05 Mustang info sheet

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  1. All I need is room for my golf clubs or my Stratocaster.
  2. Who cares about the trunk space. The current Mustangs and the 2005 Mustang have PLENTY of trunk space. The 2005 Mustang looks really nice. Don't knock it down because you can't fit an elephant in the trunk. Buy yourself a minivan if you want that.

  3. No, a roadster has 2 seats.

    Jaguar 2+2 was ALWAYS classified as a sports car.

    Sports coupe has no real definition.
  5. Wow, sports car or not just saying never would expect a huge trunk, but I can understand what your saying about the opening... not a perfect car by any means but I am looking forward to it.
  6. If you can't read, please don't waste my time by replying. God, sometimes I wonder why I bother. It has enough trunk space. It's the rediculous opening that I am complaining about. Integrate the tail lights (or at least part of them) into the trunk lid, and voila, you have a usable trunk opening. Otherwise, it's a a pain in the neck to get anything in or out. Tell me to buy a Crown Vic, and you just continue to miss my point. Not everyone can afford two vehicles. Sometimes a Mustang has to be the daily driver and it has to be able to haul stuff around for people. I'm quite sure there have been people who have decided against buying a Mustang because of the small opening of the trunk -- "it'll be too hard to fit groceries in there," etc. I'm equally sure there has never been anybody who said "oh, that trunk opening is too big, I enjoy the challenge of crushing everything to fit it in there."

    Again, this is not a huge complaint on my part. But you asked why we had a trunk shot, and I offered a comment about it. Blast me for having an opinion and you make a fool of yourself. If your opinion is that it's a big enough opening, fine, but piss off if you just want to bash me for it.
  7. Sorry if I offended anybody in that last post. I had just found out my grandfather was ill and unlikely to recover, so I was not in a great mood.
  8. Sorry to hear about your granddad. We wish him the best. We will pull for his quick recovery.
  9. Yea, I can understand his problem.

    When I went to buy a computer with my stang, the box wasnt that big, thought it would fit right in, nope.

    Didnt even TRY to fit, the ODD openeing just couldnt make it. So the box served rear seat duty, which was also a big PITA to fit in.
  10. Hey what ever happend to those torsionn bar "springs"? Seems like 80% of the cars made today have some form of McPhearson struts up front and off the top of my head I can't think of one that uses torsion bars. I wonder if it could have been all those broken torsion bars. Used to be that you'd see quite a few old Plymouths & Dodges dead on the side of the road with one of their front tires jammed up into their wheel well.

    Torsion bars are good for some things. I got me a genuine Plymouth torsion bar leaning up in the corner of my garage. Of course it's broken, but I ground down the broken end into a nice flat point. It makes a dynomite pry bar. :nice: