05' mustang Rear spoiler POLL

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05' Mustang With or without rear spoiler ?

  1. Stock spoiler -

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  2. No spoiler - !

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  3. Wait for = Steeda- Saleen - Roush

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  4. don't know yet

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  1. Hey what do you guys think looks better With or without a spoiler ?
  2. I voted no spoiler but I am a little undecided. I think the car looks good with or without it. I am less than convinced on how functional it is.

    If a spoiler delete means I can pocket $50-$150, lose it.
  3. A Mustang ALWAYS looks good with a spoiler. It doesn't look like a Mustang without a spoiler.
  4. I'd definately argue that.
    I don't think the spoiler is all that however the ducktail rear that somebody had up here a little bit a go was absolutely beautiful.

    I'll have a spoiler delete and hopefully I can find a bodyshop that won't rape me on molding a nice lil ducktail on mine.
  5. I'm not sure what purpose a spoiler actually serves.
    I think it has to do something with the aerodynamics of the car and wind resistance somehow. :shrug:

    I saw a '02 Mustang (V6) with no spoiler and it did look like it was missing something! :shrug:

    My vote is to keep the spoiler! :nice:

  6. Spoilers usually are for downforce to help keep the rear wheels planted at high speed.
    That's the reason most people laugh at the import drivers that have huge wings on their FWD cars that only run mid 15s in the first place.
  7. I voted undecided at this point. I think I like the look of it spoiler-less, but the only thing I hate about that is that it sometimes looks like a cheaper V6. I too am liking the duckbutt spoiler. It looks more true to the era of the original.

  8. Ideally, spoilers are to increase vehicle downforce or otherwise alter and improve a vehicles aerodynamics. In reality, 95% of the spoilers on current cars, whether factory or aftermarket, are purely decorative and worse than useless in that they actually degrade a cars aerodynamics for hollow fashion. There are a few that do actaully function aerodynamically -- Mitsu EVO and Subby STi and probably the Cobra R for example -- but the '05 Mustang's is a useless and rather cheesy looking deck ornament IMHO.

    For my Stang, keep it mean, lean and clean, leave the jewelry for the Ricers and posers.

    "It doesn't look like a Mustang without a spoiler."

    Yeah, that's why I have such a hard time recognizing all those '64-'68 Stangs that never came with a spoiler -- they are Mustangs, right?
  9. I think the stock spoiler looks like a cheap and tacky afterthought that is almost certainly not functional and distracts from an otherwise clean design. I'm thankful Ford chose to offer a wing delete option on the GT, because that's what I'll be doing.

    Although a ducktail might look cool, if done right...

  10. 00- your missing the point about the Rear spoiler.
    Sure' 02 would look bad without a spoiler.. It's just that body type needs something on back.

    But if you look at the 05' it's the closest thing to the 65-66 stangs.
    roof lines. 1/4 windows , front grill etc.

    It's far from looking like the body of '99-'03 models
  11. The spoiler on the production car looks too tacked on. The concept on the other hand, was much cleaner and looked more like the 65-68 fastbacks which the car was designed after.
  12. look at this pic of 05'

    No spoiler and added 65-66 1/4 window vents

    what do you think ?

    Having problems with attachments- What's new ..

    i'll try to get things working, if not i can e-mail it to someone to post etc.
  13. Good point! I guess I should really make up my mind when I see one up close and personal like.

  14. Putting a spoiler on most cars is like putting lipstick on a pig. The 2005 aint no pig so it don't need no spoiler.

    Oink oink!
  15. although I do not like the stock spoiler it is way better than the spoilers people use around here. If it is not stock they use those giant cheap ricer spoilers that make the car look real cheap.
  16. Someone in here said that the 2005 Mustang rear end looks like the 65-68 fastback rear end. No it doesn't. Not even close to it. The 2005 rear end looks like the 69 and 70 fastback Mustang rear end. ONLY the sides of the 2005 Mustang are what look like the 65-68 Mustangs. And the front end of the 2005 Mustang looks like the 67 and 68 Mustangs. Get it right people. Anybody that says that the rear end of the 2005 Mustang looks like the 65-68 Mustang fastback's rear end is blind. It doesn't even come close to looking like it.

    The reason why there should be a rear spoiler on the 2005 Mustang is because the rear end of this car looks just like the 69-70 Mustang rear end. And the 69 and 70 Mustangs had a nice looking rear spoiler "AND" a ducktail shaped trunklid top. Ford should have made the trunklid top on the 2005 ducktailed. I hope that this will clear up the clogged up minds of people in here who think that the rear end of the 2005 Mustang looks like the 65-68. Take a look at the 2005 Mustang's rear end again and you will see what I mean here. Try not to strain your eyes while figuring this out.

  17. Hear hear, the duck tail looks pretty sweet. As it stands now, the spolier on the 05 GT looks ok......but I can do without. And not every Mustang looks better with a spoiler. Stick one one a 65-68...and it totally ruins the look of the car.

  18. While I don't like the spoiler on the 05 I think that they often enhance the look of most cars. Factory spoilers I mean. I am not talking about the park benches sitting on trunk lids. Those can go.
  19. You're not kidding. I almost shat when I saw that render. :nice: