05 mustang owner age check

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  1. Wife's GT, she turns 49 next week. Her first Mustang and she loves it.
  2. 29 and this is my 5th and absolute best Mustang to date. :flag:
  3. I should be buying one in a couple years when I'm 20 =)
  4. 32, first mustang and first FORD.

    I hope its really everything and a bag of chips....

    I am one of those guys you V8 freaks love to hate, thats right I am an Import Junky, the only thing is I used to have the fastest single cam motor in the area (after $7K in motor work) and would take 5.0's on the street WITH 3 other people in my car. 1/4 mile in 14.48 at 104 mph all motor 1.8liter SOHC D16A Vtec. Yeah thats right. But Damn did FORD do a great job on the ads for this car, I see it on tv and I drool all over myself, then they plug it on American Dreams on NBC, then FORD makes a dream in the corn field with Stevie boy. Then they have Brooke make a sexy low pitched commerical with a red fire gt looking all waxed and hot......

    Needless to say I ordered the V6 (246ci vs 285ci) okay so there is like 80+ hp more in the GT and something like 60flbs of torq but looking at the motor complexity of the GT motor and the simple layout of the V6 I think I can make a hotter "sleeper" out of the V6.

    Well mine is on order and will be here just in time for me to get my taxes back to pump some nice goodies into her.
  5. 28 YEARS OLD
  6. 26 and just picked up my 3rd new mustang. 93, 95, and 05 GT. This is my first GT, Torch Red with red interior. I love it. Just makes my day every time I get in the car, I can't stop smiling! It's a stick too, first one of those. Just learning, and it's great. :banana: