05 Mustang, the next classic?

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  1. I'm thinking 30 years down the road...will the 2005 Mustang be a classic like the 64 1/2 was a classic? I think it will be. This car is being made with such good taste and engineering that everyone who admires the originals will have to give in to this car's beauty.

    What do you think?
  2. I think every year Mustang will eventually be a classic.
  3. I don't consider the 70s or the 80-86 Mustangs to be classics. I think those are the dark ages of the Mustang. To me, the 64 1/2 - 69, 87-98, and 05+ Mustangs are the good ones.

    But to each his own I guess.
  4. Every year Mustang will be a classic, I agree. Even if some are going to be worth more than others.
  5. I think ALL mustangs are classics in the eyes of Mustang owners and lovers. But in the eyes of the general public, and me personally, i think the 64-73 models are classics, but anything else, i'm not convinced.

    The new one though, it doesnt happen often, but i think we are looking at a future classic. Everything about it works, there are a couple of things that worked better on the concept, but for a production car, i'm sold on it and i want one. And thats coming from a man who said he'd never buy a new car and rarely gets excited by modern cars, particularly current mustangs.

    Everytime i look at my 68 GT fastback my mouth waters and i know the 05 model would do the same. I'm going to get one, thats all there is to it.
  6. The originals will always be "classic", while later versions won't. It is a simple fact of being the first. The original Mustang is such a "classic" because there was nothing like it before and it started a movement, in a golden era for the car.

    The new cars, no matter how great they are, will only be improving on that original car (from an overall perspective) and therefore, less classic--for lack of a better phrase.

    But, I also agree that a true Mustang fan (even though I am not) can and does appreciate all models of Mustangs--even the 2.3. It is all part of the lineage.

    As far as the new ones are concerned, I am truly excited about them and am counting down the days until one is in my driveway. I just don't think they will be on Barret Jackson's 2040.
  7. i agree that most mustangs will eventually become classics....but in the case of the 05' im not to sure...dont get me wrong its a mustang, but i think it is ugly and ford has made a mistake
  8. I disagree, even though there may not even be a Barret Jackson then, I think the 05 will be a classis. I will use Corvette for an example, any year of Corvette up to 1972 is considered classic. That is nearly 20 years of model run. Then it jumps to 1990 with the ZR1. The 1973-89 Corvettes were crap IMO. It's like anything else, it's worth as much as one person is willing to pay.
  9. You are in a very small minority in thinking that, but we can't all love it.
  10. Point well taken. But, aren't you talking about a HUGE performance increase? The ZR1 was basically a road-worth supercar. I don't see the same level of increase in the new Mustangs.

    Now, if we are talking variations, I think the 2000 Cobra R will definitely become a classic (if it isn't already). If Ford ups the ante again (i.e. using the GT engine, etc) and builds a super-Mustang, than that will become a classic as well. But standard GTs? I don't see it happening.
  11. Becoming a classic is not always about performance. 90% of the classics pre 1950 are not performers, they are classics to the style they had.
  12. But the ZR1 is all about performance, and that is why that car is a classic. That is kind of my point. It takes one of a couple of things to become a classic -- being the first--original and nostalgic, being very rare, or being a unique supercar you can buy off the showroom floor.

    The new Mustangs have none of the above so far. They aren't original, they aren't going to be rare, and they aren't supercars. But, as the variations come, the story will change. Even the older Mustangs aren't nearly as sought after as the GT-500s and Boss' of the world, simply because the scarcity (first and foremost) and performance of those cars.

    Just my $0.02. Only time will tell.
  13. as you say, time will tell, no one can predict the future, we can only guess.
  14. IMO only pre-emission cars, especially cars from the 50s and 60s, will ever really be seen as classic and highly desireable cars. The only modern cars I can think of that could maybe be seen as a classic are the air-cooled 911s (last was built in 99 I think) and some Ferraris, especially the carburated cars. But, any Vette or Mustang will have a following--I just don't see the values really going anywhere compared to the 60s Mustangs and Vettes, especially the rare 60s Mustangs and Vettes. I actually think that's kind of a good thing, because the whole 60s classic car thing is getting out of hand--priced a Hemi 'Cuda lately? Right now, though, you could probably buy a nice 5.0 Mustang and see it hold its value quite well, something you can't say for many other 10-15 year old cars. The same should be true of a 05 Mustang ten years from now.
  15. I think the old mustangs 60's and pre pinto 70's were maid classics quickly due to the fact that it represented an era that disappeared almost over night with the energy chrisis. Theres no doubt that the new ones will be classics but the question is will it be sought after like the 70's
  16. I don't know about the '05 becoming a 'classic' but it definately will hold a place in 'Mustang' history.

    Why I think this one is going to 'stand out' is obviously for design purposes. This model is getting such hype because Ford designers took the liberty of picking up design elements from the original 'classics' (60-70s) which is one of the things that put the car on the 'auto-history map' to begin with. Smart move on Ford's part. Give the consumer what they want; a modern-day 'classic'. Since everyone who is familar with Mustang 'relates' to that 'look' so-to-speak, how could it not be popular? This all aside from the 'techinical' redesigning of the engine and what not. The average consumer probably could give two 'hoo-ha's' about all that stuff...it's the 'look' that's catching 'average Joe's' attention.

    Which brings up another subject on the whole 'design' issue. I'm so happy in general to see auto makers across the board start to give a sh** about designing cars again. The past few years has seen a real 'uniqueness' coming back to lots of autos out there. It's nice to see something go down the road and go 'hey, that's a Mustang...or whatever' instead of what the heck is that or who cares??? (Sorry lover's of the 80's/90's style....we all love our ponies for various reasons...but especially that fox body was one of the most cookie-cutter, boring-est styles made for such a cool car, IMO :( )

    Hooray for 'uniqueness' coming back to the 'Stang!!! :nice:
  17. Will GT's be classics..


    Will the new SHELBY's and COBRA's be classics?

  18. Pre emmission's??? Cars today have much better performance then pre emmisions. A classic is rare combination of beauty, build quality and performance. To say that the 05 is ugly is insane. How can a car that blends the best of the past together while modernizing be ugly??? If Ford makes this car with excellent build quality, it will be a classic. A classic sticks in your mind for your whole life. How many people just here cant get this shape out of your head? I definitely cannot.
  19. Honda Civic will be a huge classic... because clean original non riced out ones are going to be VERY hard to find lol.
  20. What????? Ok, so a 71 mach 1 is not a classic??? a 69 gt?? You are crazy. You dont have to be a cobra or a shelby to be a classic. If I were to see even part of your point, I dont really think cobras and shelbys can be mentioned in the same sentence. If it's a real Shelby then SVT's entry will not compare.