05' Mustang vs 350Z

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by coolmac, Oct 1, 2004.

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  1. mine was decent but I understand why your backtracking because you have been proved to know very little about the things you claim to know much about. I also explained to you why many of the body panels arent perfect (20 year old platform with old assembly technologies) but if they are noticable then the dealer will fix them if you ask before you purchase the car. I also have explained to you that it has all been fixed. Go check out a new f-150....it may open your eyes. Ah you would buy a ford because you get "more for your money".....well this the whole point buddy.

    Here do some reading


    and this is one of the smaller 350z messageboards and it doesnt go back very far either.
  2. You know what, it's a nice start. And it's the type of issue that should never make it to the market. And where there's smoke, there's fire.

    The issue is, Ford lets this happen. Toyota, Lexus, Honda, infiniti, would never let this happen. They live by their reputation of quality. Ford on the other hand has nothing to lose as they have long lost their reputation.

    I hope the 2005 Mustang helps build back a reputation, but we've got a long way to go.
  3. I would much rather have body panels misaligned than the problems that one2 gamble has talked about. Which sounds like no smoke but definately fire.
    While yes Ford did lose it's reputation. It is people not looking at the newer cars that keep it going. As has been shown in other posts JD Powers has surveyed people about initial quality. And Ford is improving and is doing better than many other companies such as nissan. But people refuse to take that into account since they believe the old "facts"
  4. Its people like the ones in this thread that have me wondering why I even click on threads like this. :notnice:

    Get it together people. Nissan is no better than Ford as far as quality goes. Go to sites like maxima.org or altimas.net and you'll see tons of complaints about the paint, interior rattles, suspension noises, etc.

    My Acura has a VERY annoying sunroof rattle that hasnt been able to get fixed, the clearcoat seems much more scratchable than my 2000 FORD Taurus I had, and the dealership service departments have been horrible. That doesnt mean I dont like it. You cant expect any car under $50k to be absolutely perfect.

    I have come to the realization that unless you are buying a car in the 6 figures, nothing is perfect. For $25k the Mustang GT is a much better value than the 350Z from a pure sports car standpoint. It has more power, more modability, and is probably not any more expensive to insure. I'd like to see better tires and a better stance on it, but thats easy to fix after you buy it. You cant make any reasonable amount of power over 300hp in the 350Z with forced induction. Its only a 3.L V6, theres only so much power its gonna produce NA.

    The 350Z should be compared with the Cobra, GTO, and 330Ci, which are all closer to its price range, and all of which are faster and arguably look much better (all which also have a back seat).

    Build a base 350Z on www.nissanusa.com and see how many bare bones 350Z's you can locate. They dont make many at all. Most are $30k+ with leather and options, most are not 6 speeds.

    I'm getting very tired of retards on here with such blind opinions that cant see beyond a nampleplate or some marketing hype. All cars suck, you just drive what you like and can afford.

  5. Infiniti is nissan and didnt I already prove to that isnt the case at all. Maybe you havent heard but the CR-V randomly catches on fire and burns to the ground. Oh wait...Honda wouldnt let that happen now would they? GET A CLUE....
  6. It's a conspiracy because once you're a Honda owner, you're always a Honda owner. They know about this problem, however, they sell these vehicles to these owners who know nothing about cars, they burn down and then they go right back and buy another CR-V.
  7. I own a 94 Infiniti J30 and a 95 Mustang. 150,000 miles on the Infiniti, and 135,000 miles on the Mustang.

    Ten years down the road, the Infiniti's black paint is oxidizing badly and needs a total paint job, while the Mustang's Laser Red Metallic paint has faded only slightly.

    Ten years of driving, and the Infiniti's dash is warping, the CD player display has gone out, the CD player skips badly, one or more of the Bose speakers are going out, the driver's side air vent fell out and apart, the weatherstripping needed regluing and the leather interior is falling apart everywhere. The Ford's Mach 460 radio volume button labels are worn, and the passenger-side woofer needed to be replaced. The rubber cup-holder lining needed to be glued again.

    Ten years of wear, and there was a hole in the Infiniti's A/C lines, the fan belt pulley developed an annoying startup squeaking, the EGR solenoid needed replacement, and the power steering pump gave out. Ten years for the Ford gave it an annoying overheating problem in the Oklahoma summer heat (the radiator probably needs to be taken out and thoroughly cleaned), a slightly loose blower motor connection and a broken fuel pump.

    Ten years with similar driving and storage conditions, and the Infiniti has literally caused twice the problems of the Ford. When they were both new, the Infiniti was a much nicer car, but now the Mustang puts it to shame.
  8. There is something to be said for simplicity in engineering. Think of how expensive its going to be to fix a Mercedes Benz or BMW 10 years from now. They have such complicated wiring systems that they are already having problems with them.
  9. :lol: SURE.. "People" also bought the 4-seat Thunderbird, and the OPEC-castrated Corvette in record numbers too. :shrug:

    I say so the *&!% what. Either you are a stockholder, or you love cars. You can pick up a Mustang II for very little these days, (those that haven't rusted) and you are welcome to them.

    The cars that people remember fondly, and will pay money for down the line, are cars like the new Mustang.

    I realize that in '06 a special edition with 450 hp may make my '05 GT look like a rental V6, but that's OK with me.

    To stay with the thread, the 350Z is a pretty good looking car, but just like there are people who will spend over $2K for a computer and those who won't, at over $30K, it just doesn't make sense, just like the 'Stang GT doesn't make sense for those willing to settle for a Mini Cooper Convertible. (cute, will pull chicks, but anemic)

    Please Vote, and pray for our sons, daughters, and friends serving overseas.

  10. Ain't that the truth. I always wondered how brainless Honda owners can be. They get very little more than "assumed reliabilty" but I've never seen a perfect Honda. Many are in for this or that problem, but it never seems to shake the owners confidence in honda's products. :shrug: I guess its called "blind loyalty". I don't have it with Fords in general, because if that was the case, my wife would be driving the Freestar instead of the Mazda MPV she has. The Freestar is probably the only Ford I do not have confidence in. Mazda may be Ford owned yes, but the van is a better value overall the others. It just happens to have the reliable 3.0 Duratec from Ford.
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