05 mustang owner age check

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  1. I guess I'm one of the "oldest" at 63! :nice:

    I've owned and raced some of the following Mustangs: :D

    1965 Shelby GT350-raced
    1966 GT Fastback-street
    1967 Shelby GT350-street/raced
    1970 Boss 302-raced
    1979 Indy Pace Car (302)-street/raced
    1995 Cobra-street
    1965 FFR Cobra Spec Racer-street/raced
    2005 GT Premium (on order)

  2. 48

    Own an 05 M3, 02 ZR5, if I sell the truck, it will be my daily driver. Ive had 4 mustangs, 2 Mustang II's, 96 v6 convertible, 01 GT Mineral Grey. Ive always loved Mustangs, mine is on order, test drove a V6, cant wait to drive the GT. Ordered MG, dark charcoal, IUP, 17" Alum wheels and shaker 1000
  3. Just look at my sig.
    After test driving an '04 Cobra and LOVING it, I had planned on waiting.
    So much for that idea.

  4. i'm 17 and was able to test drive an '05 GT a few weeks ago and have to say that if i had the money i would have bought it right there. everything about it is more refined than the old one, and its faster. as far as looks the only bad thing is that such a work of art will be disgraced by 6 cyl. pos's. as soon as the job at sonic pays off im gettin one but till then im stickin with my 99 GT
  5. 42 last week. I think you should have done this in a poll. Maybe in 5 year increments. Would be nice to see it that way. Of course I would probably be in the old fart group. :D
  6. 42 here, 05 is on order
  7. 50 and our black 05 gt should be delivered any day now.

  8. 39. Have an '05 GT on order (should be here in approx. 4 days). This will be my 10th Mustang :D
  9. 42, This is my 3rd Stang GT...When I was talking about it people kidded about "mid-life" crises. That disappears when they see the car. Vette owners, BMW owners, Merc owners appreciate this vehicle. Has nothing to do with status or age or anything other than it being a truly nice car.
  10. I am 35 and plan on ordering an S281 E (silver) when it comes out in the Spring of next year. Anyone want to buy a mint condition 89 911 speedster with only 17K miles...concours car. Hate to see this go but I cant stop thinking about the Saleen.

    Mustangs I have owned:
    (2)1983 gt's both 5spd
    1984 lx 5.0 auto
    1990 lx 5.0 convertible auto
    1990 lx 5.0 auto
    1991 lx 5.0 5spd
    2002 GT 5spd...sold two months ago
  11. Age

    I am 33, have had every mustang you can think of including a 69 mach 1.
    I got a black '05 gt, and I love driving it more every day!!!!!
  12. Looks like I can save all you "old timers". At my dealership, we delivered one today to a guy how is 92. I just hope I'm on the right side of the dirt at 92, let alone buying a new hot rod.
  13. Ordered 2005 Mustang Age 63
  14. on order blk on bkl 05 prem GT a little over a month

  15. 21, and just bought mine last friday on 12-3-04 :banana:
  16. 23
    3rd Stang
    97, 99, 2005 GT Premium
  17. AGE

    Well, as I tell everyone, I have to get older but I don't have to grow up. I went in to the Ford Dealers the other day to get parts for my Lightning, and came out with the parts and a new Gray 2005 GT. I am retiring in Jan 2005, and figured this would be a good play thing. It will now be part of my toy collection. Along with the 2005 GT, I have a 93 lightning(drag racer), 88 Mustang Mclaren. So being 62 isn't all that bad,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, :spot:
  18. 26 years old
    5th mustang
    91 vert gt black/black/black
    92 vert gt black/black/black
    91 vert GT yelow totaly customized car with 347c.i. and full body kit cervinis/saleen
    89 GT HT
    2005 GT black/black (ordered 11/26)
  19. Looks like I'm the old man so far - 54, but feel like a teenager when I get in my Torch Red GT here in England! Last time I had this much fun with a car was my 65 GTO when I was in high school! Class of 68, Chicago. This is my first Stang, my first new car that I bought for myself, not the family. Now that the kids are grown and gone I can spoil myself - and I did!
    And like several others, I have the military to thank for it - those retirement checks every month since Oct 91 sure help! 5 yrs USMC, 15 yrs Army - now life is good. Very good - and fast!
  20. 49 with a W/B Gt on order. Can't wait! Not a mid-life crisis....just one SWEET car!