05 mustang owner age check

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  1. just curious how old the buyers are..the retro style is geared towards the middle aged!just wanna know how many...20-25 year olds bought one
  2. I am 30 and military
  3. 23... will be ordering shortly, after I find a dealer that won't screw me on my trade.
  4. 19 an loving my new 05 Mustang!
  5. Baby Boomer

    I'm about to turn 47. Screamin' Yellow GT on the way.

    You young guys are very fortunate. I've literally waited my whole life for this car.

    Any other guys from "the era"?
  6. age check

    42 years. The older I get, the newer year of Mustang I want. Have restored over 3 dozen 65-70 classic stangs......The 05 is the first new Mustang I ordered since 94....Jon
  7. I am 26 this is my third stang. 98 cobra,88GT, 05 torch red on the way!!
  8. 22 and it's my first car I've paid for by myself. Black GT!
  9. I'm 29, this will be my second Mustang.
  10. 37 - owner of this 05 GT


    Previous stang was a '94 GT (bought it new back in '94)

    Before that was a 92 Honda Civic
    Before that was a 90 Honda Civic (Great car but I tottaled it :( )
    Before that was '79 Honda Civic which I sold for $250

    That's my car history to date :)
  11. 18
    dads helpin with half of payments for a year or two tho
  12. ditto. 22 and it feels good to finally purchase a car on my own :D

    ps. this is my 2nd stang, first one was an 00 3.8l
  13. Just turned 40. I bought my first Mustang 23 years ago.
  14. 25. About to order my 05 GT, since my local dealer is a bunch of weenies who won't sell to me for X-Plan :footstompingsmilie

    It'll be nice to have the 65 FB and the 05 FB (screw you guys, it's not a coupe! :))
  15. 25 by the time I pick up my Black on Black 05 gt in mid december,my third stang,still have my first :D
  16. 23 & 1st Mustang
  17. OH YEAH

    19 and Bought and paid for thank you USAF!!!! :flag: :flag: Black GT Deluxe IUP
  18. 23...Paid for by the United States Air Force and a $60,000.00 Reenlistment in Air Force Weather!!! Look out Stage 3 ROUSH!!!!!!!! your a$$ is MYNE!