05 mustang meets 2F 2F

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  1. mustang gt-r

    I actually like it minus the wing. What do you think??
  2. I dont know if you have seen the inside of it, but it is strictly a track car. There is no other seats, but there is a roll cage and all that stuff. I like it, and I believe its a 2004 (not 2005) GT-R . I guess it will be considered a late 2004, inorder to put the 40th anniverary addition badges.
  3. man, look at the hella camber angle on the front tires. That thing will haul some major nuts.
  4. The "concept" car was created to celebrate the 40 years. But I dont think we will be seeing any of those (street version) unitl 2006. What the hell is up with the title of this topic anyways?.
  5. That pic is like a fake celebrity picture. Simply, not the original.

    By the way, that computer generated image does not look good.
  6. "What the hell is up with the title of this topic anyways?." gets peoples attention
  7. maybe he meant the wing? or something? :shrug:
  8. ford didn't win this years daytona 24 hours, maybe last year but if any of you were watching earnheart jr. and them (i think they had the ford something this year) broke in the last half hour and i think, maybe a pontiac something ended up winning at least it was a win for america :flag: