05' mustang Rear spoiler POLL

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05' Mustang With or without rear spoiler ?

  1. Stock spoiler -

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  2. No spoiler - !

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  3. Wait for = Steeda- Saleen - Roush

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  4. don't know yet

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  1. yeah, I love that ducktail also. unfortunately, I can understand why ford never opted for it...some will like it, some won't. and its easier to just put on and take off a $50 spoiler with nuts and bolts than it is to put on and take off a ducktail...if any of that made sense
  2. Wow, that ducktail really helps finish the rear end. It works incredibly well with that taillight treatment.
  3. I actually saw one of those on a 3 series BMW for the first time the other day, and, it even had a fake hood scoop on it from a current GT!
    I haven't been that disgusted since the first time I saw a convertable look roof and gold Rolls grille on a Caddy.

    My stance on spoilers is the same as it is for brake scoops, hood scoops, etc. only maybe a little less so. If it's there, and, its *being there* added to the vacuum in my bank account, it better damn well be doing something for me. I can do without the Peacock factor and if it's just for show, I'll kill the man trying to sell it to me. If the current car didn't have that stuff, I might be making payments on one right now.

    I was soooo relieved when I saw the production picks and the car was clean. It's nice that ford re-discovered how to do an an aggressive sports car design without that stuff.

    Just one mans opinion.
  4. I have to agree wholeheartedly with that opinion. Although I really like the ducktail, done on the photochop thread. that looked awesome.

    And for Ron Jeremy who claims that the 05 looks like a 69-70 Sportsroof: Have to say no.

    The 05 takes almost all of it's styling cues from the 65. The only reason it has familial resemblance to a 67-68 2+2, or a 69-70 sportsroof, is because those designs were also derived from the 65-66 2+2 "fastback".

    Here is the justification. look at a side shot of a 65-66 2+2 "fastback" versus the bigger 67-68 2+2 (a distinctly different body), versus a 69-70 sportsroof (ford speak for fastback)
    Specifically look at the angle from the rear window to the tailpanel of the trunklid.

    65-66 - flat. the fastback shape ends at the rear edge of the back window.
    67-68 - slopes backward, ending at the tailpanel. no ducktail, just a bump-up
    69-70 - slopes all the way to the tail panel, ending in a ducktail. some had spoilers as well.

    Foglights in the grill (not high-beams like 69), glass in the sailpanels from the 66 Shelby, the flat horizontal trunk, and the non-scooped "C" shape in the side, and the dash, all point to the 65-66 model.

    I find it laughable that the auto press, who is supposed to know about cars, keeps likening the 05 production car to the 67-68 cars. The concept car looked kind of like a 68 GT500KR with its hood scoops and wide taillights, but the roofline didn't support it. Now the production car has lost even those cues.

    it is a 40th anniversary car. now hopefully the SVT model will get the modest hood and side scoops, optional ducktail spoiler, and wide taillights of the 66 Shelby.
  5. A spoiler belongs on the Mustang. Front and rear.

    I see '69-'70 Mach 1's that look like base model Mustangs w/ stripes. The Spoilers make the car look good. Who cares if they aren't functional? They help the looks. Same w/ the Gauge cluster. And Air dam. And Fogs in the grille. And 18" wheels. Each have their function, whether its useful or not, its your decision.
  6. spoilers are good to a point. stangs are fast enough that putting on a little spoiler wont hurt a bit. once you get into picknick tables on your trunk, thats a little overkill :uzi:
  7. Please Vote if you stop to View Tread -
  8. About the spoilers-downforce-import thing... I dated this girl who saw a ricer with me one night... it was a Talon or something with the huge standard-issue ricer aluminum wing. She goes "What's that for?" I told her that IF the car could do 150mph, it would help the rear wheels, which don't drive that particular car, btw, stay glued to the road." She goes "Well that car can't do 150mph!.... that's really gay" I've said it before, I'll say it again, I should have proposed to her right then and there.

  9. does she have a sister?
  10. If I was in the market for a new Stang, I'd opt for the spoiler delete.
  11. I'll probably leave it, but if a delete means money for other things than I may consider it..
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    What's so hard about it, it's just a easy VOTE !
  13. Bump - Would like to get 100+ votes
  14. Well people do look at the trend more than once ya know. :rolleyes:

    I like the stock spoiler on the 05. I think it adds a lot to the car. Without it, it just looks too V6ish to me.
  15. yea i'm sure some people do review a tread more then few times.
    but 785-

    Keep the votes coming in !
  16. Better yet, is she still single?

    Of the one girl I know who's actually into cars, she's the only one of her sisters who's like that.
  17. Frank Bullitt didn't need a spoiler.
  18. :nice:

  19. I voted for a spoiler. It looks better with one,IMO most mustangs do. The only ones I like without it are the fox notches and old coupes. The spoiler also helps the trunk to appear a bit shorter