'05 Mustangs-on the lot-in GA for $1K UNDER MSRP!

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  1. I've been talking to a salesman named Matthew Stewart at Sunbelt Ford in Americus, GA and he said they will sell any '05 Mustang they have on the lot for $1000.00 UNDER the sticker price.
    I asked him twice to verify this was correct. He said it was a special deal for customer's they get from the internet.
    I emailed SEVERAL dealers last week to get the best price on an ordered Mustang and so he I have gone back and forth about getting one. (he was the lowest, BTW, but their doc. fee is $195 more than another dealer so he is actually second lowest)
    Anyway, I got an email today from him that said if the car i wanted was on his lot he could have done it for $1k below sticker price.
    I told him I'd pass along the good news even though he didn't have what I wanted.
    I just checked their inventory and it looks like he sold 2 today. (I assume this applys to any incoming cars, though)
    Sunbelt Ford Inventory
    Only one they have right now is a white GT Premium with manual trans, IUP, anti-theft, & upgraded wheels. MSRP is $27,230.00 so he should sell it for $26,230.00.
    Try to find a deal like that anywhere else for one you could get today.
    If it didn't have a spoiler, I'd buy it so I wouldn't have to wait.