05 Mustang Shifter Part Needed

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  1. Hi all, I'm converting from automatic to T3650 in my 05 GT. I purchased a package deal with everything from the engine back, including stock shifter. EXCEPT, I didn't get the U-shaped bracket that holds the back of the shifter to the transmission tunnel. Anyone have one left over from a shifter changeover I could buy? THanks!
  2. It's a piece that is reused when changing shifters .... but it would be so very very easy to make one from a few simple measurements, a vice, a piece of steel about 13/16" wide and say .... 1/8" thick and less than 8" long, add 4 bends, two holes, done.

    Maybe someone will make a few measurements for you .... or you could simply measure the block of rubber there, make the U with mounting ears.
    On width of the U part, make inside same as width of factory rubber, about 1-7/16" inside the U should do nicely (don't worry if the bends are some rounded and not sharp bends, the rubber is rounded some too at corners) ....
    .... and on depth make it just deep enough to snug the factory rubber against the floor, about 1-1/2" inside measure.
    Add a "wing" on each side about 1-1/2" or so each ....
    .... then simply drill two 1/4" holes same distance apart as your mustang's two studs.

    Clean and add paint.

    I didn't crawl under the car, I just measured the red poly rear bushing that Hurst sent that fit my '08's bracket so nicely .... but I reused the OEM rubbers as less noise transmission to floor.
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  3. That's faster and cheaper than trying to find one, for sure, but I didn't have the measurements. I do have that rubber bushing, didnt think to measure around it. THanks very much for measuring yours. I have material in hand to make that. Thanks again!
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  4. You are very welcome Sir ...... that's kind of how I looked at it.