05' Mustang vs 350Z

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by coolmac, Oct 1, 2004.

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  1. If we would like to compare , I would think the 350Z is only rice with
    muscle car status available at this time .

    I can't wait to see the 05' Mustang real numbers, both in quarter mile and road race trim .
  2. That depends on how you want to define the comparision. The 350z is really more of a sportscar. It has 2 seats which is generally speaking the accepted definition of a sportscar. G35 coupe would be a closer type of comparision. I test drove the 350z. And while I liked some aspects of the car. I chose to stick with my Cobra. Especially considering that anything more than the base model 350Z. And you start jumping pretty high in price.
  3. SVT , do you use your Cobra at any drivers school events . My thought is a 99' cobra track car , because of the all aluminum engine for weight balance ,with suspension work only .

    The G35 is to much $$$$ for a back seat .
  4. 350 is a nice car. I have always liked the Z cars and thought they are one of the few Japanese cars with soul. I do think they are in a bit different category than a stang but arent a bad choice for anyone. It also doesnt seem to attract as many hardcore ricers as the hondas, STI's, and EVO's do. ITs also a car series with some history behind it older than the 80's.

    If I were doing more corner work or such then perhaps it would be a choice for me but I am a straight line performance guy so the mustang wins hands down there when you factor in the mod-friendly nature of it.
  5. I bet the Mustang will trounce it in the 1/4 mile and other acceleration tests and hold it's own in the twisties, but the 350z will still be dominant in that area as well as other cars such as the RX8, S2000, etc.
  6. RX8 and the S2000 are hi rev power plants with weak low end torque .

    RX8 does have a real back seat .
  7. I couldn't decide so I got both :)
  8. A 350 Z would probaly be my second choice. If I had to get a japenese car, then that would be it. Actually I owned several Z's in the past. My fav is the 1970 240z Datsun. Now there is a car that with some mods, will shock the hell out of you....

    The Mustang was my first american "sport" car, and to be honest i fell in luv. When I bought my Cobra, it was game over from then on.
    350z's are nice, and I like them..I guess thats why I felt bad after smoking the hell out of one on I95 last night......well just a lil bad :nice:
  9. You cant even make the distinction between a pure Japanese sports car and Uncle Ben's. The 350Z is a marvel of excellent engineering infused with the soul and spirit of what a REAL Japanese sports car should be. Soon, the 300HP Anniversary Edition will be available. While the new Mustang GT and the 350Z are comparable in the numbers department, these two are about alike as apples and oranges. I like both for very different reasons, both are excellent choices. Its a matter of personal preference, once again, of which driving dynamics you prefer. The 350Z has a wonderfull v6 coupled with a silky 6 speed and a sharp IRS. In typical v8 fasion the new Mustang boasts more thrust out of every corner, but, more importantly, it preserves the soul of what a true american pony car should be--fast, torquey, and nostalgic. Lets not make this another import vs domestic thread. :nice:
  10. The 350Z costs more.
    It has two seats.
    It's a 6 banger.
    It's ugly. (subjective)
    It's Japanese.
    I don't know why anyone would compare the two.

    The Mustang is not a "sports car" (sporty two seater like a Mazda Miata) and it's not a "muscle car" (midsize sedan with big HP v8 like the Pontiac GTO). The Mustang is a pony car. The only direct comparsion would be to a Camaro or Challanger or 'Cuda, and none of those exist anymore. Anyone who buys a Mustang probably a) likes American RWD V8 b) likes the price and c) needs the back seats.
  11. its pretty pathetic, but a new EVO (albeit more expensive) would embarrass a mustang or 350z. those suckers have boost for days...
  12. Who cares?
  13. My first choice for a japanese car would be the EVO. The 350Z doesn't standa chance against it. The EVO wins because of the AWD and Turbo. Now comparing the 350Z to the 05 Stang GT is another story. The winner is the Mustang for a couple different reasons. The price, the 05 GT gives you 300hp for 25K, The GT has 4 full seats, and the look has that special something. Don't get me wrong the 350Z is not a bad car but, it's 30K+ and it's no Mustang.
  14. Comparing the Mustang to the EVO is like comaring Led Zeppelin to Britney Spears.
  15. in handling, yes, in acceleration, no. stock to stock, the new GT is just as fast if not faster in E.T. and does trap higher.
  16. First off I was comparing the 350Z and Mustang. Second who's Britney the EVO or Stang?
  17. My fault. Britney is the EVO. Whiney sounding and cheap looking.
  18. Learned a long time ago from a street racer how you can beat a perceived faster car.

    You give your opponent a choice:

    1) You choose the day & I will choose the road.


    2) You choose the road & I choose the day.

    Works every time.

    He also had this saying after he beat them.

    "Your car is fast, very fast, but my car is faster". :D
  19. Just FYI.
    Mustang GT MSRP: $24,705
    Nissan 350Z MSRP: $26,500

    Mustang GT curb weight: 3,450 lbs
    Nissan 350Z curb weight: 3,188 lbs

    Mustang GT HP: 300HP @ 5750 RPM
    Nissan 350Z HP: 287 @ 6200 RPM
    All number taken from edmunds.com

    As you can see, the price is not $30,000+. Also, while the mustang does have a horsepower advantage, it is also weights 262 lbs more. I go back to my original post saying, that while these two cars look relatively equal on paper, they will evoke two completely emotions. Looks are subjective, and in the even that one requires a rear seat...well a 350Z wouldnt even be looked at anyways. Even though larger, I would still find that rear seat an unpleasant place to be for anything longer than a 10 minute commute. Clearly, the car that appeals more to your emotional being is the better car and the one you should buy.
  20. The MSRP is 26.5. I see dealers starting them at 28K for a base. and like 33K fully loaded. Dealer Markup? I also agree that you should only buy the car you like not the one that is better.
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