05 mustang owner age check

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  1. Well, I guess at 53 I'm the old guy on the block and the quintessential baby boomer. I now have 4 Stangs (incl 2 show cars.) Each one has its own character and I love them all :)
  2. :lol:
    __STi__, if you are going to call someone ignorant, try to do it with correct grammar. Otherwise your (or is it you're...bwahaha) point is lost in the laughter.
  3. Im 20 but the car was for my wife who is 19.
  4. I'm 58. Sold my offshore boat two years ago. Sold my Harley this last summer. Looking for a toy for next summer. I drove a 2005 GT last week and was very impressed ... certainly a viable candidate. Oh, and my daily driver? .... 2004 Subaru WRX.
  5. 18
    Car and college payments at the same time, but totally worth it!
  6. you ordered or your parents ordered for u?
  7. 26. Not only is this my first mustang, but it's my first American car. :flag:

    I've never trusted the reliability of American designed cars (in this price range that is), but I gotta good feeling about this one.
  8. 29. First Mustang. Premium V6. Previous vehicle: Ford Aspire :)
  9. 19. want one, but can't afford one. so im sticking with a fox body. and in a a year or 2. gunna hold off on the 05, and just buy an '00 or '01 lightning to tow my mustang around. lol

    i wish i could afford the 05. cept i have a ****ty job and have to pay for car insurance, phone bill, credit card bill, pay my dad 7500 i owe him (built up since i was like 12), rent... list goes on
  10. 18 and getting my gt within a month
  11. I'm 35, this is my very first Mustang. :flag:
  12. I am 32; ordered an 05 and I will keep my 1991 GT.
  13. im 18 dont know weather to wait for the 07 SVT or just sink my teeth in the 05 GT. What do u ppl think?

  14. 51 and still having fun :cool:
  15. :nice:
  16. I'm 97 and just purchased my new Torch Red GT. The reason I bought it was because when my Viagra kicks in, I have to get to the nursing home QUICK to take care of business.
  17. 20, with 3 mustangs older than 68
  18. 48 and my 05 is my second one--Had a 1966 in 74. My hubby bought me this one! Always young!
  19. 40 in May the 05 will be my 5th. purchased first one at 20.
    Hey Jersey girl, we were born in same month and same state. :flag:
  20. owner age check

    age60 owned 4 since 1966 a66 69 99 05