05 mustang owner age check

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  1. 22 & 25 (my wife and myself, respectively). Also USAF. What's up with that??

    Black GT, ordered 11 Apr 04.
  2. 15 when I get it in Feb., turn 16 in March.
  3. Finally after 30 years ford has found out what Porsche has been doing with the 911 all along. 57 and still power shifting the s--t out of her . Can't wait till SVT gets done with R&D work!! Now where did I put my keys?
  4. 45 when I took delivery of my 05 Stang GT. (46 now).
  5. 33
    5th Mustang
    '65, '88, '88, '03
  6. I'm 34 and will be ditching my WRX for a GT in a few months.
  7. :( Not many 40 somethings.......Wow am I feeling old
  8. 15 and your getting '05 GT. Man, my first car was a '90 Chevy Cavalier in '97. Wish I could have gotten a new Mustang, Camaro, or M3 for my first car.
  9. 53 and still having fun with Stangs. :)

    58,and still going good!!! O5 GT.
  11. Turnin' 40, got an 05 lime GT. This is my 13th Mustang. :D
  12. i hope that statement in your sig is a joke.
  13. I'm 24, first new car, and first all on my own. :) I've always paid for my own cars, but parents co-signed. Always loved mustangs, gave my mom a hard time for *years* for passing on a cherry 60's vert the prev owner of our house offered to leave behind when I was 13. Wasn't a fan of the 90s stangs, but the 05 tugged on the heart strings again :). The better half is a classic girl as well, her first car was a 72 Mach 1 she rebuilt herself!

    past cars:
    1989 Chrysler Le Baron Convertible
    1995 Dodge Avenger ES
    2000 Ford Lightning
    2001 BMW M3 Convertible (for sale! :))

    now: 2005 Mustang GT Premium. Mineral Gray/Red Leather, shaker 500, IUP, ICAP, Side Air Bags, Wheel Locks, Active Anti-Theft
  14. I am 27 and this will be my first Mustang when it comes in, whenever that is. Black GT, Red leather seats!!! My wife and I can't wait.
  15. nice...well i've had 7 stangs...and needed a break..my eyes will be open when the cobra rolls out
  16. I'll be getting one in a year, maybe two, so I'll be about 22 with my 1st Mustang :D
  17. Im 17 and I ordered my GT like 2 weeks ago.

  18. That sucks I get X-Plan pricing as well and was looking at Ford Direct at my local dealers and they all showed the discount for X-Plan.
  19. Now I'm 20, but turning 21 on December... This is my 3rd Mustang a 2005 GT. My first Stang was when I was 15 a 1994 GT.
  20. I'm 42 and my wife is 40. Neither of us ever cared much about fun cars and never had one. Our order for a Redfile Premium V-6 with leather seats, etc., etc., went in just yesterday! :nice: :flag: