a tiny bit more space in there, but the opening is still pretty lousy. Sigh.
  11. :shrug: Its a sports car bro?? I'm glad its got one
  12. Ah, the Mustang isn't a sports car. It's more of a sports coupe. A sports car only has two seats. I don't have any complaints with the amount of space in the trunk itself, just the serious lack of access to it. The opening could be a bit wider. Oh well.
  13. looks good to me! :banana: :banana:
  14. It's a pony car. But it should be called a predatory fish car, since Plymouth was the first to introduce the concept with the Barracuda.
  15. Sorry but the original Barracuda wasn't much more than a Valliant with a big glass fastback roof stuck on its rear. It did not have Pony Car proportions, which is what made the original Mustang.
  16. So go buy a Crown Victoria then. :rolleyes:
  17. About the trunk, I agree with the haters, why can't they engineer the rear tail lights to be attached to the trunk? It would still look the same. Only thing I do miss about my Prode is the hatch, you could fit a butt-load of stuff in there, flip the rear seats down and you could put a freakin' conference table back there. Oh well, what counts is under the hood, not the trunk. ;-)