05 mustang owner age check

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  1. 48 and this is my fifth Mustang. Black GT with charcoal grey leather interior. My 16 & 18 year old sons will enjoy driving the car here.
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  2. My first Mustang ('88 GT) was purchased my me (Thanks to Uncle Sam) at the age of 20 during my first tour in Germany. My next one, I will be either 37 or 38. The age difference is depending on when Uncle Sam decides that I am more important as a Soldier (going to war) instead of a civilian contractor working in Afghanistan or Iraq and give me a up to 200K (for a max of 4 years) to stay in.
  3. I am 38. Have a GT on order, it will be my first Ford ever! :)
  4. 24, ordering mine in a day or so.
  5. 34 / ninth mustang
  6. im 25... bought my first stant at 19.. second stang at 21 and now im waitn 4 my 05 at the age of 25...the other to r..86gt...1990gt which i still have
  7. 52 My dad bought my first one new when I turned 16 in 1968. White, six banger, stick. Bought my second one myself last Saturday. Windveil blue GT. Couldn't be happier.
  8. I'm 26, have the '05 GT and a 96 cobra convertible. Wife drives an '04 escape.

    Bought the cobra in '02 w/ 13k miles, it now has 20k. I put more miles on my GT in the first week of ownership than I did on the Cobra this YEAR. I need to drive it more.

    My '05 GT replaced a 99 sebring convertible.. :nice:
  9. 43, 3rd mustang, 72 convt. 95 GT, 05 GT. :D
  10. Not me...I'd be dead before I turned 17. :nonono:
  11. 38 This is my first Mustang
  12. i'm 24 years old and the proud owner of this 2005 GT

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  13. I am 38yrs old and this is my 11th GT Mustang. I started my buying in 1984.
  14. 28, but will probably be 29 by the time I take order on a Mustang SE. If the wait gets too long I guess I will have to settle for the GT. I dont think it will be possible for me to wait for the Cobra. This will be my 3rd mustang... 5th Ford... 9th car...
  15. 33, my 34th mustang
  16. 23... First Mustang ever... Fiance' is jealous. He has an '04 F-150 FX4. He still won't trade me for a day.
  17. Okay, here is another baby boomer, 49, and keeping my gorgeous 2003 black
    gt! Enjoy the 05's. Mark
  18. 16....i know im young, but i have a decent job...i pay $200 a month to my dad and i will do what it takes to drive this baby i love it.