05' Mustang vs 350Z

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by coolmac, Oct 1, 2004.

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  1. I owned an Acura Integra prior to my current ride and I used to visit some of the Acura forums and I can tell you, most of them were more concerned about "da bling" than anything else. Yes, there was a small core group that were actually looking for ways to make their car faster but it definitely a small percentage of the population overall.
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  5. Dont even start with that troll crap, I'm just stating a fact. Who ever posted the specs. for the EVO was VERY wrong.Just in case you where wondering i drive a SRT-4.
  6. Who would have guessed that :rolleyes:

  7. ......same thing
  8. It seems like tom is having a little problem understanding that, so i thought i'd help him out.
  9. I understand perfectly: you're a NEON driving troll!
  10. First off this is'nt about what i drive. 2nd, what is it with you guys, i prove someone wrong and it makes me a troll. grow up!
  11. I guess we should all expect such bias on a Mustang forum. Hell I'm a biased American car lover too. But wake up, the japanese cars have been far superior in engineering and quality for years. I think we're all just hoping that Ford has finally come through with the 2005, but I will remain a skeptic until we really see how the new stangs are doing, maybe 6 months to a year from now.

    I'll tell you one thing. If I went and purchased a 350Z, I know there would be no mis-alligned body parts, interior or exterior. The engineering behind it would be grade A, and it would be precision made.

    Ford on the other hand has severly tarnished its image when it comes to quality. Hopefully the 2005 Mustang will bring back come credibility.
  12. Really? well you've been repeatly owned and you're a troll, thats pretty bad.
  13. It's got nothing to do with what you prove or any facts you state. You've proven over and over again that you're a troll. End of story.
  14. Is this thread about to turn into srt4life vs most of ther stangers? :rolleyes:

    AHH SNAP! :spot:
  15. I agree but the deuce was chosen because it was basically the only thing available. Civics are cheap and good mpg so the parents pic them up for the kids and they start moddin them. This is fine but what I cant understand is why someone would purchase a civic to mod it, the EVO,STI are rather expensive and most young people dont have 27-30grand to blow on a new a car. If you look at todays car market there are many many cars that are available for cheap that are much better platforms. One thing I have heard over and over again in reference to mustangs/Camaros and such is that everythings been done so they feel in order to be different these "rice rockets" are the way to go. Many also enjoy the fact that its possible to make them faster than traditional hotrods and enjoy the looks on the faces of their owners when they blow by them.
  16. since there is a 350z in my garage I will inform you that your are very very wrong in what you "know". There are a multitude of problems with the 350z, they have been adressed for the most part but the build quality is not THAT much higher if at all than the 05 mustang/500. The 03's have a questionable suspension problem that made them burn through tires in less than 10,000 miles. Theres problems with the trannys, windows, brakes, seat durability etc etc etc.

    Now since you have been

    you can actually get out of your house, stop listening to your mother and do some god damned research before you spout bull**** like you are. The 350z is a brand new car on a brand new platform and it STILL HAD PROBLEMS. The mustand was sitting on a 20+ year old platform so it wasnt the best but all that has changed with the 05.
  17. Which aint happenin :D
  18. But were there any misaligned parts? I suspect not, because those kinds of problems would never even make it out of the factory. My brothers 2001 Mustang GT on the other hand looks like it was assembled by the blind. You've got to question Ford when they let this type of crap happen. It's just a complete lack of integrity that shows that profitibility is all that matters.

    Japanese car makers don't just care about profit, they actually take pride in their work, all the way down to the assembly people.

    I would buy another Ford however, because you just get more for your money, but you definately take more risk.
  19. Back up there for a minute, You have to ask Ford why that happens? Why didnt your brother then? Why would he purchase a car that was misaligned? Why dont you question his ability on correct judgements on purchasing vehicles if they do not meet the critera of a decent car? You obviously seem to be informed about the car community, why didnt you share your massive knowledge with him and give him a helping hand?

    Actually thats not true, if they werent doing it for profit, they wouldnt be selling cars, common sense there.
  20. Ok so as long as it's looks are ok. It's a good car. Even though there appear to be other more serious problems. It's all good since the body panels line up. :shrug:
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