05' Mustang weight

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  1. Any news on the weight of the 05' Stang GT?

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  2. oh and correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the weight distribution 52/48?
  3. I think it's somewhere around the 3600 range....but I could be (and probably am) wrong.
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    BTW what do y'all think of the new Shelby avatar?
  5. looks good :D
  6. Alleged weight in Hot Rod was under 3450.
    Weight distrubution is 53/47
  7. Not a big fan of the new Shelby....but it's going ot have a ridiculpuss power plant!
  8. I think the Shelbys sweet! so under 3400 and 53/47 weight distribution? nice!
  9. Take that weight with a grain of salt as we haven't gotten a solid confirmation one way or another but the mags seem to think it'll be under 3500 at least. I'm beting it'll be heavier than 3400 lbs though. Not bad though.
    About how much would removing the spare and the rear seat get you in weight? 100 lbs? or so maybe? 3300 lbs plus 300 horses of power would definately be a good consistant low 13 second car.
  10. sweet low 13's would be nice. I guess we'll know more soon on the car...
  11. It is said to be within 1% of the current weight. (I think that is what C&D had)

    I doubt that is right, a Lincoln LS weighs 3600 pounds and something would have to be seriously wrong for the new stang to weigh the same as an LS.
  12. yeah it better be under 3600...
  13. C & D says 3300 - 3500 lb. & 53 / 47 %

    The LS V6 weights about 3700 lb, the LS V8 is 3800 or so. I know of a couple LS owners who have had their LS's on scales and those weights are about right but there is always some variation depending on what options are on the car.
  14. Ford is predicting 3450 for the GT and 3350 for the V6. You can probably add 100 lb. for a convertible. Ford is using a lot more aluminum in the new model to keep the weight from growing. We should see some real numbers sometime this spring.